“Peaceful Coexistence”

Older people will remember that the ‘cold war’, the antagonism between Communist East and Democratic West, was alleviated by the idea of ‘peaceful coexistence’. The general idea of ‘peaceful coexistence’ was ‘whatever system of government you have is your business, and we will not interfere, provided that you do not interfere with ours’.

The EU has claimed, again and again, that it has averted wars and maintained the peace in Europe. That must be nonsense because, until recently, there was no EU – there was only a trading block, with added co-operations, such as Interpol.

No – what has maintained peace in Europe has been ‘peaceful coexistence’.

Until recently. The breakdown of the Soviet Union occurred because The West was experiencing run-away economic betterment for ALL the people via free markets, whereas the Soviet Union was stuck in a quagmire of top down planning.

I sometimes think that there is a problem with our political thinking in the UK. Once upon a time, the ‘Leader’ of the Tory Party ’emerged’. What that actually meant was that ‘shadowy people ‘the Elite’, decided,  and their candidate ’emerged’ and was anointed. But has that changed? One might follow the career of Cameron. Wealthy, university, an MP’s researcher, an MP, a quiet Minister, Prime Minister. Nothing in his past qualified him to be PM. The really interesting idea is that ‘the PM elect’ should be subjected to a plebiscite.

The reason for that idea is that the PM is extremely powerful. In days gone by, it has been known for a PM to sack Cabinet Ministers and replace them with cronies. Only a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the Party can dislodge the PM.

Thus, the PM is a form of Emperor. It is not satisfactory for a person to have such power without being subject to popular approval. It is because we have this curious system of Emperors ’emerging’ that the Country is in turmoil.

Back to ‘peaceful coexistence’. It was Emperor Blair who gave approval for the country-wide Smoking Ban. He overrode the individual rights of publicans, restaurateurs, owners of workplaces, to allow their people to smoke if they wished to. That is not ‘peaceful coexistence’. It is WAR. The Smoking Ban was WAR. There is not a lot of difference, theoretically, between bombing Iraq and killing loads of people, and introducing a Smoking Ban. I say THEORETICALLY. The effects are vastly different, but, at the same time, much the same. Both cause great harm.

‘Peaceful coexistence’ between smokers and non-smokers existed prior to the Smoking Ban. And that included bar staff. Very few of such staff were non-smokers, and that is still true today.

One of the tricks of those who are against ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ is to claim that WAR is necessary. That might be OK, if were not for the fact that the originators of that WAR were protected from suffering that the caused.

We have only to look at the Grenfell Tower disaster. We in the UK have a Government Dept called, ‘Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry’. I have little doubt that that Dept was responsible for cladding Local Authority buildings with badly tested materials.

And yet nobody complains about the real culprits – Climate Warming Zealots.

Blair was a nice man, but he did a couple of horrible things. He really ought do the honourable thing – commit suicide, or at least wear sack cloth ad ashes for ten years.

Peaceful coexistence has meant, for centuries in the UK, that our laws have been generic. There have obviously been bad laws, such as laws forbidding homosexuality. The fact that those laws existed should inform today’s legislators that Smoking Bans are illiberal, in the sense of militating against ‘freedom’.

‘Peaceful coexistence’ is essential in the world today, and in every sphere of society.


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  1. Samuel Handley Says:

    The peaceful coexistence between Western Europe and the USSR was, largely, the outcome of the US covering nearly all the costs of military opposition to the expansion of “international communism”
    Not that that was necessarily a good or a necessary thing. The USSR would never have been any kind of a threat if the US and UK governments hadn’t conspired to “reward” Stalin and his thugs with more than half of Europe for willingly accepting billions of dollars of raw and finished materials to prosecute war on the Eastern front. I think, had anyone asked them, that the Poles and Latvians, Hungarians and Germans and millions of others would have preferred NOT to have been sold off as slaves by Roosevelt and Churchill.
    But that’s past history.
    And cannot be undone.
    As far as the fall of the Soviet Union…. The only thing keeping that rotting corpse twitching was the regular stimulation coming from underselling OPEC and other suppliers of petrochemicals to Western Europe and Asia. When Reagan assumed the Presidency he initiated a secret program, conspiring, once again, with the Saudis, to take the brakes off the pumps and flood the planet with cheap oil. That, finally, pushed the USSR over the edge of complete bankruptcy. Once it was gone world oil prices roce and wells were capped to make back all the “profits” lost while undercutting the Russians.

    • junican Says:

      I think that, in the aftermath of WW2, everyone who was involved was tired out and almost bankrupt, apart from the USA.
      Let’s not knock the USA. It revitalised Europe. Sure, self-interest was involved, but the USA enabled Europe to rise from the ashes.

  2. beobrigitte Says:

    ‘Peaceful coexistence’ is essential in the world today, and in every sphere of society.
    Except for smokers, of course. Society is being encouraged to exile smokers from any community. Almost any. The only country I have learned to be different – and without the many years of anti-smoking propaganda – is Russia.
    Ironic, isn’t it?

    • junican Says:

      Yes, it is ironic. But Russia has also installed bans, just as directed by the UN.
      I wonder which country in the UN is pushing smoking bans, why, and what threats are made?

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