What Was Trump Thinking When He Appointed Gottleib As Head Of The FDA?

I know that I have touched on this subject before. If there is a specific class of person who OUGHT NOT to be appointed to a Federal Position having anything to do with ‘drugs’, whether medicinal or street, it is a Physician. Gottleib is an ‘MD’ – a doctor. He is automatically biased.

But what type of person should be appointed? It is tempting to say ‘a Judge’, and certainly a Judge would be better. But perhaps a ‘logician’ would be the best in all such positions.

The ability to reason is by far the most important faculty when it comes down to making decisions about laws and regulations. But one rarely hears about Uni courses in ‘logic’. Are there such courses or are ‘gender studies’ more profitable to the Universities? I vaguely remember that, many, many years ago, I had classes in ‘Logic’, although I cannot remember what they entailed. Perhaps there was some sort of history of logical thinking involved, starting with the Greeks.

The basic idea which underlies all logic is this:

“If A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C”

I have always had a vague worry about that. For example, it is like saying ‘if A is ‘2’ and B is ‘2’ and C is ‘2’, then A,B and C are the same.

So my claim that “If A equals B….. etc” is wrong.

And another thing, for A to be A, and B to be B, there must be something different about A as compared with B. Otherwise, both could be described as A – or B. Thus, they cannot be precisely ‘equal’.

But that does not mean that ‘consequences’ cannot be assessed. For some strange reason, Gottlieb has FAILED to assess the logic of toxicology about ecigs. The vapour contains zero or minuscule toxins. Minuscule toxins do not endanger human bodies. Our bodies can deal with them. Even if they are absorbed and retained, they present no danger within the lifetime of humans – say, 100 years at best.

So what does it matter if people in their late teens take up vaping? There are almost NO toxins in the vapour. There is no excuse for ‘what if’ when there is nothing to fear.

Why is it so difficult for that ‘knowledge’ of almost zero toxins to enter the brain of Gottlieb?

The fact is that he is not the right person to be involved. He still sees, as a doctor, mystical effects, just as doctors in the 19th century believed that there was a mystical ‘miasma’ in the air which caused cholera. Dr Snow, who discovered that the contaminated water was the cause, was vilified tremendously at the time.

Trump is a breath of fresh air, but there is a long way to go. It is quite possible for ‘Logic’ and ‘Public Opinion’ to come to the same conclusions. For example, The Spanish and Italian Govs should return people who just arrive on their shores in inferior boats, to their point of departure. Just take them back and dump them. Give them enough rations for a week or so.

I can see nothing else to say. Gottlieb cannot be ‘corrected’. He has totally wrong ideas. If Trump continues to support him, then Trump’s judgement is awry. Do not underestimate his appointees willingness to undermine him.

There are ‘traitors’ everywhere.


4 Responses to “What Was Trump Thinking When He Appointed Gottleib As Head Of The FDA?”

  1. Philip Neal Says:

    If the FDA is not to rubberstamp every passing health scare and moral panic, a knowledge of scientific logic and of statistics ought to be a requirement for the job. Some MDs possess them, but it can never be assumed that they do.

    • junican Says:

      Political objectivity must also be a requirement, and the appointee must be prepared to defend objectivity. Studies which are not manifestly objective must be discarded and the originators condemned, such as Glantz.

    • Some French bloke Says:

      You’re probably right that “some MDs possess” a reasonable command of scientific logic and of statistics, but should that not be a basic requisite for the MD title? If not – and I suspect that it is the case at the moment -, then Junican has good reason to suppose that they’re “automatically biased”, once the wrong ‘uns have been selected, anointed and appointed, and the others have been quietly de-selected. But why are these ‘others’ so silent, to the point that we’re wondering if they even exist?

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