The Verification Of My Whimsy Of Last Night

I must apologise for my silly observations last night. I got a bit carried away with the idea that TC et al can ‘prove facts’ on the basis of ‘public opinion polls’. But we should be aware that such tactics are not new.

It is hard for most of us the understand how politicians think. We imagine that they are people just like us, and perhaps most of them start off with good intentions. But I suspect that most give up after a while since they find that they have no power, unless they are part of the ruling elite.

That is true, but, sometimes, a Zealot will sound off with an utterly stupid idea. In this case, it was a demand that cig prices should be increased by 50% (or ‘doubled’, depending upon the words) to deter smokers.

Dr Prabhat Jha, from St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, who authored the study alongside Patricio Marquez, said: “Our study debunks the current narrative that higher cigarette prices would negatively impact the poorest among us.

“This analysis shows the opposite – a higher price would encourage cessation, lead to better health, and save money much more strongly for the poor than the rich.”

What does it say essentially? It says:

Lead to better health, and save money….” 

No, it would not ‘lead to’ better health. It would attempt to FORCE better health, and the FORCE would apply to the poorest people more cruelly as compared with the wealthiest people.

I fail to understand how these equivalents of Dr Mengele can get away with it. I really mean that comparison. Both regard human beings as machines without volition.

Massive taxation, applied to the pleasures of ordinary people, is not all that different from concentration camps and gas chambers. It is merely a question of degree.

I really mean that. It is only a question of degree.



4 Responses to “The Verification Of My Whimsy Of Last Night”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The tyrants in the social control cult only see their own perverted perspective. They think liberty is optional in their eugenic quest for the perfected man (although they would now likely say woman and man)… Tobacco control must be destroyed!

  2. Tony Says:

    I think Grandad put it very clearly and succinctly in his blog post of today:
    ‘How is robbing the poor of more taxes helping them exactly? This is not “help”, it’s blatant “force”. It’s like saying I helped a bloke to lie on the pavement by whacking him over the head with a brick.’

    • junican Says:

      I also read Grandad and read that post.
      Here’s another nice example of ‘helping’:

      “You need to cut down on your drinking whether you like it or not. I’ll help you. I’ll watch out for you going to the pub or the supermarket. I shall have to put myself out quite a lot to help you in this way. I’ll get one of my security guard friends to waylay you and relieve you of your excess income. His services are not cheap, but he agrees to take whatever you have as payment. I personally expect no reward”

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