Tobacco Control is a Symptom of Grave Illness in Society

My daughter has applied for a job (the details are irrelevant). One of her ‘virtues’ is that strives (as a teacher of little children) to bring the children together as a group so that they can learn together and be enthusiastic about what they are learning. Some ideas are her own, but most originate from studies about how children learn. There are ‘systems’ which originate from ‘best practice’, but ‘horses for courses’ and all that – her school has lots of children from immigrant families, so the ‘system’ must allow for that.

I mention the above only in the context of the difference between ‘learning’ and being ‘told’ and, further, ‘being forced’. You might think that ‘being forced’ is the same as ‘being told’, but it is not so. For example, it is far easier for children to learn that ‘2 + 2 = 4’  if they are ‘told’ so, and shown why that is so. But ‘learning’ involves the recognition that ‘2 + 2 = 4’ is ALWAYS correct. That is how children learn logic.

‘Being forced’ involves accepting non-logical beliefs. But that does not involve the teaching that God exists. For it is ‘logical’ to believe that the Universe cannot have created itself. Either it has always existed eternally and will continue so, or it was created. If it is eternal, then it is a form of God.

‘Being forced’ means being brainwashed. It means accepting that it matters that a risk of 2 in a million as compared with 1 in a million matters. Is not 2 in a million twice as much as 1 in a million? Suppose that we extend that to 15 in a billion compared with 1 in a billion. The ‘incidence’ of the risk is 15 times more. It must therefore be very dangerous.

Have we thought about the danger of Ebola in those terms? What is the incidence of Ebola per million? Obviously, I am not saying that Ebola is not important. I am saying that ‘The Elite’ can decide to brainwash people by emphasising tiny dangers and exploding them.

The ‘grave illness’ in Society is mental. Not physical, but in the mind. For decades, TobCON has adulterated minds. But the worst offenders are Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, all the way down the scale. They permitted the ‘Grave Illness’.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    It means accepting that it matters that a risk of 2 in a million as compared with 1 in a million matters. Is not 2 in a million twice as much as 1 in a million?

    What they never ever mention, is that they are comparing fractions.
    1/1,000,000 v 2/1,000,000 is not as apt to get folks to feel scared or impressed with the size of the difference.

    Nor, will they do decimals.

    0.000001 v 0.000002
    Not scary enough.

    Nor percentages.

    1/10,000th of 1% v 2/10,000th of 1%.
    Why get upset over that?

    • junican Says:

      So the trick is to emphasise the ‘difference’ – 15 compared to 1. That sounds awful. It could matter in places where Ebola strikes if the exposed population is small. In a village of 100 people, a ratio of 15 Ebola victims, when compared with a neighbouring village of the same size which has 1 Ebola victim, matters greatly. But it is not the ratio that matters. It is the absolute incidence.
      Epidemiology is not a science. It is mathematics.

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