The REAL Consequences of Public Health England

When you demand that only ‘Excellence’ is acceptable, you raise the barrier to such an extent that ‘success’ becomes almost un-achievable. It is interesting that the Cambridge dictionary did not recognise the word ‘unachievable’. It has to be hyphenated. If ‘uncertain’ is fine, why is not ‘unachievable’ fine? Maybe it is going to far to suggest that the deep state does not like the word ‘unachievable’ and blocks its use. Erm… Perhaps to far?

But the main thing is that success becomes almost unachievable.

We have this org called ‘National Institute For Health And Care Excellence’ (NICE). God only knows where it came from and what it is for. You can read all about its self-praise here:

But not only do we have ‘NICE’, but we also have ‘The medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency’ – MHRA. You can read about it here:

So one might reasonably ask what is the difference between the two, and why need there be two distinct orgs, doing much the same thing?

It is doubtful that even the cleverest of politicians could evaluate the worth of either or both of those organisations. But there is a test.

The test is whether or not a drug or whatever is ‘good enough’ on balance. It need not be perfect, but be good enough. The mere fact that an antibiotic does not work for one individual does not mean that that substance should be banned for everyone. But that requirement is what ‘Excellence’ means. ‘Excellence’ means ‘perfection’, for all intents.

Clearly, the Brexit vote was as near ‘imperfection’ as it is possible to get. It was most certainly not ‘Excellent’. Therefore, the Elite regard it as ‘not fit for use’, just as NICE and MHRA ban substances which fail their arbitrary tests. Who know what the expertise in MHRA and NICE is, or what their political biases are?

So what we see with Public Health England (PHE) is a rolling snowball, which looks very big, but has little substance.

What magnificent breakthrough in curing diseases has PHE produced? What magnificent breakthroughs have NICE and MHRA produced? In fact, one might reasonably conclude that they have caused masses of deaths.

ALL those suckers could be done away with, and it is perfectly simple. Separate ‘costs’ from hospitals. They need the doctors and nurses that they need. Cost is irrelevant. Only the clinical need is important. If you accept that idea, then several layers of ‘administration’ can be done away with and money applied to the places where it is needed.

I am reminded of this tobacco farm:

Watch it and see how ‘excellence’ is THE AVERAGE!!! ‘Excellence’ is not the most perfect plant. It is the ‘best that can be achieved’ on average.

PHE (Public Health England) is promoting, via its subsidiaries, NICE and MHRA, PERFECTION, way beyond what is possible.

PHE’s anti-smoker persecution reveals its amoral nature. Be in no doubt that ASH ET AL are servant of Public Health England.

PHE is as corrupt as it is possible to be.


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