What More Can They Do?

The Zealots are becoming frantic. It is only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost.

Look at the Oxfam fiasco.

What actually happened? It is hard to be sure because most of the ‘evidence’ is about who should have told whom what, and who should have ‘done something’ about reporting the knowledge, and who covered up. Not one word about what ACTUALLY happened.

It seems that around eight personnel either resigned or were sacked. The ‘boss’ person in Haiti resigned but more or less immediately got a big job in another charity. He is said to have had a recommendation from Oxfam, but Oxfam deny it.

All that is ‘fake’ news.


There seems to have been some sort of party at an Oxfam owned/rented property on Haiti. Now, it seems to me that it is unlikely that the the Oxfam people who had flown into Haiti to help with the relief would have known how to go about organising ‘a bit of a do’, never mind a full-on orgy. Who organised the orgy? Who paid, and who benefited, and how did they benefit? A lot has been said about the person in Oxfam who was supposed to ‘head of protection’. Another red herring. I would assume that her job was to protect Oxfam operatives from danger, in which case she should have ensured that they were not overcharged for the services of the (underage?) prostitutes, shouldn’t she?

Massive attempts are being made to deflect attention into all sorts of directions, and to deflect attention from the corruption in Oxfam itself. One might say, “A flow of easy money corrupts, but a fund of €300 million corrupts absolutely”. I read a little earlier that 1500 people have cancelled their monthly subscriptions to Oxfam. For heaven’s sake! How mentally ill do you have to be to have a standing order on your bank account, giving your money to huge, unaccountable organisations?

There is a moral. If you must donate, donate to local groups who actually spend the money on local problems. ‘Cancer Research UK’ needs to be investigated. Does it also finance orgies? Is there any doubt that the FCTC gang-bang in Moscow did not involve lots of wining, dining, vodka and shagging? It is hard to imagine that certain randy men, of whatever age, would resist the temptation of an expenses paid shag. And would not the younger women be similarly tempted? Or even the older women?

The weird thing, as I see it, is that the behaviour of the Oxfam people in Haiti was no different from any other ‘single issue warrior’. They took advantage of the situation to pleasure themselves, but it may well be that they still did the important work required.

We shall never know, because any enquiries miss the point. The important point was the efficient distribution of aid without actual theft of the supplies.

But that is politics, is it not? Excuses all the time. Cock-ups followed by excuses, and blame.

Smokers have been singled out to be the equivalent of lepers in ancient times. They have an incurable, communicative disease. That disease is called ‘the gateway effect’.

What more can ‘they’ do? Well, the fact is that they can do nothing. Bans on beaches are surreal. Who will pay for ‘smoking rangers’? Perhaps smokers should complain about the lack of ‘smoking rangers’. I am not joking.

It we are to fight back, we must demand that anti-smokers must put up or shut up.

The Zealots have done the worst that they can. They are finished.


4 Responses to “What More Can They Do?”

  1. Rose Says:

    Is there any doubt that the FCTC gang-bang in Moscow did not involve lots of wining, dining, vodka and shagging?

    Anti-tobacco activists still need somewhere to meet prospective partners, they are not well-liked in the outside world but at an anti-smoking conference they have a better chance of finding their own kind. They’ve closed down most of the places ordinary people used to meet so their opportunities are now even more limited.

    • junican Says:

      True, Rose, but what we are talking about is simple ‘indulgence’, which is just what the Zealots condemn smokers for.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I am certain these zealots are finished. People are getting wise to their expensive rackets. Anybody who travels abroad knows that this puritan view of life with them dictating how we live is almost just an Anglo Saxon phenomena. Continentals don’t give a toss about smokers. Just visit Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Spain etc for proof !

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