Should Smoker Advocates Give Up Bothering With The MSM?

Did anti-communist advocates argue with Stalin in Russia? Did they issue press releases moaning about his pogroms and collectivisation of agriculture? Did they whinge in the newspapers of the time when he had opponent shot in the back of the head?  I doubt it.

We are in much the same position. The only difference is that the official ‘pro-smoking’ advocate, FOREST, is allowed to continue to exist – barely. As Simon Clark pointed out, ASH ET AL claimed that FOREST was supported by funding from the Tobacco Manufacturing Assn. It is not. It receives donations from certain individual companies. But what is wrong with that? Would ASH ET AL provide FOREST with funds?

My problem with FOREST is that it is a sort of anti-communist voice in East Germany which might have been permitted to exist as a silly throwback to rule by the Kaiser, before more enlightened rulers took over. From the MSM point of view, FOREST is a useful idiot.

Obviously, I am not condemning Simon Cook. It is not a personal thing. It is a structural thing. If FOREST, and Simon Cook, depend upon being quoted in the MSM to justify their existence, then they are just like ASH ET AL.

I might well be better if FOREST did not exist. It might well be better if smokers had an underground organisation which did not talk to the MSM at all. Let ASH ET AL dominate. They do not matter. Do not respond to invitations from the MSM to comment on ASH ET AL propaganda. Such comments perpetuate the existence of ASH ET AL.

I note that FOREST has moved away from arguing about ‘smoking’ and has moved towards ‘smokers’. Too late. ‘Smokers’ should have been the emphasis twenty years ago.

Smokers are being persecuted. There is no doubt. And the persecution is obvious. ASH ET AL demand that the persecution should be ratcheted up by another cog or two. It is demanding that images of smokers must be banned on TV. The excuse is ‘for the children’, but anyone with intellect will know that the idea is propaganda – ban images of smoking on TV period.

So, in my opinion, FOREST should stop being a lackey of the MSM. The MSM no longer matters. Refuse to engage with it. Refuse to engage with ASH ET AL. Do surveys of how much smokers enjoy smoking and produce press releases about such things. Lobby MPs. IGNORE THE MSM! Ignore ASH ET AL!

You see, ‘SMOKING’ is an activity. It is easy to condemn. It is far more difficult to condemn ‘SMOKERS’. That is why ‘the children’ are invoked so often.

To fight back, we must emphasis SMOKERS. SMOKING is is not the issue. TOBACCO is not the issue. PLANTATIONS are not the issue.

We must emphasis the persecution of smokers and demand the reversal of that persecution, especially taxation and smoking bans. Blair initiated the blatant persecution of smokers with the smoking ban in enclosed places, aggravated by potentially massive penalties, not on smokers, but on people who were not smokers – publicans and such. Why there were not massive protests astonishes me. Perhaps it was because the whole Health Act was so convoluted.

Do not think that Pubcos are your friends. Far from it. The staff may be friendly, but the organisations detest you. You are a source of income and nothing more. Do not expect any support from them.

So we rely upon ourselves. But we cannot have a central organisation. Tobacco Control is far too powerful for such an organisation to fight it.

The persecution of smokers must be seen and reversed.  It may take some time.



6 Responses to “Should Smoker Advocates Give Up Bothering With The MSM?”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I agree it is time to put a stop to the persecution of smokers in all forms.

  2. Darryl Says:

    A change of tactics is a good idea Junican. Tobacco Control up until now have been able to fight on their own terms. Guerrilla warfare is now called for. Kill TC with a thousand small cuts. As you say though, it may take some time.

    • junican Says:

      It was heartening to see so many smoker on my holiday. You do not see them at home because they do not congregate outdoors since our weather is so awful. I noticed that lots of people, of all ages, were smokers. Maybe puritans do not go places like Magalluf.

  3. buckothemoose Says:

    I’ve often moaned about Forest and their wishy washy responses to TC press releases. It’s as though all statements from Tobacco Control need a response, so Forest are there to provide a damp squib that can be easily dismissed and forgotten
    It particularly annoys me when they start statements with, “We all know smoking is harmful, but…”

    • junican Says:

      I agree. “We all know smoking is harmful, but…” is a capitulation. There is no proof at all that smoking ALONE causes great harm.

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