More About The Brexit Stuff – Apathy

It is getting boring. I read the provisions of the white paper which is supposed to reflect the wishes of the people who voted for Brexit. There is an implication that the people were only interested in immigration and law-making when then they voted to leave the EU. That might be true. It might well be true that most voters were not bothered about trade.

But that has also been my own attitude, by and large. The critical thing to me was not the common market. It was the connections of the EU with ‘One World Government’ – the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. Those tentacles were clearly exhibited by the Climate Control Act. Why did not masses of MPs contest the evidence? For it is the lack of evidence which should have stopped the zealots who proposed the Climate Control Act in their tracks.

The only reasonable explanation for the Climate Control Act is apathy. It is ‘nice’ to be on the side of the angels, even though there are no angles. Trump has stirred things up. He has drawn the lace curtains and shown that there are no angels.

I read a statement tonight from the Tory MP and Cabinet Minister, Priti Patel. The heading says it:


So where is the ‘freedom’ for pubs etc to have smoking spaces? Freedom is indivisible. You are either ‘free’ or ‘coerced’. As John Stuart Mills said, “The only constraint upon freedom is harm to others” (or words to that effect). In other words, limitations on freedom must be proven to be necessary.

But what constitutes ‘necessity’? Americans can own guns simply because they wish to. UK citizens cannot. Thus we have lots of ‘knife crime’. What a silly euphemism! A ‘knife crime’ could easily be just carrying a samurai sword from location A to location B, or stabbing someone twenty times.

Apathy means passing laws which stink. It also means defending those laws against all reason. For example, what could be more innocuous than an ecig? It is not tobacco and it is not a gun. It is, essentially, a ‘fragrance’.

There are hundreds of thousands of laws. They could mostly be swept away by vigorous examination, and massive cost to taxpayers diminished.

But APATHY prevails.


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