Ideological Turmoil

For decades, there has been Ideological Turmoil. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Empire/Union, the prospect of the possibility of atomic war was terrifying enough, without worrying about people getting fat. Various crises were averted by the unimaginable consequences of atomic war. But low level warfare continued in places like Vietnam and Korea. Now it is the Middle East.

But those places are far removed from our territory, even though jihadis bash us from time to time with attacks. A bee-sting is not very nice, but is nothing as compared with being blinded.

It surprising that the lessons of history have not been foremost in the teaching of ‘political theory’. I read somewhere that politics is ‘the art of the possible’. IE, if the public are supportive, then you can do it, whatever ‘it’ might be. But there is a huge danger in that idea. The danger is that whatever the public support becomes something that must be done.

That is the idea that ASH ET AL exploit. They invent dangers and get the MSM to publish the dangers. The MSM publish the dangers, using quotes from ‘experts’ so that they are not responsible, as ‘click bait’, to sell newspapers or get advertising revenue on the net.

There is no way to counter such practices.

But they are evil practices. They are evil practices because they frighten people unnecessarily. Even worse is that they are intended to frighten people unnecessarily.

But one might reasonably ask why people are so gullible. It is reasonable to say, I think, that it is because our education system does not teach youngsters to recognise ‘non-sequiturs’.  If there is any benefit for the human race from ‘logic’, it is the ability to recognise ‘non-sequiturs’. EG, 1000 red indians with bows and arrows can defeat 500 whities with rifles and machine guns.

But my example is racist. I am not allowed to make such a statement. It is racist. But it is not racist at all. It is about the difference between bows and arrows and rifles and machine guns, and not the difference between the racial origins of the participants.

It is as clear as daylight Governments must de-politicise education. Education should be about FACTS, and nothing but FACTS.

But there is a problem. Can there be such a thing as a university course on Theology? Is such a thing possible? I am not talking about history, I am talking about the existence of God. A course on Theology presupposes the existence of God.

Health has replaced God. But it is possible to propose that Health is godly. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. ‘Healthy mind in healthy body’. But that suggests that a mind might not be ‘healthy’ if the body is not healthy. People like Stephen Hawking refute that argument.

There is a huge problem which is a sort of witchcraft. CO2 causes global warming; smoking causes LC; ready meals cause obesity.

All are Ideological ‘commandments’. “Thou shalt not drink ‘raw’ coca-cola.

The scandal is that elected politicians PROMOTE such blather. It can only be that they do not understand. 




4 Responses to “Ideological Turmoil”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes the Nanny State personified by Sarah Wollaston, Deborah Arnott and our corrupt politicians rule supreme Junican aided by our poorly educated young generation who believe anything they are told.

    • junican Says:

      Well, I don’t think that the young believe anything that they are told. Perhaps it is Uni students who are more likely to believe ‘sources’, since a lot of their work involves quoting ‘sources’ in their exams. So they are more likely to believe ‘sources’.
      Academics themselves believe ‘sources’.

  2. artbylisabelle Says:

    So true! If this is a return to the Feudalism era, then Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex ARE THE CHURCH!

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