Tobacco Control Used To Be A Shakespearean Tragedy: Now It Is A Comedy

One of the wonderful things about the American system of government is that it is far more difficult for government to persecute citizens. Take the idea of banning smoking on beaches. From a health point of view, could anything be more ridiculous? People on beaches do not crowd together, as the are on an aircraft or in a bus or pub. They spread out. Even on a still, hot day, hot air rises, taking any smoke with it to be carried away. So excuses have to be found. The usual excuse is litter – the same excuse that ASH ET AL make for raising tobacco taxes – the streets ONLY need to be swept because of the cig stumps. Eating and drinking are not forbidden on the beach, despite the amount of litter which results. What the Zealots never mention is that filter tips are benign litter, in a similar sense to leaves falling from trees in Autumn. They are made from wood, essentially. Eventually, they rot. But TobCON is not above fiddling the truth, as usual. EG:

Q. “What are cigarette filters made of?”

A. (From “95% of cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate (a plastic), ….” [My bold].

Compare with Wikipedia describing cellulose acetate:

“Acetate is derived from cellulose by initially deconstructing wood pulp into a purified fluffy white cellulose…..” [My bold].

I know that filter tips rot (including in ‘rot’, the effects of bugs munching them) because I once dug a hole in my plot about 6″ deep and buried a handful of filter tips in the hole. A few months later, when digging in the same area, not a single filter tip was to be seen. But that was not a good experiment. It was just for fun. To do it correctly, I would have to carefully mark the spot.

If the Zealots who want to ban smoking on beaches because of the presence of children who might observe a smoker, they could at least say so. At least, it would make just a little sense if seeing someone smoking leads to a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

But is that not what makes it all so comical? But the problem is that the comedy is not ‘laugh out loud’ comedy. It is a bit like: “I eat my own shit because it is full of vitamins”. The shock of hearing someone say such a thing would far outweigh the laughter that would bubble up. The best that one could do would be to say, “Are you serious?” The reason is that one cannot be totally sure that his assertion is false.

But there is no doubt that Glantz et al in the States are becoming more and more comic. What makes things even more comical is that Gotleib, head of the FDA, appointed by Trump, reckons that reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes will wean smokers off cigs. If smokers smoke for the nicotine ‘fix’, then they would obviously smoke more cigs to get the same ‘fix’, if there was less nicotine in the cigs.

Ecigs and HnB have added immensely to the comedy. But do not be fooled into thinking that ASH ET AL support ecigs out of human kindness. They do not. What they want is ecigs to be permitted, PROVIDED THAT they can ‘own’ them via regulation. Yes, the Oz Gov is beginning to regret that it banned nicotine ecigs, but it is trying to obfuscate. Expect words to the effect: “Whilst we do not regard ecigs as safe, the evidence presented to us suggests that they could be useful. Therefore, we will permit their sale on prescription”. ‘On prescription’ translates into Pig Pharma.

Perhaps it is only we smokers who see the comical aspects. But the more that the Zealots tie themselves up in knots, the more confused advice given to Gov will become. Eventually, the advice will become The Tower of Babel.

So, as Dick P has said, ‘get the popcorn in’. But what bothers me most is that Tobcoms appear to have thrown the towel in. They have the money to fund research into why female LC deaths have grown during the same period that male LC deaths have fallen:

Here is a graph (H/T X):

What Tobcoms should have overcome by now is aspersions on their scientific enquiries promoted by ASH ET AL. They should have sued. They should have sued, even if ASH ET AL claimed that they were only expressing opinions. They should have sued to protect their present reputation. They supply what consumers want – that is all. Their scientists could, one assumes, show their impartiality.

That too is part of the Comedy.

It would take only a little push from the right people with money to show how irrelevant the enjoyment of tobacco is as regards health and wellbeing.

The laughter will swell enormously when TobCON is shown to be a Laurel and Hardy production.


2 Responses to “Tobacco Control Used To Be A Shakespearean Tragedy: Now It Is A Comedy”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    An example of the absurdity of the tobacco control propaganda is found in the Truth Initiative’s propaganda against ‘toxic cigarette litter’.

    The lies are extreme yet rarely–effectively never–challenged. This is ‘truth’ only in an Orwellian sense!

    • junican Says:

      Too true. The Zealots must know that they are promoting rubbish. But they have been getting away with it for years.

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