Staying Sane

I must admit that the constant battle against TC is depressing. I do not mean ‘clinical depression’ which is a far more serious thing. ‘Clinical depression’ can make you seriously physically. I have been there. I went through a period many years ago when I could not cope with the wife’s condition and the pressures that it placed upon me emotionally. The symptoms were really weird, such as sudden increases, for no apparent reason, in heartbeat rate and going ‘hot all over’. My doctor said that it was as well that I consulted him because I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He prescribed a course of beta blockers for a few days and Prosac at the same time. The beta blockers acted immediately, which allowed time for the Prosac to have the appropriate effect.

They worked. My ‘nerves’ calmed down and I survived.

So by ‘depressing’ I mean disheartening. It is very hard to keep on fighting for liberty when there are such enormous forces arraigned on the opposite side.

So, earlier today, I had a think. I decided that the very fact that we have enormous forces working to persecute us smokers means that we must cheer ourselves up somehow.

I decided that I must counter the brainwashing misery in my own way.

My way is to ‘pat myself on the back’ whenever I complete a task properly. It does not matter what the task is. Thus, if you wash the dishes properly, pat yourself of the back and say ‘Well done me’.

You see, we do not congratulate ourselves enough for doing a good job in our day to day endeavours. We take success in those efforts for granted.

We should not. When I have finished this post, I shall say to myself, “Well done!” All day today, I have been conscious of doing really good jobs of this and that routine needs. I have said, again and again, “A WIN!” But I have also, occasionally, had to chalk up a ‘loss’. But the number of ‘wins’ far exceeds the number of ‘losses’.

The fact is that, for the most part, the smoking ban is irrelevant in our lives, unless we allow it to become all-consuming. I was walking along our street yesterday and saw a woman standing outside her house smoking a cig. I reasonably assume that she had banished herself to the outdoors. Perhaps it was because she did not wish to colour her indoor decorated walls with brown tar over several years. Or she could have had children inside. Or any other reason. But did she describe her action of going outdoors for a smoke as A WIN!

Today, I have chalked up dozens of WINS. Merely remembering to lock the front door was a WIN. If I had failed to remember to lock the front door, it would have been a LOSS.

So we must always remember that we must not let TobCON dominate our lives. To do so would be a massive LOSS for us. No. In our daily lives, we must congratulate ourselves minute by minute for achieving WINS. Get used to WINNING, and not just surviving.

It is not that hard. But that should harden our resolve never to give in. TobCON is an evil organisation. Its objective of eradicating tobacco by 2035 or whatever means eradicating smokers. That is no different, in principle, from eradicating Jews. It is the opposite of eradicating ‘diseases’.

So, smokers, do not forget that TobCON is no more than a nest of buzzing wasps. It seems to be taking a long time for the people in ‘pest control’ to turn up and douse the nest in chemicals.

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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Every time a smoker writes or comments on a blog post or comments on a news story to point out the blatant tobacco control lies and stand up against the persecution of smokers we win–individually and as a group. Sooner or later the tobacco control charade will collapse. Every step we take to hasten that collapse in a win!

    • junican Says:

      Exactly! But I think that the best way to comment on newspaper articles is NOT to argue about detail. Just say that the article presupposed that smoking harm has been ‘proven’. It has not. SHS danger has been PROVEN not to exist due to ‘null’ results such as Enstrom and Kabat.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    LOVED the last paragraph. Should be engraved!

  3. Ripper Says:

    “The symptoms were really weird, such as sudden increases, for no apparent reason, in heartbeat rate and going ‘hot all over’.”

    Been there. Depression bought on by worrying. Unlike yourself, when it happened to me I decided that anti-depressants were not the way and refused them. After all, they just mask the problems, they are still there when the drugs wear off, so I thought that the logical thing to do was to tackle the root causes head on. I made a request to my GP to refer me to a psychiatrist who was very helpful in the initial stages in finding out the root causes of the depression. I discovered a lot about myself that I had not been aware of.

    The symptoms you describe are panic attacks caused by high anxiety and it was a visit to my GP that marked the beginning of my ability to defeat them. He told me how panic attacks work and how they manifest themselves into the physical effects that you describe.

    The fact is, when you are under such pressure you want to run away – this is the ‘flight or fight’ instinct that has been with us since we swung from the trees. The heart releases adrenaline into the blood stream to give the muscles the boost they need to get away – but you don’t run. There is nowhere to run to and so the adrenaline has nowhere to go. This is why the heart pounds out of the chest and the cold sweat happens, until the adrenaline dissipates. Of course, if you are unaware of this, these physical symptoms produce more panic and it is much worse. With me it had grown into agoraphobia because I was worried that I might get one of these attacks whilst out in public or even worse, whilst driving. I was ‘panicking about panicking’.

    Having defeated that, without recourse to drugs, made me a stronger person. I do still have everyday problems, who doesn’t, but its been many years since I had one of those attacks and I know that if I did, I can handle it.

    Sorry about the long comment but if my ramblings help anyone else then all is good. I don’t worry about Tobacco Control any more, their demise is on the horizon and only people (questionable) like Mrs. D.Arnott never realise that ‘all good things come to an end’.

    • junican Says:

      Don’t bother about the length of the comment. It is the content that matters. Your own experiences matter a lot.
      As regards myself, I am content to keep things under control by taking half a pill per day. The reason is that I can do NOTHING about the cause of the problem – herself’s condition. So I am content to take the chemical route.
      But each person has to decide for him/her self.

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    And don’t forget to keep writing this blog Junican. It cheers me up immensely and is the first thing i read when i wake up in the morning !

    • junican Says:

      Thanks Tim! There is fun to be had from the twisting and turning of TC. They take themselves so seriously, but it is only because of weak politicians that they have not been laughed out of their jobs.

  5. Blazeaway Says:

    I’ve now been enjoying your blog for some years – many genuinely interesting insights, some which have actually spurred me to action in the political arena (I once motivated myself to stand for election) and raised the nonsense of TC. I didn’t succeed but we can all do our bit and that’s a ‘win’.

    • junican Says:

      If I was a couple of decades younger and did not have other responsibilities, I might well have become ‘political’. But I have no idea in what direction that might have taken me. Perhaps I would have gone socialist! Could that have been ‘a win’?

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