‘Let It Develop’

I once had a good friend with whom I played a lot of golf in amateur competitions all over the North West of England. Most courses will have at least one ‘open amateur’ comp per year. They are quite good earners. Competitors pay a fee to enter the comp, and it is quite likely that they will drink and dine after their game. I enjoyed playing many courses, off the competition tees, which would have been impossible without those comps.

But my friend and I fell out. We fell out because he became more and more taciturn on the golf course. He would not talk to our fellow competitors. He acted as though he was a professional golfer, who was unconscious of his surroundings and focused only on his own shots. That meant that I had to ‘carry the can’ of being friendly and sociable. It was not that onerous until we had a really good score in a comp and waited for the prize-giving. Our score, in a Stableford, was 45 points on a hard course. We thought that we would win. Not only did we not win, we were fourth, but the club gave us a special prize of a bottle of whiskey for turning up at the prize-giving, which was nice.

My friend went out of his mind. He blew a gasket, but, thankfully, not there and then. He was embittered. Even today, decades later, I still cannot understand. We came fourth out of maybe 100 couples. That is quite an achievement. Why he was miserable, I do not understand.

But one of the great ideas that he gave me was ‘let it develop’. He owned a classic old sports car. When it was his turn to drive to a golf course, many an eye in the car park was turned to his car. We were talking about car problems, and he said that, sometimes, when you cannot be sure what the problem is, it is better to ‘let it develop’.

We have seen TobCON advocating the persecution of smokers using the words ‘help’ and ‘children’ and we have seen weak politicians failing to define ‘help’ and ‘children’. They have allowed ‘help’ to become ‘force’ and ‘children’ to become ‘grown-up adults’.

But it cannot go on forever. It never has. But the lessons of history should have warned politicians that some mild persecution now, which seems irrelevant now, and brings in millions of pounds of tax income from a minority, will rebound massively in due course.

There is a sadness that the MSM has not been warning Gov that persecution of minorities gradually builds up resentment, even if those people do not realise why they resent.

It is late, and I must to bed.

I have one last thing to offer. TV commercial adverts are as near total lies as can be imagined. But the words and phrases just manage to so imprecise that the advertisers get away with it. It would make sense for Secondary Schools to use TV adverts to teach their students about ‘fake truth’. It is NOT TRUE that magical stuff X will make a fatty thin in three months. Not eating for three months will make a fatty thin and probably dead.

But school teachers, as far as I know, are not allowed to teach kids about ‘fake truth’.

It is time that teachers got their act together and, via their Union, collectively, refused to do other than teach children the basics. My daughter, an ‘early years’ teacher, goes to great lengths, in her own time, to get her wards to think. For example, she got me to dig up some plants and weeds to reveal the root structures. Those kids were astonished. They had never seen the root structure of a plant.

It is for the teacher Unions to come out of the 19th/20th century and STOP the politicisation of schools, from top to bottom. As far as I know, there are are no such things as beneficial rats.

When a thing like the FCTC gets control, there is only one answer – eradicate the thing like you would with a plague of rats. Kill it.


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