At last, the weather is bucking up a little. This next week,  hereabouts, we can expect temperatures in the high teens or even above 20C on one day. The main thing, as I see it, is that everything is soaking wet and cold, including the fabric of our houses. Everything needs drying out and warming up. I noticed this evening, around 5 pm, that even though it has been a fine day, the lawn grass was still wet.

The Zealots have tried their best to follow the directives from the WHO and get ‘plantations’ of Nicot.. Toba… banned in the UK. I’m surprised that they have not produced a ‘study’ which shows that NT spreads like wildfire, just like Japanese Knot-weed. As usual, they managed to get a law passed via the greedy Chancellor of the Exchequer’s budget, or some such, which does not actually ban the growing of such plants, but purports to regulate dead plants at the end of the season.  Needless to say, the provision is typical of BAD LAW. It was passed, without scrutiny, because nobody actually gives a shit about plants – unless they have to be grown in attics under grow lights. I should imagine that anyone who grew plants in an attic has thoroughly insulated the attic by now. Thus, the Zealots, by engaging in show trials, actually contribute to the proliferation of the ‘offence’.

The upshot is that growing the plants has been legislatively approved. I love it when the Zealots produce laws which have the opposite effect of what was intended.

My dedicated plot needs quite a lot of work to make it as fertile and productive as possible, but we must always remember that it is primarily a hobby. At least it is a bit more productive than writing this blog!

To finish off, here is a pic of my plants:


Aren’t they lovely? But under the biggest plants are lots of small ones. The propagator has 72 cells. Since that pic was taken, I have transplanted the plantlets into separate 2″ pots. They should be going outdoors early May, all being well.

Readers will reasonably expect me to say what the end product will be. All I can say, from past experience, is that the results of my endeavours, including curing the leaves, have been modest. I am talking about quality and not quantity. The taste tends to be tarty.

The curing process involves collecting leaves which are ‘mature’ (big and beginning to droop and become a paler shade of green) and holding them in a sealed chamber for several days (about five) at about 95% humidity and about 35C. IE, warm and damp.

They say that the stuff should be aged for years or ‘kilned’ for a month or so. I am not at all happy with those ideas. But I do not know. For all I know, the recommendations on the net might be the destructive imaginings of TC.

We are all in a sort of dream world. Who knows whether A or B or C actually said what they are reported to have said.

In my opinion, it would be really, really great if the BBC was cleansed of people with agendas, and was reverted to reporting FACTS! It is important to remove opinions from the news altogether. Opinions can be expressed elsewhere.



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