“Tobacco Is So Addictive That Prostitutes Must Endanger Themselves To Get Their Nicotine Fix”

You would think so, the way that the Zealots describe ‘nicotine addiction’ – “More powerful than heroin, cocaine, etc”, they say.

My ‘quote’ is not what was said.

I have been watching a programme on the TV, vaguely, which was about the killing of a couple of prostitutes in quick succession. The police advised such women to stay off the streets until the murders were solved. Of course, that might be forever, so it is no surprise that those girls were reluctant. But, it seems, some of them took no notice at all. They still patrolled their areas. I suppose that their ‘clients’ also patrolled those areas.

What was the motivation for continuing their activities? It was drugs. Well, that is assuming that the researchers were not just making things up. It must be a bit difficult to approach a woman and ask her what she is doing on the streets alone late at night without getting the response, “FUCK OFF!!”

But we always assume that those girls are alone. That is because TV pics almost always show a lone girl. It is far more probable that they are in small groups of two or three and that they take it in turns to approach cruising cars.

So, according to the ‘research’, the need for money to buy drugs is the motivation for these girls to go about their business despite warnings of a killer predator.

I have never known anyone to take life-threatening risks to get the money to buy cigs. I have never seen any research or reports of any kind where a person goes to extreme lengths to get the money to buy a packet of cigs.

My heading is a parody of ‘The Official Irish Republican Army’ of Tobacco Control Zealots. The O-IRA is alive and well in Eire. Ireland, both North and South, is used to the application of Force. Force has been being used for decades. Do not be surprised that Force is being used there to stop people from enjoying tobacco. The Irish seem to be happy with the use of force since it is what they have become used to over many decades.

The odd thing is that ‘democracy’ seems to encourage the use of force. The winners in a Gen Elec persecute the losers. But that is not correct. The winners persecute whomsoever is an easy target.

So we could turn my heading around and say:

“Politicians (Prostitutes) are so addicted to power that they must get their anti-nicotine, anti-smoker fix”.

Is there an antidote to correct such a fixation?

I cannot help but think that ‘spreading the word’ is imperative. It is a slow process. My own thinking is that I can only vote for a Party which intends to stop the persecution of smokers. If there is no such party, then I shall not vote at all. But a small step might be to tell your candidate that you cannot vote for him if he will not pull back the persecution of smokers.

What it is all about is PERSECUTION.












4 Responses to ““Tobacco Is So Addictive That Prostitutes Must Endanger Themselves To Get Their Nicotine Fix””

  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    Your analogy is perfect, as a vaper, I have found a few other ways to describe, the same stuff. If NICOTINE is so damned addictive, why here in the States, after the FDA lifted the black label warning on nicorette gum…. and made it less dangerous, and warning of how long anyone should use it to wean off of the (worse than herion) nicotine……. WHY or why aren’t teenagers (the most at risk group of nicotine users) why aren’t they stealing nicorette gum off the shelves being they are allowed to, and the boxes of the most addictive substance on the planet, doesn’t seem to attract desperate acts of copping a drug????????? Thank you, you nailed it as you have so many times. They are persecuting, because, big money pharma, tobacco and gov. all profit from this game of theirs!

    • junican Says:

      I think that Zealots like Glantz et al have all along had only one objective – the destruction of the Tobcoms. That is why they do not give a toss about smokers. They are horrified that Tobcoms might survive by moving into ecigs, HnB, etc. To them, demonising such products is essential, if their dreams are to be realised.

  2. inisfad Says:

    The ‘nicotine is far more addictive’ line is absolute BS – it’s not the nicotine which makes stopping smoking difficult – it is the behavior pattern. Watch a heroin addict go through ‘cold turkey’ withdrawal, which is painful and incredibly severe…the ‘withdrawal’ from nicotine is nothing like that.

    • junican Says:

      I remember seeing a video of a heroin addict in that state. It was a very short video intended only to illustrate the ‘agony’. I have stopped smoking a few times in my life. The first three days are the worst, but that is about the extent of the problem – three days, apart from temptations. And, as you say, the problem was more about actually lighting up. I really, really wanted to light a fag.
      I stop smoking for several hours every night when I go to bed. Whenever I wake up, which is often, I never feel like lighting up. Habit….

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