Fifty Shades of Terrorism

Who defined what the word ‘Terrorism’ encompasses?

What we have been led to accept is that the only form of ‘terror’ is unhinged people screaming the equivalent of ‘Auntie Alice is the greatest’ whilst hacking a few unfortunate stranger to death with kitchen knives. Or something similar. The Gov has gone to great pains to try to scotch the plans of such ‘terrorists’ by declaring that anyone who comments that ‘Auntie Alice is NOT the greatest’ is guilty of a hate crime, and must be prosecuted, fined or imprisoned, or otherwise silenced. That is, the Gov actually encourages the belief that ‘Auntie Alice is the greatest’.

Not an awful long time ago, Terrorism was only terrorism if there was a massive attempt to overthrow the current Gov in some place. Terrorism had to be big and organised and had big targets, such as army barracks, Gov property and such.

It is a bit weird that random acts such as the Manchester Arena atrocity can be described as ‘terrorism’. To be so, a very wide understanding of the word ‘terror’ has to be invented. ‘Terror’ does not have to mean ‘frightened to death’, ‘shaking in one’s boots’, ‘shocked and horrified’, ‘quivering and blubbering’. For an act to be described as ‘terrorism’, all that is required is that people should be taken by surprise.

Yes, when I read/heard about the Manchester Arena atrocity I was shocked. I should imagine that everyone was. I was equally shocked, or possibly more so, by the ratatat of the gunfire in the Las Vagas shooting. Ratatat, ratatat, ratatat. A sort of evil music. But I did not regard it as ‘terrorism’, nor did I regard the Mc Arena atrocity as terrorism.

But my recent philosophical thinking has gradually led me in a different direction.

TERRORISM does not have to be knives, guns and bombs. It can be simply the promotion of fear in the mind – in millions of minds. Even though I am 78 and still going strong, I am not immune to suggestions that my infinite life might be curtailed by my smoking. Maybe I should vape or steam (HnB), and thus ensure that my infinite life will be preserved.

The WHOLE philosophy of TobCON is based upon ‘Terror’. TobCON promotes abject fear of devils such as SHS. TobCON is a ‘terrorist’ organisation.

The IPCC is just the same. It also promotes terror.

Is there any answer?

I would like to see Trump defunding the UN. But, what is more important from a UK point of view, is our own Gov defunding the ‘terrorists’ in EVERY ORGANISATION OF ANY SORT, BOTH AT HOME AND ABROAD, which seeks to frighten people. Those ‘terrorists’ are far more damaging than the odd nutter who slashes with a knife shouting ‘Auntie Alice is the greatest’.

Finally, we are gradually coming to a place where are own Gov is the worst ‘terrorist’. Certainly its support of ASH ET AL suggests that it supports the use of terror as a weapon to demoralise 20% of the population. Perhaps 20% or the population are fatties. They too can be terrorised, with Gov approval.

So when will Government approved Terrorism end?



2 Responses to “Fifty Shades of Terrorism”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    It won’t end Junican. Drspite the UK infrastructure falling apart we can always waste money on foreign aid and tobacco control.

    • junican Says:

      Perhaps I am not as pessimistic as you, Tim! I think that it is possible that politicians might be getting just a tad sick and fed up with tobacco control plans, climate control plans, fat control plans, etc.

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