Tendonitis (or something)

About two weeks ago, I woke up with a painful left shoulder. The pain eased off somewhat during the course of the day. It only hurt if I made certain specific movements, such as raising the shoulder or reaching for something. Next morning, stiff and sore again.

On top of that, at about the same time, I somehow injured my right wrist. Thankfully, I am left-handed. No idea what I did. That too does not hurt all the time. Raising the thumb more than a little and bending the wrist sideways is pretty painful.

I blame tobacco control.

When I was about 17, I used to go youth hosteling on my bike. North Wales was my favourite destination. On one occasion, I was tempted into a local pub by a couple of girl hostelers. They forced my to have two pints. I became drunk and fell off my top bunk (alone). I broke my collar bone, but it went better after a couple of weeks, such is the power of one’s ‘repair mechanism’ when one is young. I did not find out that I had broken the collar bone until decades later. I went to the doctors because the shoulder was aching, and he asked me when I broke it. It has a knobbly bit.

I still blame tobacco control.

You see, when I am sitting on the couch with my laptop typing these words, I tend to gravitate into the corner of the couch, which sort of forces me to raise that shoulder so that I can position my hands on the keyboard correctly. I have to force myself to move a little further along the couch to free up my left arm. I guess that winter also has a bearing so that my discomfort could be called ‘repetitive strain injury’.

I blame tobacco control for my wrist injury as well. That too is ‘repetitive strain injury’. After all, a lot of the motions, when typing, involve moving your wrists sideways, and extending your thumb when hitting the ‘space’ key. I guess that I am fortunate in that I can touch-type, mostly, but it does necessitate the sort of movement which I have described.

If it were not for the persecution of us smokers, I would not be spending hours with my left shoulder pushed up and my right wrist and thumb making all those unnatural movements.

I also have a chronic itch to my left shoulder blade which sometimes moves into the space between my shoulder blades. Perhaps the problem is a sort of drifting skin cancer. Maybe my shoulder ache and wrist ache are also cancers,  and not ‘repetitive strain injury’.

After all, I smoke. According to the anti-smoker ads on TV at the moment, tobacco smoke gets to every cell in your body and does untold damage. So it obvious that ‘repetitive strain injury’ is caused by tobacco smoke. But wait… My injuries only appeared about two weeks ago. Perhaps it is ‘the delayed effect’.

Surely these injuries could not be because I have so far defied the grim reaper and am therefore suffering from minor ailments brought on by my ageing body?

Oops! There I go drifting into the corner of the couch again.

We invent all sorts of reasons for happenings, do we not? Perhaps that is because we are intelligent enough to wonder. Animals are not interested in reasons. They accept the NOW. We wonder why things happen and what mechanisms cause what happens. Sometimes, the only logical reason is God (or gods). Reasoning about the deity arrived at the idea that multiple gods, residing at top of mountains or wherever, was silly, and yet intelligent people thousands of years ago went along with the idea of multiple gods residing on mountain tops and in the sea and elsewhere.

Is not TobCON much the same as one of the old religions? It demands sacrifices to various gods – the FCTC, EU directives, the NHS, and, most of all, its own high priests – ASH ET AL and Big Pharma. After all, do not ASH preach the word and Big Pharma produces miracle cures?

It is amusing how Big Tobacco is now turning the tables. It too has turned to miracle cures. Except that I personally think that BT has learned from the ‘corrective statements’ which it has been required to make in the USA. BT is now getting ahead – it is issuing ‘corrective statements’ in advance. The statements, in the form of huge adverts in newspapers, take the form of ‘a firm purpose of amendment’. “We shall do our best to persuade our customers to move away from dangerous products to far, far safer products, which we shall provide, but we shall not try to force them”.

TobCON is going into hysterics. It is suddenly suffering from ‘tendonitis’ or something similar. It has been upstaged.

How clever of Tobcoms!

Oops! I have drifted into the corner again.

Tobcoms have given up on legal fights, especially since the ‘corrective statements’ were demanded. They are going all-out for their ‘heat-not-burn’ products. You can see why – those products can be mass-produced.

Would I move from cigs to HNB? Perhaps, but I doubt it unless they were not subjected to sin taxes. And is that not also a death-knell for TobCON? How can they call for sin taxes which automatically deter people from sinful practices?

No wonder that Siegel has gone mute. He cannot cope with the horror that Tobcoms might survive and provide people with cheap, harmless pleasures.

I say ‘harmless’. I do not accept the idea that ecigs have some danger. My reason is concerned with time-scales. This may be boring.

  1. Smoke heavily for a short period of time and the damage will be repaired and no long-term consequences will occur.
  2. Smoke heavily for a long time and catastrophic consequences will occur – maybe.
  3. Smoke lightly for a short period of time, and you will be in the same state as one who smokes heavily for a short period of time.
  4. Do not smoke and you will be in the same state as 1. and 3. above.

Thus, time-scales are very important. Thus, vaping would require a very long time for ill effects to appear – probably hundreds of years.

So maybe Tobcoms, via their new initiative, ‘The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World’, might be able to establish some reasonable estimate of how many hundreds of years a person who uses HNB or Vaping might expect to live before suffering from tendonitis or a state of final illness-free.

These are serious matters which Government sin taxes distort. When alcohol, petrol and tobacco were taxed at a higher level than other goods, there was some sense in describing them as ‘luxuries’. Those days are long gone.

The whole method of taxation needs to be addressed. But it is hard to see who is has the brains to work out a new and fair way. Certainly, there is no evidence that any politician has the foggiest idea.

So why are their not umpteen academics, professors and doctors of this and that, not producing a PLAN? Such a plan will be massively important after Brexit.


4 Responses to “Tendonitis (or something)”

  1. J Brown Says:

    I blame the Russians….😎

    • junican Says:

      For my injuries? Why not? If they can affect the US Presidential election with ease, why should they not they afflict us all with debilitating conditions?

  2. garyk30 Says:

    Old Age is having to think of new ways to do what you used to do without thinking.

    • junican Says:

      A more astute observation than you might think, Gary. X years ago, I might have said to myself, ‘just get the spade and start digging’. Now, I weigh up the pros and cons beforehand.

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