Becoming Weary

I have been wondering how folk like Simon Clark and Chris Snowdon and the IEA, etc, can go on fighting and fighting and fighting against serfdom and persecution and pseudoscience without getting cheesed off. I suppose that it helps if you are making a living from opposing, but I do not mean that in a nasty way. I mean it only in the sense that you have more incentive to continue to oppose if you make a living from opposing. Nor do I mean that those people do nothing else to make their living.

I must admit to becoming somewhat cheesed off. Everything that I read, both about tobacco, vapour and HnB, seems to be hopeless. There is no hope at all.

There used to be such a thing as ‘hope’. ‘Faith, hope and charity’. I do not think that ‘hope’ in that phrase meant ‘wishful thinking’. I think that it meant more like ‘expectation’. Live a good life, and you can ‘expect’ to go to heaven (not just ‘hope’ to go to heaven).

So when we try to explain that smoking has done us no harm and we are old and reasonably healthy, we are told that we are ‘anecdotes’. That means that we are ‘stories’ and do not really exist.

Now, I do not care one jot if my own ‘story’ is given no weight. What I do care about is that ‘stories’ produced by academics via their ‘studies’ (aka ‘stories’) are accepted as ‘facts’, rather than stories.

I caught just a tiny snippet of a report on the BBC news which started something like “January has been …..”. Unfortunately, I was switching channels at the time, and missed the rest.

But the words “January has been …” led me to wonder what ‘January has been…’ might have contained. Was it that January has been the coldest January since records began? Or even in the last decade? But I cannot find a reference on the BBC site. The best that I have found is this:

The headline reads: “Coldest January In Decades”, but the first line of the text reads: “The average temperature in Iceland this January was colder than it has been in the last decade”. Is it decades or the last decade? Which is true?

It that sort of anomaly which convinces me that there is much ‘fake news’ being promoted. The ‘fake’ nature is the promotion of uncertainty about FACTS. You only have to read the rest of that article to see that various excuses are promoted, which diminish the FACTS. The article starts with certainty (decades) and ends with uncertainty (some warmer days).

It is precisely the same obfuscation which is plaguing the Brexit talks, unless what we read is ‘fake’. For all we know, our negotiators might be colluding with Juncker et al to ensure that the gravy train continues to roll along.

Here is a nice view of the Brexit negotiations:

That view is not the view of a simple soul. It is the view of an ‘expert’ (in the nicest possible way).

I must admit to being quite amused. As I see it, the VOTE OF THE PEOPLE overrode Article 50. That article did not matter at all. “Dear Sir, I have decided to terminate my membership of the club. You may keep the remnants of this year’s subscription. I shall pay whatever charge is appropriate, as agreed, if I wish to participate in some aspects of the club in the future. Yours, British Citizen”.

That exemplifies the ‘fake news’. The fact that some areas of the UK voted differently is immaterial, unless we are not A PEOPLE with common values, in OUR PEOPLE.

And is that not the reason that the smoking ban was cruel and vindictive? The academic proposers of the ban knew perfectly well that SHS was not at all dangerous. Their own studies proved it. The timescales for danger were too long. If smoking takes thirty years to kill, how much longer will SHS take to kill? Doll himself said that he would not be concerned about someone smoking in his presence.

But, back to Brexit. I vaguely see industries, whether financial or real, screaming at Gov to protect them in the sense that the EU protected them from competition.

I see the solution, for the UK, as agreements with individual countries which are mutually beneficial. It is hard to believe that Greece would want to stop flights of holiday makers landing in Greece. In any case, air travel has always been apolitical for the most part.

Is not the apolitical nature of air travel a good example of how free trade can be organised?

So what is the reason for EU Kings and Queens and other Aristocrats?



9 Responses to “Becoming Weary”

  1. cherie79 Says:

    I am an anecdote too, I tried to tell my surgeon that my own family experience was the longest lived were all smokers. My aunt died at 96 and smoked since she was 10. The worst health was suffered by the never smokers. As I have said before I survived early stage lung cancer seven years ago. After some thought I decided that it was unlikely that my smoking for 50 years was a sole cause, stress at my husband’s sudden death more likely. I enjoyed smoking and chose to carry on, it annoys my surgeon but I am still cancer free. I have about given up any hope of change in my lifetime but I do regret the loss of the gregarious company of smokers in pubs, no point in going now.

    • junican Says:

      No one knows why an individual succumbs to cancer, which is totally different to flu, for example. It is good that you survived. There is just as much reason to say that smoking had nothing to do with it as to say that smoking caused the cancer.

      • cherie79 Says:

        I had no symptoms, it was found incidentally when I had a scan for an unrelated matter. I had surgery, no further treatment and still fine. This past year I have lost two friends to lung cancer, both never smokers and another with stage 4 who never smoked. Because of this they were dx late as it was not suspected in never smokers, I tell anyone who is worried to say they used to smoke as that way they will get checked out. As you said who knows why some survive while others don’t even get a year. Stress plays a part as does genetics in some cases, it remains a mystery but to use smoking as a cause as so many medical people do is simply lazy and false.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I too am weary of the endless repression from antismokers and the abuse sustained when you dissent and push back. Fighting tyranny is a tiring pursuit. Yet, push-back we must. Smoking has been targeted as a means of gaining power. it is a revolutionary instrument. The elites seek to extract resources, labor, and ultimately power from the mass. Creating societal division is a useful adjust to that pursuit of power.The tyrants rely on the masses to accept their instruction. That results in repression and persecution of the targeted–in out case smokers (until they shift to their next target).

  3. Rose Says:

    It’s early February, light levels are low and the weather is generally dreary, everything seems far too much of an effort. I am not surprised that you feel weary.

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    It is very important Junican not to lose faith in our cause. Otherwise these Puritans will win. They are brain washing the younger generations and creating huge divisions in our society trying to impose their will on us. This must not succeed. Keep writing and inspiring people like me ! We are the Resistance !

  5. beobrigitte Says:

    I must admit to becoming somewhat cheesed off. Everything that I read, both about tobacco, vapour and HnB, seems to be hopeless. There is no hope at all.
    The anti-smokers are banking on smokers fighting them becoming weary – and give up.
    Hell will freeze over first!

  6. junican Says:

    Tim and Beo.

    I shall not give up. I think that Blair et al, who introduced the smoking ban, had delusions of grandeur. They were also besotted by ‘The United States of Europe’. It is hard to imagine what was in their minds. ‘Glory?’

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