Does Public Health England Promote Mental Health Problems?

Hour after hour, during certain parts of the day, cancer societies, heart societies, lung societies, etc, place adverts on TV which emphasis the horrors of cancer etc. They mercilessly pluck the heartstrings, seeking legacies from people’s wills and donations. One ad which has been repeated again and again and again recently talks about a child which had cancer but was ‘cured’ and how wonderful that was. The fact is that the number of children who contract cancer is utterly minuscule, but it happens from time to time and some die. Perhaps most die. It is hard to see how CRUK could play a part in curing such childhood tumours. They are almost certainly genetic.

But there are loads and loads of adverts which rely upon ‘health’ problems, such as toothpaste to ‘cure’ gum problems, and pain suppressants to ‘cure’ the causes of pain, and laxatives to ‘cure’ bowel problems, and stuff to ‘cure’ upset stomachs.

All of them promote fear.

Public Health England is worse of all. At least you can see that most TV ads are simply selling products and can be discounted. But when a huge government department distorts facts, persecutes citizens, and creates fear, then is it any wonder that more and more people are becoming nervous wrecks? Hardly a day goes by without some health scare hitting the headlines.

I have been having problems with my prostate. I have been putting off the inevitable by telling myself, “Well, it isn’t all that bad”. But I had to grasp the nettle and so I have had blood tests done. I do not have the results yet, but I have been able to convince myself, hard though it might be, TO WAIT FOR THE FACTS! I think that we all have problems with our imaginations at these times. Every time I think about the problem, I shout at myself, “WAIT FOR THE FACTS!” Not be long now before THE FACTS are revealed.

But it is easy to imagine, due to the proliferation of ‘fake news’ via adverts and PHE pronouncements, that one is riddled with ‘non-communicable’ diseases. Are you plump? Then you must be riddled with ‘sugar related diseases’. Do you enjoy getting a bit inebriated? Then you must be riddled with ‘alcohol related diseases’. I puff on cigs, but, for some reason or other, I do not fully inhale. I draw the smoke into my mouth and throat and then blow it out. I have always done so, I think. Even so, according to ‘health experts’, I am riddled with ‘tobacco related diseases’.

But PHE never talks about ‘poverty related diseases’ or ‘fear related mental health diseases’. Nor would it EVER acknowledge that PHE itself promotes ‘mental health diseases’.

Think about ‘project fear’ in relation to Brexit. How many people have actually taken on board the fears about economic collapse with all its repercussions? 100? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? 10,000,000? It is clear, since most of ‘project fear’ occurred before the vote, that most of us do not give a shit about those fears. We want our country back.

But why did people like the PM May ever want to stay in the EU? Why did they not see the nonsense of only the Commission being able to make decisions?

I have a ‘feeling’ that people like May, Cameron, etc, believed that the ‘axis’ of Germany, France and the UK would always be sensible. But we have seen that it is not so. We saw it especially when Soubry, representing the UK, thought that ecigs had been dropped from the Tobacco Directive. She had to be rescued by that snake, what’s-his-name, who is now big in the WHO. The Australian smart-arse. The reality seems to be that neither Germany, France or the UK know what the EU is actually doing.

The latest abomination from the EU is the ‘internet censorship’ directive:

The EU directive seeks to force ALL platforms, such as Google, to censor everything that is written or said. The idea would be that Google would create ‘algorithms’ which pick up and block ‘speech’ which offends the algorithm.

I am not quite sure what the word ‘algorithm’ means. The Cambridge dictionary is not quite clear:

a set of mathematical instructions or rules that, especially if given to a computer, will help to calculate an answer to a problem”

What I take from that is that some words and phrases will be ‘noted’ and if repeated sufficiently often, the entry will be erased. No account will be taken of the context or the legitimate use of repetition in literature to make a point.

I do it all the time. It is a ‘trick’ which I learnt from an author named Erskine Caldwell:

He was a brilliant novelist.

The sort of thing I mean is something like this:

“His name was Jake. His name was Jake and his Dad was called Mike. His Dad was called Mike because ‘Michael’ was a ‘family’ name, going back generations. His name was Jake, short for Jacob. That name too was a ‘family’ name”.

What I liked about Erskine Caldwell’s stories was the slow build up of pressure, as illustrated by the repetition in his prose.

