‘The Lesser Sort’

King James 1, who railed against the practice of smoking, made a particular point of claiming that it was ‘the lesser sort’ of subject who should be discouraged from smoking. ‘The better sort’, the aristocrats, only indulged for medicinal reasons, which was OK. King Jimmy hit ‘the lesser sort’ with swingeing duties on tobacco, which raised to costs of ‘the lesser sort’ without hurting ‘the better sort’. As we know, the eventual ‘unintended consequence’ was ‘no taxation without representation’ – American Independence. Not that Independence would not have occurred anyway eventually. But there are always triggers, are there not?

Are we not seeing EXACTLY the same sort of thing today? The ‘Lesser Sort’, the poorest people, were being bashed and bashed again by aristocrats such as Cameron and Osborn – The Etonian Gang. Is it any wonder that they were perfectly happy to bash smokers, drinkers, fatties, etc, if those matters distracted attention from ‘The New World Order’?

I saw a short video last night or the night before. It showed various politicians over the last few decades, promoting ‘The New World Order’. Kissinger was one, both Bushes were involved, Clinton was involved, Blair, Brown and sundry others spoke in favour of ‘The New World Order’.

One would think that ‘The New World Order’ would be, by definition, benign, organised by altruistic, kind, generous people in the UN. But historic experience teaches us that such ‘Empires’ lead to serfdom. They do so via ‘controls’, ‘regulations’, ‘laws’, ‘oversight’, ‘five year plans’, etc. They bind freedom.

At the moment, the only result of the FCTC has been persecution of smokers.

It is MASSIVELY important that we must see that the end of ‘smokING’ is not the objective of the FCTC – it is the death of smokERS.

There is a total lack of control over the FCTC (and the IPCC, and all the rest) apart from what the USA decides. The USA decides EVERYTHING. Why? Because, where it not for the USA funding, the UN could not exist.

There was just the slightest possibility that UKIP could have become the voice of ‘the lesser sort’, but it fucked up. It fell for the siren voices of the mainstream. ‘Ban smoking’, ban drinking, ban a spoonful of sugar, ban hamburgers, ban ice cream, ban EVERYTHING!

It was the famous J S Mills who said that individuals MUST be free to act as they wish, provided that they did not hurt others. What that means is that Government regulation must be minimal, otherwise the Gov will cause pain.

But does Gov give a toss about the pain suffered by ‘The Lesser Sort’?

I think not.


3 Responses to “‘The Lesser Sort’”

  1. TheSmokerBlog Says:

    “provided that they did not hurt others…” That’s why if you want to punish smokers, drinkers, and overweight people, you first convince everyone that they DO hurt others…

    • junican Says:

      Second hand alcohol harm – Beating wife and kids. ALL male drinkers do that.

      • TheSmokerBlog Says:

        Right – or even, what’s in those alcohol fumes, anyway? Surely there’s a “charitable” organization out there which should be tackling this.

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