Frank Davis, in a comment on my last post, reminded me of how some businesses try to enthuse staff so that they try harder than their wages demand. For example, why should a person working in a shop on the minimum wage, try to ‘sell’ profitable products to customers? In the past, there was a built-in incentive – if a staff member sold a particular product, even if the customer asked directly for that product, the staff member received a bonus. The more expensive the product, the greater the bonus. Thus, staff who ‘sold’ products were rewarded with income greater than the minimum wage.

But what seems to inevitably happen is that some ‘marketing expert’ comes along and tries to ‘enthuse’ staff to work for no reward. Generally, the trick is to make people believe that they will somehow be rewarded in some sort of Heaven.

How many people, currently employed by Tobacco Control and PHE would turn up for work every day, and do the work, if they were not paid to do so? Would Selbie do so? For, if he would not, then he is not as enthusiastic as he seems. His words at the conference were just deliberate lies.

He may not know that they were deliberate lies, although that is doubtful. He must have known that everything that he said could be summarised as, “WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!” And that is all. Whether the ‘difference’ is good or bad, in terms of the welfare of The People, is neither here nor there. Only the objectives of PHE matter – destroy tobacco companies, debilitate drinks companies (including soft drinks), overwhelm food companies with calorie counts, and generally create mayhem.

It is a matter of simple fact that elected politicians, no matter what education they might have endured, cannot even remotely possibly know enough about any subject. Space exploration? Micro-biology? Weather and Climate? League tables of deaths in hospitals? Thus, they are at the mercy of their advisers. But who decides who their advisers should be? We have seen, again and again, MASSIVE errors (of which the Smoking Ban is one). Most of the crap decisions are hidden, but, occasionally, one becomes known, such as the multi-billion aircraft carrier which has no aircraft. The WHO is another completely corrupt mess. I learnt today that only the UK, Australia and New Zealand contribute to the FCTC org.

If that is true, what sort of Elite is directing the dispensation of funds? Why have PM May etc not brought that Elite to justice?

In OUR UK, the Elite should be the people we elect. There should be no ‘Elite’ above them – not the UN, not the WHO, not the IPCC, not the World Bank, Not the IMF, not the EU, and above all, not the FCTC. The FCTC was not a Treaty at all since there was no ‘give and take’. It was an agreement to persecute smoker via bans and taxes. That is not a Treaty. It is Totalitarianism. Stalin would have been proud.

It is incumbent upon us all, smokers, vapers, fatties, drinkers to unite. There is already a movement to defend fatties.

How would a movement to defend drinkers, smokers and vapers be organised?




4 Responses to “Zealotry”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Good question Junican, because it is essential that such a movement is set up very soon otherwise it will be like living in Colditz here. Having just returned from Switzerland and seen the enlightened way smokers and non smokers coexist there, one realises what a nasty bullying place the UK now is.

    • junican Says:

      Indeed, Tim. The persecution is one-way traffic. But the only way that I can see it being road-blocked and thus stymied is an ‘extinction event’! Not of smokers but of TobCON. It is hard to envisage such an event, but I am convinced that it will come sooner or later.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Every action taken in resistance to the anti-smoking extremists and lifestyle control tyrants is a step toward a counter-movement.

    • junican Says:

      A billionaire supporter would be nice. He/she could fund a study into the lies and exaggerations of Big TobCON and the corruption of Government. And he could afford to pay for the publication of the results in the mass media. An investigation of the WHO and its finances, along with the FCTC, might well produce some incredible results re bribery and coercion. The beauty of such an idea is that a billionaire individual could hardly be accused of being a Tobcom shill.

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