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There seems to be a progression. It begins with ‘nanny’ state, progresses to ‘bully’ state, and finally becomes ‘tyrannical’ state. It seems to be a sort of natural, unstoppable progression. It does not matter what political party is in power. The progression is unstoppable. Only when the tyranny reaches such an intensity that the ‘enforcers’ realise that they have become inhuman, does the overthrow of the tyranny start.

I watched a film yesterday about the East German regime (thanks for the link whoever). It is called ‘The Lives of Others’. I found a free download:

It is almost impossible to describe because the plot is not the main thing. It is the ideology behind the plot which matters.

In East Germany, the ‘Stasi’ could do whatever it wanted to do with only the tiniest pretence of ‘legality’. ‘State Security’ excused anything. The main story of the film is that a Stasi ‘operative’, quite high ranking, charged with listening to bugged conversations, came to sympathise with the people that he was listening to. They were authors, playwrights, film and stage directors, etc – artists. He was charged with eavesdropping on a specific author’s bugged home. He did not report the conversations that he heard. He falsified his reports. Because he could not find anything to the liking of the ‘bosses’, he was demoted to steaming open letters. When news came that the Berlin wall had been demolished, he and his fellow steamers simply walked away from their jobs.  Think about that. They were imprisoned, but were now free.

Years later, the author in question, after the Stasi files were opened up to the public, the author in question discovered all the false reports. He knew that they were false because he could remember the conversations which were NOT reported. He wrote a book in praise of ‘A Good Man’.


One cannot help but wonder when ‘good men (and women)’ will stop enforcing the evil edicts of EVERYONE who forces them to do so, including politicians, ASH ET AL, etc. When did the police become enforcers for anti-obesity lobbyists and politicians?

And so to my plants! Very few people are talking in the UK about ‘the plants’. Those ‘plants’ could be any sort of ‘plants’. But there is a way round. The answer is, ‘those plants which can grow outdoors in the UK’.  ‘Weed’ (!) cannot be grown outdoors in the UK.

Anyway, this wonderful summer has revealed the potential for ‘the plants’ to perform wonderfully well. I would not normally expect the plants to start to flower until around the end of August, but they are flowering now. Leaves are ‘maturing’ sooner than ever. I have already harvested dozens of leaves which, frankly, have already ‘ripened’ (means gone past the best point of ‘maturity’ for curing). But that is OK. Who cares if the leaves are not perfect? ‘Good enough’ is good enough for me.

The critical thing to understand is that there are ‘good men (and women)’ who will eventually refuse to obey orders. For the time being, policing smoking in pubs is not sufficiently abhorrent for ‘public servants’ (aka wage slaves) to refuse to persecute their friends. But it is coming.

But what is different in the modern era is that there is such a thing as ‘historic crimes’. I am talking about deliberately raising taxes because it is politically possible. That is, persecuting the poorest people to FORCE them to stop enjoying the most accessible ‘stress relief’ which one can control oneself – a cigarette.

The deliberate misuse of the law is criminal, and highly so. I hate to use the word because it has become so hackneyed, but the only appropriate word is ‘treason’. But we are not talking about assassinating the Queen or blowing up Parliament. We are talking about our freedoms. ‘Treason’ means taking steps to enslave us.

So I have dared to speak about ‘my plants’. Only a totally incompetent, childish, over-bearing set of politicians, such as exists in Australia could ignore the backlash which will inevitably result when people get fed up.

One of the wonderful things about ‘getting fed up’ is that the graph is not ‘linear’. As more stupid laws are introduced, people get more, and MORE, and MORE fed up.

The comical thing about it is that IT DOES NOT MATTER!!



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  1. simplex Says:

    A recommendable movie indeed.

  2. Samuel Handley Says:

    Covered the garden in plastic and let the plants overwinter…. They had blooms already when I uncovered them in Spring and have continued to bloom even to today.

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