The ‘algorithms’ will be soulless, but what is worse is that they will be unanswerable. There will be no redress, except possibly by bombarding Google et al with emails, which will be answered by ‘algorithmic’ computer responses. It would not surprise me if big organisations were not already using ‘algorithms’ to answer customer complaints.

Freedom of speech is far, far more important than the EU. But freedom of speech comes from a far more important principle. It is the principle that the ‘individual is sovereign’. Nothing is more important.

It is that principle which was ignored in smoking bans. If a bar wishes to allow smoking and the staff do not object, then the State has no right whatsoever to interfere. Only if the danger was manifest and provable would State interference be justified. Vague ‘population epidemiology’ which suggested that a tiny number of bar staff and customers, perhaps one person per 10,000 pubs, would not suffice.

PHE has spread more and more fear, thus stoking mental ill-health.

It is time that a COURAGEOUS Minister of State for Health called a halt.


10 Responses to “Does Public Health England Promote Mental Health Problems?”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Fear its the ultimate tool of control, Tobacco control and their public health facade instill fear to gain power and profit. They employ the tactics of mobsters to support their grift.

    Free speech and actual scientific inquiry are obstacles to their propaganda and fear campaigns. They will suppress dissent at all costs–thier profits and power depend on it.

  2. Rose Says:

    I puff on cigs, but, for some reason or other, I do not fully inhale. I draw the smoke into my mouth and throat and then blow it out

    So do I, that’s why dissolving Twiglets in the mouth works.

    Nicotinic acid – 1941 (p.2)
    “We find that the smoke from ordinary Ripple cigarettes contains the anti-pellagra vitamin or nicotinic acid in fairly substantial amounts.”

    ” However, we have now found that nicotinic acid is dissolved in the saliva of the smoker when smoking ordinary cigarettes, .”

    “Thus, the vitamin does not have to be absorbed thru the lungs, but will be swallowed in the approved manner. These conclusions are based on actual analysis of saliva, collected from a smoker while smoking.
    In other words, we analyzed the saliva, which would have otherwise been swallowed. No Nicotinic Acid occurred in the smoker’s saliva before smoking.

    We feel that we have made this report sufficiently long to cover the discoveries, which we regard as quite remarkable”

    “Does Public Health England Promote Mental Health Problems?”


    NHS prescribed record number of antidepressants last year
    29 Jun 2017

    “Prescriptions for 64.7m items of antidepressants – an all-time high – were dispensed in England in 2016, the most recent annual data from NHS Digital showed. That was 3.7m more than the 61m items dispensed during 2015.

    It also represents a massive 108.5% increase on the 31m antidepressants which pharmacies dispensed in 2006.

    There are no figures for how many people are being given antidepressants, though, as NHS Digital do not record that. The 64.7m items were used to treat depressive illness, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks, NHS Digital said.”

    And apparently millenials, who seem to believe everything they are told, have given up drinking, sex and and are so obsessed with “healthy eating” they end up in hospital.
    I have one living next door and when I offered her a coffee was very surprised to discover that she only drinks water or orange juice, which makes the prospects for providing hospitality rather slim.

    • junican Says:

      So why do we not see multiple studies on the reasons for the vast increase in depression? We are not talking about ‘being depressed/unhappy. We are talking about the physical effects of inner turmoil and fear.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Very good analysis Junican. We need a Health Minister who realises what charlatans PHE are and disbanded them thus saving us all a fortune. Of course it wouldn’t be the obnoxious Anna Soubry who would be better off with Corbyns Marxists.

  4. Philip Neal Says:

    EU internet censorship is already happening with the GDPR, e.g.

    When I read that post, I made a resolution that I will always access the internet over a VPN in future.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link. I am not sure that I ‘get it’. There is a vague implication that the Arizona Star is fearful that anything it writes about might ‘offend’ a European person or business and that it might be ‘done’ for millions of dollars. By blocking EU access, it cannot be accused of offending such entities. Its articles are available to US citizens only.
      How can one blame them?

  5. Philip Neal Says:

    I don’t blame the Arizona Star, I blame the EU. I see that the Copyright Directive has just gone through too.

    • junican Says:

      Yes. Will the UK Gov enforce it? We have left the EU by public acclaim. The Gov has no right to OK EU Directives. In fact, we ought not to have any EUMPs. They should all have been recalled the day after the Brexit vote. We should be negotiating the continuation of trade deals and such from outside the political establishment by now.

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