Why Is The Irish Government Rationing Water?

I hear from my correspondent in Southern Ireland that water is being rationed. Hosepipe bans are around the corner if not actually active.

If ever there was a country which should not suffer shortages of water, it must be Ireland. For most of the year, it is deluged in water. The reason is that it is on the edge of the Atlantic ocean, so clouds full of water vapour, coming off the Atlantic, hit Ireland first, and empty their contents there to a large extent.

I suspect that the Irish Gov has done what the Irish have always done, to their honour. Live today and don’t worry about tomorrow.

Well, yes, but there are problems with that idea. You get water shortages because the people who were supposed to provide for future water supplies did not exist. That deficiency is a POLITICAL deficiency.

So while the Irish Gov was spending time and money persecuting smokers, it was not spending money building reservoirs. What do the Irish want? Reservoirs or smokeless parks?

Thus, any public opinion survey should have a choice – smokeless parks or reservoirs; smokeless parks or more doctors. The reason that the alternative is reasonable is on the grounds of ongoing costs. Building a reservoir is a one off cost, for all intents, but smokelessness has to be policed. The Zealots rely upon swingeing and ‘hung for a sheep’ penalties. How they did not come up against MASSIVE opposition from the pub trade bewilders me. “You have been forced to force people to obey”. Perhaps the vast majority of publicans did not know.

So we come back to the Irish water problem. It seems that the the Irish Gov have been trying to privatise water. But lots of Irish people are saying, “This country is awash with water for most of the year. Why should we pay profiteers?”

Perhaps they should ask why they elect politicians who are profiteers.


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