Back To The Grind

While I was away, I was mercifully ‘propaganda free’. I am back now, and subject to all sorts if subversive suggestions which try to make me miserable.

But first let me say that herself was perfectly well and well cared for while I was away. I was, of course, in continuous contact with my daughters. From what I can gather, the ladies had a lot of fun while I was away. Is that the meaning of ‘feminism’? It makes as much sense as all the other bluster. I read tonight an amusing anecdote. It seems that a woman was on a train and a drunken guy tried to chat her up. The ‘feminist’ sitting next to her, who told the story, tried to shut the drunk up. He would not and became even more horrible (accordingly to the story-teller). The ‘feminist’ then complained that the carriage was full of MEN, who just sat there and did not intervene.

You cannot help but giggle, can you? If ever there was an example of ‘cognitive dissonance’, that is it.

For some reason or other, the ‘cognitive dissonance’, which has been wide-spread throughout ‘Government’ for some time now, goes unobserved in the MSM. I watched an interesting video this evening about how Muslims are allowed to have prayer meetings in a Royal Park, against the regulations applying to Royal Parks, and the police refused to intervene. The video is here:

Put as simply as the video shows, a small group of Muslims got out their prayer mats and, as a group, knelt, bent down and kissed their mats. I suppose that they were facing towards Mecca, but I do not know. Royal Park Regulations forbid such ‘organised’ religious events. I do not know what the status of one individual would be who got out his prayer mat, or what the status would be if a Christian recited The Lord’s Prayer’ out loud on his own.

Watch the video, because the woman who created it had masses of courage.

At one point, she was surrounded by shouting, male Muslims, but she held her ground. Her ground was that THERE IS NO EXCUSE for the police refusing to apply the law in favour of one group over another.

She made one acute observation that I recall clearly. It was that the Muslims were asserting domination.

Equality is only equality when there are no exceptions. That is where the ‘cognitive dissonance’ arises.

I am still knackered and my eyes are closing as I write. But, sometimes, you have an insight.

Tobacco Control pretends that ‘the war on smoking’ is NOT a war on smokers. But a war on smoking cannot help but have millions of smokers as casualties, since you cannot fight smoking as such. You can only fight smokers. Attacking the providers of cigs etc is attacking smokers. Massive taxes are attacks on smokers and not smoking.

For years, Government has attacked smokers. But there is a ‘cognitive dissonance’ which it ignores and which will be its undoing. It is that when voters stop voting in a General Election, so that the popular vote falls below 50% of eligible voters, the Government Elect will become a tyrant.

3 Responses to “Back To The Grind”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Welcome back! You are right, there is extreme ‘cognitive dissonance’ among the governing class and the social control activists. They are seeking to change society and smokers are casualty of that tyranny.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Welcome back Junican ! I have missed you ! I hope you brought back plenty of cigs !

  3. junican Says:

    Thank you both. I have brought back an ample supply, taking full advantage of the ‘cognitive dissonance’ whereby modern passports allow you to pass through passport control automatically and there are no customs officers in sight at baggage collection, despite all the blather about ‘contraband’.

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