Why Did Hitler Try To Exterminate Jews?

I dare say that that question has been asked and answered thousands of times. But I have never read anything which is other than superficial – disgusting, filthy, sticking.

Did he want to confiscate their wealth? But, according to the photos and records which we have seen, most of the Jews transported to Death Camps were ordinary people trying to make a living. Ordinary people.

So why the Jews? There were not that many of them in Germany. There were some in France, and, despite the difficulties of arranging transport etc, may Jews were sent to Death Camps from France to Germany. Why? The same applied to Anne Frank in Holland. Why seek out Jews to kill in Holland? Why? What was the point?

Almost all the stuff that I have read, or which has been ‘propagandised’, has emphasised the cruelty, efficiency and generality about the holocaust, but I have not seen anything which examines the depravity.

The reason that this idea came into my mind was that I was watching a video by Jordan Peterson this evening. He was talking about the proliferation of victimhood. In short, everyone seems to want the Gov to solve their self-created problems. There is an infinite number of such problems (probably an exaggeration, but never mind). Are you gay? Are you gay and black? Are you gay, black and unemployed? Are you gay, black, unemployed and female? The list goes on and on and on.

I used the word ‘depravity’ at the end of the previous paragraph. I am not sure if that is the best word. I use it to suggest amorality and rape. It is easy to understand how a young, male Muslim might have been taught, by implication, that nubile young Western girls who were ‘unbelievers’, wearing short skirts, were fair game for rape and pillage. That is not the ‘depravity’ of which I speak.

The depravity of which I speak is the lack of consciousness of pain and suffering inflicted. Imagine an old chap who has walked to his local with his faithful dog for years, and is suddenly told that ‘dogs are no longer allowed’. There is even a sign on the door with a depiction of a dog with a thick red line through it. Dogs do not voluntarily good into pubs, so the sign should really portray a ‘Man and a Dog’. That is, the actual thing forbidden is ‘The Man’. The same applies to ‘No Smoking’ signs. They do not forbid smoking – they forbid smokers.

Our laws have gradually become more depraved, and, as in Nazi Germany, the ultimate result will be extermination of offenders – for no specific reason, other than being a smoker.

The Barnsley situation is a good example. Perhaps the 55 Labour Councillors just do not see how they place smokers in much the same situation as Jews in Nazi Germany. They are to be exterminated.

When the shit eventually hits the fan, and those councillors are eventually asked to explain themselves, they will inevitably say, “It was not my idea”. As though it did not matter how they voted.

And has that not been a serious problem for years and years in Parliament? How did it come to pass that a Tory PM, Cameron, was so weak that he fell for TobCON’s hysterical demands for PP?

We must expect more such ‘extermination’ ventures from TobCON before it implodes.

In the meantime, I ask again, “Why did Hitler et al choose to exterminate Jews specifically?” I would love to know.


6 Responses to “Why Did Hitler Try To Exterminate Jews?”

  1. Simplex Says:

    Just going to throw this out there: https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/watch/
    View at your own risk/discretion.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes, Junican, the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum. We can expect much more of being bullied , taxed, and generally ground down by the unelected public health nutters, their week MP allies and of course their doctor chums. All on huge salaries and pensions and determined to bully the ordinary people who enjoy a smoke and drink. I wonder why people tolerate it ?

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Whoops ! First word should be yes !

    • junican Says:

      Why did so many ordinary German people tolerate seeing their neighbours being dragged off God know where by uniforms, and, I assume, their homes ransacked? Because they themselves were afraid to speak. Easier and less dangerous to turn away. Pretend it never happened, and, above all, do not talk about it.
      At the moment, TobCON has much the same control as did the Nazis in Germany. It is overwhelming.

  4. smofunking Says:

    Paranoia. Unwarranted paranoia.

    It’s a similar case with post-Brexit referendum Britain. The actual result itself didn’t cause the financial backlash that has followed it, it’s the paranoia that ensued.

    Tell hoi polloi that they need to fear something and many will willingly do so, without question, even if it means turning against their own.

    • junican Says:

      I’m sure that you are right, although I think that the numbers are few. The trouble is that they shout a lot about their fears/paranoia. They also need confirmation that their fears are justified.

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