I ‘did’ Roman History for a GCE subject. At that level, there was no depth to the knowledge expected. Much of what we studied related to conquests, especially Julius Caesar’s conquests. Perhaps those happenings were important because around then was the beginning of the expansion of the Roman Empire. Caesar had ‘conquered’ Gaul (France) and most of Britain. In recent years, I became quite fascinated by Rome, especially since I visited Pompeii. My visit was only a half-day trip from the cruise that I was on. I was so fascinated that I could easily spend a week there. Since then, I have read a lot about Pompeii on the net. Unfortunately, when I visited, it was not possible to see inside any of the villas. Great though it is to see inside those places on the net, there is no substitute for seeing the real thing. I dare say that if you were prepare to pay extra, you could be one of a small party which could be escorted around a villa, sticking to prescribed walk-ways.

Much of the history of Rome is actually rather humdrum, but those parts of Roman life are not ‘interesting’ at GCE level. Conquests are far more interesting. But rarely have I seen any explanation of WHY Caesar wanted to invade and take over territories. Nor do we see any attempt to justify such invasions. Perhaps if you were able to dig deep enough into writings of the time, some sort of justification might emerge. For example, lawless tribes might have sneaked over the border and raided Roman territory. But why would Caesar invade Britain, which was separated from the continent by 20 miles of sea? It is hardly likely that tribes in Britain crossed the channel to raid. What would they have been able to carry back home in their rather flimsy boats? Herds of cattle?

But it seems more likely that Caesar NEEDED to dominate.

Perhaps ‘the desire to subjugate’ has always been part of the human psyche. Perhaps it has always been a sort of ‘defence mechanism’. It seems to be an animalistic drive, basically about sex. The ‘senior male lion’, in a pride, gets to shag the females which are in season. But he is constantly challenged by younger male lions until he gets ousted. I believe that the same applies to chimps.

Anti-smoking zealots, along with all the other anti-this, or anti-that, seem to display the same sort of wish to dominate. I watched a bit of a video of Duncan Selbie, CEO of Public Health England, welcoming delegates to a PHE conference:

[H/t Frank Davis and Chris Snowdon]

I did not watch it all. I rapidly became sickened by ASSUMPTION of such people that they had the right to subjugate and dominate The People, or sections of The People. If ‘nudge’ means ‘force’, no matter how gently, it is still ‘force’. That is entirely different from ‘persuade’ by the application of reason and evidence.

Selbie appears to be a ‘nice’ man, but he is anything but. It is an act. He is a hard-faced apparatchik. He serves the UN, WHO, etc. They are his bosses. Local authority ‘health depts’ are responsible to him, and not to the Council.

Who enabled this ‘conquest’? It is tempting to say, ‘Cameron’, and it is true that he gave ‘PHE’ lawful existence. But PHE had existed already for years and years. Around 1959, there was a huge drive by the Gov to persuade everyone to get inoculated against something or other. I was at college at the time, and all of us, including Professors, queued up to get the jab. I don’t know if any of us were ‘saved’ thereby at some future date. That was ‘Public health’ as it existed at the time.

Today’s PHE is far more dominant. It DOMINATES! Politicians dare not oppose the domination. If they did, they would be accused of killing babies.

And that is when domination turns into subjugation. There is a fine line between the two. For example, we were supplied by the Local Authority with separate bins for general rubbish (grey), food waste and grass cuttings and other natural stuff (green), paper (buff) and bottles whether plastic or glass and other glass stuff (maroon).

Fine, we do our best to ‘help’, in the expectation that we are helping to reduce costs. But it does not take long for our voluntary efforts to divide our rubbish into categories becomes A DEMAND. Thus, there appeared a sticker on our grey bin which said “No Food Waste”. Only a day or so ago, there appeared a sticker on our buff bin which said, “Loose paper and cardboard only”.

Thus do ‘requests for cooperation’ become ‘demands’ in short order. Domination requires some sort of cooperation. Subjugation employs force. And worse, it enslaves.

The irony is that the UK has just passed a law called ‘The Modern Slavery Act’ (or so I believe). Like 99% of The People, I know and did not know, that any such piece of legislation was going through the Parliamentary process. Nothing has been said about it. But where was the law about ‘Modern Slavery’ due to Gov demands? When the Gov demands my cooperation, it ought to pay me for doing so.

More and more demands that people and organisations must do this and that are being passed into legislation, but there is never any mention of ‘compensation’ for doing such work. In fact, failure to do the unpaid work results, in many cases, in fines – NEGATIVE remuneration! You pay them for daring not to do work for them.

Publicans were first dominated and then subjugated. Had they rebelled ten years ago and marched through Westminster waving flags, they would have done us all a massive favour, even if they failed to stop the Smoking Ban.

First, DOMINATION, equals the silencing of dissent. Then SUBJUGATION, equals fines, imprisonment and, in the former USSR, a bullet in the back of the head. The modern equivalent is career destruction. In Germany, in the 1930s, being a Jew who was a professor in a Uni caused that person to be sacked. Einstein escaped to Switzerland. Had he not, then we would not have had ‘The Theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity’ which have changed our visualisation of the Universe. Essentially, those theories postulate that for any object to move at the speed of light, it must BECOME light.

Such theories free our minds. We vaguely begin to understand just a little more about this incomprehensible Universe.

But we are still woefully blind.

2 Responses to “Subjugation”

  1. Frank Davis Says:

    According to Chris Snowdon, Duncan Selbie is making a very nice £220,000 a year as boss of Public Health England. I don’t think we need to look very much further than that to explain his diligence in the job. He’s in it for the money. And most likely all the rest of them in PHE are in it for the same reason.

    • junican Says:

      It has always been the same, Frank. I remember attending a conference donkeys years ago, as Manager of my local TSB branch, and being confronted, on the stage, by a speaker who bounced about all over the stage being ‘enthusiastic’. Throughout his whole speech, he was massively enthusiastic. That is what he said that we managers should be like – massively enthusiastic.
      Fine, but we managers were not owners of the business who are rightly ‘enthusiastic’ about getting business and profits.
      Selbie is just the same as the guy bouncing about on the stage, without the enthusiasm. In that situation, everything depends upon either Zealotry or Remuneration.

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