What Is Going On?

It is uncanny. Last night I wrote a post which drew attention to the failure of Climate Control to predict weather. By ‘weather’, I mean the localised effects of our constantly changing climate. I drew attention to a video from X which blew apart the case for global warming. At a certain point, I was informed that ‘saving of draft failed’. After completing the post, I tried to publish it. I was informed that ‘publishing failed’. I copied the text plus URL to the video to a document so as not to lose it. I checked that the entry had been copied. It had been.

Tonight, I found that the text and video had disappeared from my document.

Even now, I have a message “Saving draft failed” at the top right of the screen.

For heaves sake! This blog is amusing but not influential. Views are in the hundreds and not in the millions.

So what is going on? Do I have a technical hitch? Why has that hitch deleted my saved document?

I am very annoyed. WordPress has been very reliable to date, but it seems to have deteriorated suddenly.

OK. Let me sort it out if I can.

I remember a bit now. Professor Carter, in the hour and half video, blew Global Warming to bits. NOTHING in the billions years history of the Earth predicts that CO2 in the air is harmful. On the contrary – it is beneficial. Historical records predict that CO2 precedes global cooling and not warming, and vast amounts of CO2 fed the covering of the Earth surface with forests, which, over millions of years, produced the coal (and oil?) which we use today. Humans did not exist while all that solar, chemical, forestry,activity was going on. Nothing is certain.

I shall leave it at that for tonight, and see if I can publish it.


Hurray! Post published, but what went wrong?


4 Responses to “What Is Going On?”

  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    It makes one wonder. You are not paranoid, I encounter strange occurrences myself. We are living through an onslaught against all forms of liberties.

  2. J Brown Says:

    There is loads of information on the internet showing that climate change (a/k/a global cooling, global warming, etc.) is a UN globalist directive to further Agenda 21, global wealth redistribution, global population reduction, etc. Scientists who do not support this directive cannot get funding, publish, etc. It’s a hoax, frankly. Surface temperature does not indicate ‘climate change’, particularly as, with regard to temperature, most official gauges are in airports and urban areas. To make matters worse, geo-engineering is affecting our climate, via WSAC’s that are at every power station, chemtrails, etc.For your personal problem, I would suggest that you write your blogs in Word, or some computer word processing program, and then upload the completed blog to WordPress. This way, even if WordPress fiddles with it, or there is some other glitch, you still have the completed blog in your possession.

    • junican Says:

      Yes. If you do not comply with the group think, then you are ostracised. That happened to Siegel. Kicked out, never to be allowed back in.
      Thanks for the advice about writing posts in ‘word’ before copying and pasting. But it ought not to be necessary.
      I have come to the conclusion that the problem was with my ISP because it affected both microsoft and wordpress.

  3. garyk30 Says:

    One must not disagree, it hurts the feelings of the thin skinned righteous and threatens their egos.

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