Brexit Shit Hits Fan

I have some sympathy for PM May. The pressure from business to keep the ‘Common Market’ must be immense. And you can understand it. If your business depends upon exports to Europe, then the last thing you want, in a competitive environment, is extra costs in the form of tariffs, but, perhaps more importantly, customs barriers. For them, ‘free movement of goods’ is terrifically important. The same applies to importers in respect of customs barriers. The wheeze of using technology to avoid customs problems is a joke.

So the Foreign Sec and the Brexit Sec have resigned, along with others, on the eve of PM May’s statement in Parliament about the Brexit plan. I don’t think that their actions are political manoeuvring, although they might be. I think that they just cannot agree to support PM May’s Brexit plan. In effect, they are saying to PM May, “If that is your plan, then we want nothing to do with it. You must get others to put it into effect”. That is, they are acting on a genuine matter of principle. Put simply, we will not pay the EU apparatchiks billions of pounds per an to trade with States which want to trade with us. That is blackmail.

It strikes me that ‘free movement of people’ has existed in Europe for aeons. Only comparatively recently have passports been introduced. But there is a difference. Until comparatively recently, there was no point in paying the cost of moving from, say, Germany to England just for the sake of it. There needed to be motivation. That might have been a holiday, visiting relatives, a job as a translator, fleeing from oppression, etc. What we have seen in recent times is the motivation of social benefits, partly within Europe but mostly from other countries. A host of flowers is a powerful attraction to a host of bees.

What annoys me about the Brexit negotiations is that there is an awful lot of it which is artificial. For many people who voted for Brexit, immigration was probably the main motivator. Who can blame them? For years, we have seen groups of young men trying to break into lorries destined for England, and the Calais camps are a disgrace to France. The fact that the French Gov permitted those camps showed that England was on its own, EU or no EU.

I would like to see the shit really hit the fan. I would like to see Trump kick the UN out of New York and into Ethiopia or Bangladesh. I would like to see the WHO moved from Geneva to the Congo. I would like to see the IPCC moved to Greenland.

Those organisations must be ‘exiled to the outer fringes’. How many people would want to be MPs if Parliament was situated in the Outer Hebrides?

Corruption is always associated with comfort. No one has ever taken a bribe which makes them worse off.

There is no doubt that smoking bans which have proliferated throughout the whole world rely upon corruption. Tobacco taxes are corrupt. Booze taxes are corrupt. Petrol taxes are corrupt.

Until a Government revokes such impositions, I shall regard that Government to be corrupt. There is no alternative.


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