Why Is There So Little Empathy?

I read an awful lot during the course of the afternoon after lunch. I flit from site to site, reading what they have to say. Sometimes, information hits my mind strongly, and I vaguely remember it. Often, that specific piece of information becomes the subject of a post.

Because I read so much in a relatively short period of time, ideas get mixed up. All I remember is the philosophical idea and not the detail. For example, I read today about the imposition of a smoking ban in the ‘curtailment’ (I think that was the word) of a hospital. What a strange word to use! But I am not sure that ‘curtailment’ was the word used.

Anyway, the word was used to describe the grounds and buildings of the hospital. The hospital might have been in Bath. What it amounted to was more persecution of smokers, whether patients, visitors or staff – another attempt to spread the smoking ban into the great outdoors. That particular hospital had smoking shelters, and it seems that it was being hounded to remove them, very possibly by Public Health England indirectly.

You have to query the powers of PHE. Does it have the power to ‘push’ anyone or any group around? Where did it acquire such power from? To the best of my knowledge, the only authority that PHE has is over its own employees and its subsidiaries. It has no power over Local Authorities or Hospital Trusts.

But pressure is pressure. Bath Uni is big on TobCON, is it not? It is easy to see how pressure from the Uni and pressure from PHE can overwhelm a Hospital Board, especially if there are a couple of anti-smoker Zealots on the Board.

So it is easy to see what is going on. It is ‘Power Play’.

They really important question is whether or not the Hospital Board is filled with cowards. That was the case as regards Bolton Hospital Trust a few years ago. The Trust said that it had in mind to erect smoking shelters. That decision should have stood alone as a sensible idea for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff. But, somehow, the Bolton News got involved and ran a poll asking whether readers supported the idea. The poll was in favour. Immediately after the poll results were released, a couple of councillors began shouting and shouting. The Hospital Board capitulated abjectly.


Why did they not shout back? It would have been easy. “Many patients, visitors and staff have told us that the occasional cigarette relieves their anxieties and stress. Who are we to argue? The least that we can do is provide shelter from the elements”.

These scenarios are being repeated all over the country. The Zealots pick a place and push like mad. But where do the ‘pushers’ get the authority to ‘push’ from? Is Arnott/ASH some sort of boss? Are they some sort of Mafia Boss? Do they use threats (concrete boots) to get their way?

But, and here is my main point, why are the Zealots not happy that smoking prevalence is so low?

I don’t know if the legend of ‘Buffalo Bill’  depicts a real person who slaughtered millions of buffaloes in the USA. He may be a collective identity, representing a large group of hunters who were paid to get rid of buffaloes. As far as the USA authorities were concerned, buffaloes were the equivalent of rats. Exterminate them. That may also be true of Red Indians. Exterminate them. Is there any difference between the extermination of Red Indians and Jews? Or buffaloes?

I see no difference in the extermination of smokers, whether it be by killing them off or taxing and banning them to death. I see no difference.

People like Arnott need to be asked if their persecution of smokers is deliberate. How do they compare themselves with other persecutors from the past, such as persecutors of Christians or witch hunters.

It will happen. It will happen when the love affair between the Zealots and the MSM evaporates. Sadly, it seems to take decades for these love affairs to become toxic.

There is a lesson to be learnt. I fully believe that The People, on the whole, had learnt that lesson when they voted for Brexit. The lesson is that Government is destructive. It is negative. Laws are, by definition, like the 10 commandments – “Thou shalt NOT”. Brexit, if handled properly, means that masses of negatives are removed from our laws.

It also means that, after the dissolution, PM May must be replaced. I feel sure that she knows that. She voted ‘Remain’ and has thus shown that she cannot possibly cope with aftermath of Exit.

There will be no ‘deal’, but that does not mean that commerce will stop. It will only stop if entrepreneurs come to believe that they will not get paid. That is for them and their opposite numbers to work out.

Persecuting  smokers is easy. But it is time that the persecution was seen as such.



2 Responses to “Why Is There So Little Empathy?”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Junican, I think the word was likely ‘curtilage’. At common law, curtilage has been defined as “the open space situated within a common enclosure belonging to a dwelling-house.” Black’s Law Dictionary of 1891 defined it as: “The enclosed space of ground and buildings immediately surrounding a dwelling-house. That said, restricting smoking within a hospital’s curtilage is a draconian restriction of liberty. This is especially so since there os no realistic threat to others from second hand smoke. ASH, PHE and others certainly know that the objective science does not support their persecution of smokers. The persecution of smokers through the deliberate denormalization of smokers must end and these tyrants must be held accountable.

    • junican Says:

      ‘Curtilage’ – yes, that was the word used. My little brain became befogged by alcohol fumes.Odd, is it not, that my brain become befogged when the cat is sprawled out on the couch next to me. Some sort of emanations from the cat might bewitch my brain, as well as the alcohol fumes.
      I think that the word ‘curtilage’ was used to suggest some sort of legal right, designed to confuse the masses.
      My spell-checker does not even recognise the word.

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