Loss of Confidence in Politicians

There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune…”

The ‘tide in the affairs of men….’ can also work in the opposite direction, and lead on to destitution and misery. In the case of a politician, it is not about fortune, but about credibility.

Does any voter actually respect and admire PM Theresa May? I might have done so had she gone on TV and explained, in detail, how her ‘Chequers Plan’ for a new Treaty with the EU, post Brexit, would have worked. But not a word has been said; not one ‘spokesperson’ has explained to the people (the majority) how her ‘Plan’ would satisfy the requirement to leave the EU.

Brexiteers are not helping. The ‘top people’ in Brexit seem to think that voters are stupid, and that all they want is to exclude pakis from immigration. But there is far more to it, obviously.

The critical thing to understand is that it is not about trade. Not at all. It is not about over-flights etc. It is about ‘FUCKING DIRECTIVES!!!!’ Sorry to swear, which I do not normally do.

It is about ‘one size fit all’; it is about climate blather, and tobacco blather, and countless similar UN projects which the EU is subservient to.

Above all, it is about Politicians, as they pass through Parliament for a few years, and I include Prime Ministers, being subservient to the EU. The UK has become like some small ‘province’ of the Roman Empire. We can arrange Cup Finals and footie matches and any number of similar ‘National’ events. We can even have an England football team, and cricket team, etc. Wales, Ireland, Scotland can also vie with each other, and with England.

Bread and Circuses.

But not Tobacco or Alcohol, and not gas or oil or coal.

It comes down to the simple idea of ‘FREEDOM’. A crazy idea that I came across this evening was that, in the USA, Scott Greilber (?), head of the Federal Drugs Admin, wants ecig companies to tell him how they are going to stop ‘youths’ enjoying ecigs, and if they do not, then their products will be banned.

Scott G (?) is a politician, appointed by Trump. He knows fuck all. Another arsehole who needs to be removed forthwith.

But that not a consequence of the stupidity of the person involved. It is a consequence of PRESSURE. It is not about stupidity; it is about cowardice and fear. The fear is that the politician will be denounced as ‘a lackey’ of Tobcoms. That accusation must be avoided at all costs.

But ordinary, sensible people, despite their ignorance, see past the exaggerations and propaganda. The ‘silent majority’ never speaks on Twitter. Nor do I.

It is the ‘silent majority’ which will eventually win the day.

As regards smoking, almost nobody cares whether a person smokes or not. Most people are not so shallow.

It would behove politicians not to be so naive.


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