The Childishness of Goverment

I haven’t much time tonight. Tomorrow, I must go to be exsanguinated, or, if you like, suffer a tad of blood-letting. My doctor sent me a circular telling me that I needed a blood test because I am ancient. I think that the requirement to send out these circulars to ancient people comes from ‘Prevention’ in  the Health Dept, or PHE. I would normally ignore it, but my prostate problem has been playing up for a few months, and needs to be attended to.

I must admit to being a terrible coward. I have known for months that the problem was getting worse, but I persuaded myself that it was not that bad, and, indeed, it is not that bad, provided that you ignore a poor flow of urine and burning sensations and feeling in need of a pee all the time. It is not that bad. But it is hard to make yourself make the phone call and book an appointment, but, most of all, it is hard to place yourself into the hands of someone who is almost certain to be a cruel and vicious anti-smoker who lies and lies about smoking, and calls for murderous taxation and exclusion of smokers and isolation of smokers. It is not difficult to imagine your GP with a whip in his hand. I wonder how an obese smoker with piles would get on?

Not that I imagine my GP in that way. I am sure that he is a kind and sympathetic person.

And is that not what doctors are supposed to be – kind and sympathetic? How can you practice medicine and be other than kind and sympathetic? That reminds me of Frank Davis’s ‘Dr W’, who became ‘big’ in the BMA (?). According to Frank, Dr W could not smile. When he discovered that one of his sons had become a smoker, he became hysterical, calling his son, “Disgusting, stinking, filthy”. But was Dr W affable and caring in his surgery, or wherever he practised? Who knows?

It would not surprise me if Arnott was not a perfectly pleasant person to chat with at a bit-of-a-do, glass of champers in hand. For all we know, she might be great fun, chatting about how she wrapped the Health Sec around her little finger; how he/she stuttered and stammered when she told him that the evidence showed that he was useless. What a giggle!

It is a well-known fact the cruel despots can be wonderful husbands and parents; that people can have different personalities in different situations. The situation tips over into insanity and mental health in general when the personalities clash. How many people are quietly insane?

I think that there are many, many people who are quietly insane. I think that my Auntie Delia was quietly insane. She was single, having devoted herself to looking after her parents. She worked in a factory for a while, but left because the male supervisors said nasty, sexy things. She could not stand it. She told me all that when I used to visit her home on my way home from school when I was about ten years old. She lived in poverty, but was not unhappy with her lot. But she was a bit crazy. But she was still a lovely person, despite all that.

My aunties and uncles all seemed to be a bit crazy. I especially remember Auntie Alice saying to my Mum, “It must be true because it said so in the paper”. Even at the age of ten or so, I knew enough to be able to say to myself, “Why should it be true because it said so in the paper?” Of course, I dared not voice that.

Why should I take anything as ‘true’ because somebody said it? Perhaps, in my ten year old brain, I had already experienced event which were said to be true, but which I had personal, visual evidence which denied that supposed truth; such as being blamed for some event which I knew that I was not responsible for. Even as a child, you learn that there are occasions when you will be blamed for something, but know that your denials will fall on deaf ears. Such occasions have to be accepted and just ‘rolled over’. There is nothing that you can do.

Even as adults, we are subject to such accusations all the time, and not just re smoking. Try to get ‘air-side’ in an airport, and you must pass thorough examinations. But all those problems were caused by the unrestricted import of violent thugs and violent ideologists in the first place.

Can that situation be reversed? Only Brexit will do so. It is very, very important that the Muslim invasion of Europe must stop at our shores.

But Brexit will not stop the pathetic capitulation of our politicians to TobCON.

We must wait and see.


3 Responses to “The Childishness of Goverment”

  1. Roobeedoo2 Says:

    I recently had a problem, went to see my doctor about it and ended up spending the night in hospital. Everyone was very nice throughout, everyone asked if I smoked but nobody admonished me for it, although I was offered a referral if I wanted to quit smoking. I politely said “No, thank you,” and nothing else was said.

    If you’ve got a problem peeing, you need to get it checked out and remedied. Good luck to you ❤

    • junican Says:

      Thanks Roo. The worst part, forcing yourself to take the first step, is over. Only the results of the blood test matter. A few more days.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    The joys of getting older.

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