Nests Of Vipers

If you were a member of a committee, and you wanted to get some proposal through the committee, how would you go about it?

The simple way would be to put the matter on the agenda of a meeting of the committee and explain what your proposal is and why it is a good idea. You might be astonished when the Chairman calls for a vote and everyone but you is opposed. Later, you might ask a friend on the committee why he/she voted against. He/she might say, “Well, your idea seemed brilliant to me, but there might be consequences which have not been thought through. It may be a good idea to try again, but discuss it with individual members of the committee in advance”.

I am sure that readers will get my drift. Alcohol prohibition in the USA in the early 1900s was imposed by dictat, but the dictat produced unexpected and unforeseen consequences. But we must not forget that many States in the US also prohibited tobacco at around the same time, with similar consequences.

Both prohibitions failed and had to be repealed.

There are two great differences between then and now. Then, the prohibitionist were at least basing their arguments upon real beliefs, based upon religious beliefs. It is wicked to spend money on liquor when that money should be spent upon bettering your family’s conditions. QED.

But at least they were honest, even though political corruption abounded.

Modern day prohibitionists have a different attitude altogether. I am sure that there are some who really believe that far too much agricultural land is used to grow tobacco crops, and that that land would be better utilised to grow cabbages or something. If they believe that to be true, then they should say so.

But that is where the ‘Nest of Vipers’ comes in. The Vipers move the goalposts. They claim ‘better public health’ as their objective. Which came first – the WHO or Public Health England? Is the area of land, worldwide, devoted to tobacco crops a WHO concern? Maybe, if people were starving and getting ill because of lack of land to grow cabbages. But there does not seem to be any evidence of such a problem.

But what is worse is that the ‘Nest of Vipers’ has expanded to such an extent that it is biting and poisoning the body politic to such an extent that the body politic is going crazy. Meanwhile, the Nest of Vipers gets bigger and fatter, feeding on the puss produced by the wounds that it inflicts.


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  1. Samuel Handley Says:

    The vipers you speak of require one thing to be dangerous: government power that is unrestrained.
    Government, of some kind, may be useful so long as it is constrained, not necessarily in the amount of force it can apply, but in what things that force can be used upon. Catching, prosecuting, and punishing murderers is something, perhaps, best left to a focused committee (government) since such a force (life or death), wielded by one person would place the lives of everyone at risk. But such a force, not constrained to only matters of murder would soon be turned to other means. “Progressives” and world fixers, improvers and other sorts of meddlers have taken the chains from government in order to use its power to allow what they like and prohibit what they don’t without regard to the wants of other or any actual criminality of those actions (having harmed another person or property being the definition of crime). There are some vipers that have gained control over government and others who wish to (most “normal” people just want to be left alone so these people don’t qualify as “normal”). Among the ones who wish to are those vegans and vegetarians who want governments to make the raising of animals for food a “crime” and they site various statistics “proving” that more food, which could feed people, is, instead, being fed to livestock and that land is being used to grow crops simply to be fed to animals while children are starving. The truth is, as it has been for more than ten thousand years, that livestock isn’t being fed food taken from the mouths of babies. They feed on grass and waste from crops and the land that grows grass is growing grass because it cannot be successfully used for any other kind of crop. “Progressives” and fixers are always liars who will say anything to get their way.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Exactly true Junican. This nest of vipers will consume all the pleasures of civilised life if it is not dealt with. Our public finances can’t afford it.

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