People assume that PM May is similar to a USA President. She is not. She has the power to appoint Ministers, but she has no power to coerce MPs to become Ministers. She has the power to sack Ministers, but has no power to coerce them to remain in post.

The political situation as regards member of the Cabinet and who should be Ministers is NOT simply in the hands of the PM. First, she needs an advisory group. Let’s call it ‘her personal cabinet’ – her friends in the Party. They help spread the responsibility within the party! 

So what can go wrong?  It is perfectly obvious. People who have no skill in, for example, ‘Health’, become Junior Health Ministers. What do they do? They have no idea what to do. They LONG to have something to do to show that they are wonderful. Along comes the reptile, ASH:

My, my. Who is that smirking in the background behind the newly appointed Junior Health Minister, Steve Brine, other than the beatified and beautiful Saint Arnott? (H/T VGIF).

How could a Junior Minister be corrupted so quickly?

I think that it is all about ‘saintliness’. ‘Saint Deborah’ is the current pin-up in the Health Dept. But suppose that he/she was found to be taking back-handers from Big Pharma, either directly or indirectly?

Perhaps we can change the words. Obviously, Richard Doll was a really big Saint. “Saint Richard”. Perhaps we ought to refer to him as ‘Devil Doll”. I quite like that. It definitively puts him in Hell rather than in Heaven.

As far as we are concerned, ‘Saint Deborah’ becomes ‘Devil Arnott’.

There is every reason to describe ‘Devil Arnott’ et al in that way. They distort reality and inflict suffering upon nice, ordinary people who just happen to enjoy tobacco.

What has that to do with a POWERFUL cabinet?

It is about taking on the Devilish EU apparatus and defeating that ‘Devil’. It is about taking on and defeating the devilish FCTC money sponge, along with the whole devilish UN, WHO, IPCC, EU money sponge.

That is what a POWERFUL Cabinet means. It means changing ‘saints’ into ‘devils’.

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