Costing Tobacco Control

This little post does not assess the cost of TobCON! Such a venture is way beyond my ability, time or information to assess. But something that I came across earlier led me to think. There is a huge health problem in Venezuela, caused by the catastrophic breakdown of supplies to hospitals, amongst other things. Where is the WHO? It has gone missing – again. It went missing in the Ebola crisis. That lead me to think about how much money is being poured into WHO which is being spent on propaganda and little else.

For how long have resources been spent on planning for the new Prohibition?

We could talk about ‘The Doctors Study’. As I understand it, Richard Doll spent some time in Germany before WW2. Doll was a communist in his youth, but, at the time, National Socialism in Germany was not a million miles away from Communist Socialism in Russia. At the time, German Socialism was dead set against tobacco, arguing that it ‘weakened’ German youth. That was in the 1930s.

I believe that Doll served in the Navy during WW2, but, at the same time, plans were being laid for the prohibitionist stance on tobacco. Plans for the Hospital Study MUST have been made during the war. Doll himself said that the Hospital Study ‘was planned in 1947’, but there must have been ‘pre-planning’ long before that. In my own mind, I suspect that the ‘pre-planning’ evolved from Prohibition era failure of tobacco bans in the USA. After all, Prohibition in the USA only died in 1933.

Not for a moment do I believe that Doll was acting alone or at his own expense. He was a student supported by the Rockefeller Institute, and I have no doubt that he had close contacts with that Institute. I have no doubt that Rockefeller money was ‘laundered’ through other ‘institutes’, but it must have been an objective to replace Rockefeller funding with Government funding asap. The anticipated costs, as per TobCON’s plans, would have been enormous. The ‘long march’ through the institutions would be massively expensive, and for a long period of time.

And so we see today the outcome of those plans. People employed ostensibly in ‘Public Health’ actually spend lots of their time in promoting ‘Tobacco Prohibition’.

The problem is that this massive expenditure has become so woven into the fabric of, say, NHS costs that it can no longer be isolated. The same applies to Local Authorities. ‘Public Health’ in Local Authorities has become synonymous with TobCON. TobCON costs cannot be calculated.

But that very fact indicates just how massive the TobCON Empire is.

It also indicates just how important it is to kill off the virus by any means possible.


4 Responses to “Costing Tobacco Control”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes this virus must be exterminated otherwise we will end up as mindless vassals controlled by Public Health England et al.

    • junican Says:

      I think that Cameron had no idea what he was doing when he set up PHE. Now, it has become a law unto itself which health minister must slavishly follow.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The public health masquerade must be reformed; tobacco control must be destroyed. Tobacco control’s corruption and desire for eugenics and prohibition is THE real threat to health.

    • junican Says:

      Mental illness has escalated by leaps and bounds. Is it any wonder? We are bombarded by adverts on TV from cancer societies demanding our money, as well as constant ads re toothpaste etc. All promote fear.
      I know from personal experience that fear/ worry/ tension is dangerous. I nearly had a mental breakdown for those reasons.
      PHE should be working against fear and not imposing it.

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