The Depressing Recognition That Tobacco Control Et Al Have Studies Which ‘Prove’ That The Earth Is Flat

It seems that, no matter how many times TobCON’s ‘studies’ are shot down in flames, they always come up smelling of roses and not excrement. I mean, it is obvious, innit, that when you look at celestial objects, they are flat discs? Everybody knows that, and you can do a survey asking if people see discs or spheres when they look at celestial objects with their naked eyes. No one in their right mind would say that they can see spheres, other than the contemptibles, who are addicts. It follows therefore that the Earth must also be a flat disc.

What is depressing about it, rather than comical, is that politicians, whom one would think were not beyond questioning the usefulness of naked eye observations of celestial objects, actually accept them as ‘the truth’. Perhaps the reason is that is is easier to do so rather than contest those ideas. I mean, what does it matter if the Earth is a disc or a sphere? Aircraft will still fly from A to B and the Russians will still try to assassinate old-aged ex-spies, and Middle East despots will still take the stupidest possible course of action by gassing children, just after the US President said that he does not want to have US troops in Syria.

I use the ‘flat Earth’ hypothesis merely as an example of ALL the fake ‘science’ which TobCON et al have produced down the decades. My own favourite example of fake science is SHS danger.

Doll’s Doctors Study purported to show that heavy smokers (25 + per day) were 15 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers. That is a huge difference, let it be said. Other studies, around the same time, showed similar results. But it was not that simple. There were time lags. It took 30 years of smoking to have an effect, on average.

Most people do not see the relevance of the time-lag. They see “Smoking causes LC”. For that reason, they do not see the time-lag of SHS danger. If heavy smoking takes 30 years to cause LC, how much longer will SHS exposure take to cause LC? Thus, you cannot say that SHS is 5% as dangerous without also extending the period of time needed for the effects to occur. That time period might be hundreds of years.

SHS danger is fraudulent for that reason. A huge study by Enstrom and Kabat showed that spouses of smokers fared no differently, health-wise, than spouses of non-smokers. Both groups, very big groups in the study, involving hundreds of thousands, suffered much the same ailments.

Enstrom and Kabat were persecuted mercilessly.

But what annoys me most of all is that professional statisticians avoid commenting on the fraudulent claims of TobCON. You would think that a professional statistician, just retired, would have a lot to say about the fraud of SHS danger.

For fraud it is and always has been. But even if a recognised ‘expert’ statistician debunked the finding of a study, there is no way that the originators of the study would find themselves in court, subject to fines or imprisonment. Such fraudulent studies can be used to influence politicians with total impunity.

Is it not weird that billionaires ALWAYS fund organisations which demand that people conform to the billionaire’s expectations.

I do not know what the answer is, but we are gradually getting closer. Brexit and Trump are minor steps along the way. What is important is is destroying the control of ‘The Elite’ over the WHO in particular and the UN in general.

Who decides and promotes the candidates for UN Secretary General and the WHO Sec Gen? Those are important questions which are obscure.


4 Responses to “The Depressing Recognition That Tobacco Control Et Al Have Studies Which ‘Prove’ That The Earth Is Flat”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    It amazes me Junican how everyone slavishly follows the anti smoking propaganda. Newspapers, BBC , politicians etc etc. All venal. Makes me more determined to fight these bastards !

    • junican Says:

      You dig your heels in. I suspect that ASH ET AL are doomed because they have hit the barrier of determined resistance.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    Irritating – you ask a question that irks, niggles and needs scratching. So looked it up.

    Here’s how they decide the person to head up the WHO.

    And no it’s not democratic, colour scheme, 3rd world representation, face fit and least repugnant are all in the mix with this one.

    And this one had the audacity to criticise Israel for being very naughty, so the USA and Israel cancelled their subs.

    Screw the reasons, laud the decision.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link about the WHO boss. It’s as I thought – a convoluted system which permits The Elite to choose whom they wish.

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