More About ‘Independence’

Vaguely continuing the last post, about Tom Paine’s pamphlet promoting an Independent America, one of the things that Paine complained about in the idea of having a ‘special relationship’ with the King of England was the idea that England would protect America. He pointed out that it would take two months for the King to find out that there was a problem, and two months for him to do anything about it. The Atlantic had to be crossed both ways. How much better to be Independent and get cracking on building a navy? He had a number of similar arguments, one of which was ‘divide et impera’. Well, sort of. If America allowed the King ultimate authority over it, he could take as long as he liked to gradually reimpose absolute control.

I see Brexit in a similar light. For some strange reason, over the last several decades, UK politicians gradually surrendered its independence. But who gained sovereignty? It was not just the EU; it was also the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. They are all linked. It is no accident that smoking bans have spread all over the world. Thus, it is not unexpected that the World Trade Org has ruled in favour of Australia’s Plain Packaging law. Needless the say, the Zealots are wetting themselves with glee. What now happens to alcohol trademarks or any other trademarks which one State deems to be ‘unhealthy’?

Could that decision be overturned? Absolutely not, unless States became ‘independent’ again. In that case, to protect their manufacturers from future onerous demands, and with their agreement, they could refuse to supply Australia, in which case the Oz Gov would have to become the manufacturer of its own detested, disfigured and medical-porno-covered packets of cigs. What is even more fun to contemplate is that it could no long collect ‘duty’ on tobacco products, since the sale price of the products would be simply that – the sale price. Oh, and there would be no competition possible. There would be only one type of cig costing $50 for twenty. Let’s call the product “Death Sticks”, and warnings would say, “Contains arsenic”, because the State would add arsenic to prove that it was so.

You see, that is the problem when a State surrenders its autonomy. It puts itself at the mercy of whatever crackpot happens to be in charge of the Bureaucracy. He is the King. No dissent is possible because the King has filled all positions, especially propaganda positions, with his favourites.

I wonder if all the emphasis on ‘trade deals’ is not a red herring – ‘fake news’, if you like. I can understand that our exporters to Europe and importers from Europe are worried both by tariffs and border controls, but why meddle with the status quo? A friend of mine once said to me, about a car problem, “Let it develop”. With something as complex as disentangling the UK from the EU, the only solution is to ‘let problems develop’ and sort them out as they arise.

The really important thing is that we become independent from the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. Join with Trump to defeat those infidels. Defund them and spend the money saved on the armed forces. Do not pay the EU apparatus a penny. Expect a rent for the use of our share of the costs of EU buildings. It is ridiculous that the People of the UK voted for a clean break from the EU. That break should have happened months ago. There was no need to involve Article 50 at all because The People had decided. The day after the referendum, Cameron should have spoken in the House and declared that the UK was no longer in the EU. All EMPs, bureaucrats, members of committees, should have been recalled. Not doing so created the mess which we are now in.

There is no immediate solution to the mess. It can only be cleared up AFTER ‘Independence’.


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