Is There Any Difference Between ‘Kids’ and Adults?

It has become more and more difficult to know when childhood ends. Before he became a politician, Scott Gottlieb was a physician. He is now head of the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If I was POTUS, the last person that I would choose to head the FDA would be a former physician. Why? Because he comes loaded with biases. He can’t help it. It is built into his psyche. He will have found, during his years as a doctor, that drug addicts are pathetic people. He will have come across loads and loads of ‘food addicts’ who are enormously fat and suffering from diabetes, knee joint problems, ankle joint problems etc. Try as he might, he cannot help holding such people in contempt. They sit in his office, blubber squeezing through the sides of the chair, and complain about their aches and pains. And when they peg out, he is glad to sign the death certificate.

So it is natural for such people to blame ‘Society’ for their own feelings of guilt about how they reacted to drug addicts and food addicts.

And so we get people like Scott G, convinced that their ‘physician’ experiences, which they despise, are typical of the whole population, blaming society for the failings of a few people and projecting those failings onto everyone. Thus, ‘kids’, ‘adolescents’, ‘youths’, ‘teenagers’, ‘young people’, ‘under 21s’, ‘children’, become lumped together.

Would any ‘child’, walking into a vape shop, be sold a vape pen and vape liquid? Erm… What is your definition of ‘a child’? That is where Scott G’s diatribe against vape shops and manufacturers collapses. Define ‘KID’.

Thus, the argument does not revolve around flavours at all. It revolves around the age and maturity of individuals who might loosely be described as ‘youths’. Are they capable of making a judgement of what is best for themselves? There is no answer in the case of any specific individual – some are and some are not.

Scott G demands that vape shops and manufacturers address what he describes as ‘an epidemic’ of ‘youth/kids’ vaping. How could manufacturers be involved? What could they possibly do? Vape shops do not sell to ‘kids’. What more can they do?

It strikes me that the whole furore is designed to further the medicalisation of ecigs. Whether Scott G know that is uncertain. But there are certainly wheels within wheels.

I watched a utube video this evening of a Congressman in the USA declaring that, for too long, Congress has been off-loading decision-making to various ‘expert’ bodies. The result has been that citizens are rendered powerless since they cannot vote those ‘experts’ out of office, and they do not know which congressmen were responsible without spending loads of time trying to find out who voted for what. The video is here:


Briefly, what Senator Sasse was saying was that the Judge who was being appointed to the Supreme Court was an honourable man who would administer justice according with the US Constitution. He deplored the idea that the Supreme Court Judges had to adjudicate laws which the Senate had messed up. That made the Supreme Court Judges political. It was for the Senate to take the risk of being voted out of office by The People, and not hide behind the Supreme Court. It was because the Senate had avoided its responsibilities that the Supreme Court had been labelled as ‘political’.

The same applies in the UK. More and more freedoms have been circumscribed with uncertainties, such as ‘hate speech’. Thus, all citizens of the UK are reduced to children who need a slap to remind them who is boss. In some cases, the slap has to be a thorough beating, publicised via the dead-tree media ‘pour encourage les autres’.

And who is in the vanguard of the ‘reductio ad infantilo*’? Well, blow me down. It is the WHO, IPCC, UN, EU and all their unelected bosses and their servants.

I have heard it said, in Parliament, by a Minister, that some ‘rule’ or other had to be imposed ‘because of a Treaty’. That response was not queried. What does that mean? It means the abdication of responsibility. And such abdication of responsibility means that thousands of citizens of the UK are made to suffer.

We smokers are not asking the right questions. It is reasonable to start with, “Why are you persecuting us with massive taxes? Who gave you permission to persecute us? Who can give you permission to persecute us?” You might also add, “You are evil. You would throw smokers to the lions if you could”.

Stop arguing on their terms. It is not about lung cancer. It is about freedom from persecution.


5 Responses to “Is There Any Difference Between ‘Kids’ and Adults?”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    ‘Freedom’ is not a PC term.
    I wonder tho, who is deciding what is PC?

    • junican Says:

      PC was imposed by propaganda, but on the back of correct ideas. It is true that all humans are humans and thus equal as such. But we need ways differentiate between individuals. ‘Male’ ‘female’ are the obvious ones. ‘Clever’ ‘stupid’ are also obvious.
      Who decides? WE do! But it takes time for zealots to be sidelined.

    • junican Says:

      Who decides what is PC? WE do! But it takes a long time for Zealots to be sidelined.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    There has been a deliberate move to ‘infantilise’ the populace. Increasingly persons of the age of majority are referred to as ‘youths’ and children. The age of reason for committing crime was traditionally 7 under common law, that has inched upwards in recent years. The age of majority was also traditionally 18, where one could enter a contract, get married (although the legal age for marriage was often lower in many jurisdictions), join the military, and purchase cigarettes and alcohol (although that was 21 in some prohibitionist-influenced jurisdictions and rose to 21 throughout the US after prohibitionist activism). Now the move is to make 21 the legal age to purchase tobacco and smoke. The common denominator? A desire to control…

    • junican Says:

      The shit will hit the fan when the contradictions produce mayhem, which they are bound to do eventually. We cannot predict what or when that will be.

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