Happy New Year!

I must admit that I rather over-indulged last night, so much so that I forgot my manners. So I hope that readers enjoy a contended 2018.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with anti-smoker zealotry. It only makes me annoyed and discontented. Sometimes I think about the worst scenario. In the immediate future, what is the worst scenario? As far as herself and I are concerned, it is having to pay full price for our cigs. We can afford to do so, so what is the problem? Why do I let TC try to make me miserable? For is that not precisely what they are trying to do? What are those ‘hard-hitting’ TV adverts, showing tumours growing on cigs, for, other than to make us afraid and miserable?

Maybe its the injustice of it all which keeps me involved. Parliament votes organisations like ASH taxpayers’ monies to produce the hate-filled propaganda and a lot of those monies are monies extorted from the pockets of smokers. And what is behind Parliament’s actions? Idealism, that’s what. Religious persecution is forbidden by Constitutions and even by the EU, but it does not stop Government and the EU from engaging in blatant persecution which is ‘religious’ in it form. According to TC, the devil is Big Tobacco and everyone must accede to that ‘belief’. No deviation is permitted. I guess that that is the definition of a cult. Anyone who opposes the ‘creed’ is drummed out, ostracised and, if possible, ruined. And the Zealots get away with it as though their actions were perfectly ethical. Is that surprising since the Zealots control most of the eminences of ‘the medical establishment’, including the WHO, EU Health Dept and National Health Depts? And very remunerative the whole industry is.

Yes, I think that it is the injustice which drive me on.

I think that the key, when reading stuff from ASH ET AL, is to treat them in the same way that they treat us. Don’t take it personally. Their lies and propaganda have nothing to do with each one of us personally. Be patient. Watch them splitting into sub-groups, fighting like rats in a sack. When ASH indicate their support for ecigs, they are lying. They want control and ownership of ecigs as ‘cessation devices’. In that way, they can exclude tobacco companies. That is their objective. The fact that thousands of vape shops will be forced to close is irrelevant to their cult. So, whilst they theoretically support ecigs, the reality is that they detest them and wish that ecigs had never gatecrashed the party.

For a lovely party it is – or was. Lots of jollies all over the world, paid for by a combination of taxpayers and Big Pharma. Lots of academic papers, paid for by students and grants. Lots of newspaper adulation and publicity. FAME AT LAST!

But bun-fights are breaking out all over the place. Party-goers are chucking glasses of champagne in each other’s faces. As an example, ever since Glantz was accused of lechery and plagiarism, ‘Dr’ Siegel has not posted anything on his website:


The last entry was 6th Dec. I don’t blame him for shutting up shop. Anything that he says will be plagued by his claims that Glantz was his hero and mentor. What is even more amusing is that it is not long ago that Glantz was tearing Siegel’s support for ecigs apart.

Academics weary me. You would think that they would indulge in intellectual arguments without rancour, but they are just as tetchy as the most vituperative of Twitterers. They call each other rotten. How does Government chose its academic advisors? Think about that.

A cabinet reshuffle occurs. An MP who who knows bugger all about health becomes Health Minister. For some reason, said minister need to form a committee to examine ecigs. Who appoints the members of the committee? Not the minister, because he/she knows bugger all. No, a Zealot, placed in the ministry, recommends X, Y, Z, all of whom are zealots, or at least the majority are. There was a good example some years ago, but I cannot remember the detail. A committee was formed for the Health Dept. Someone called Peter Lee, I think, gave evidence on behalf of Tobcoms which made a lot of sense. His evidence was not only ignored but expunged. The recommendations of the committee totally ignored the points raised by Lee. The committee was packed.

That is how modern Government works – not evidence-based policy, but policy-based evidence. Talk about a swamp?!!

So what should happen?

The swamp needs to be drained, just as is the case in the US. Charities which actually do work should be supported in their work, but charities which just talk should not. How much ‘research’ into the causes and cures of cancer has CROOK ever done? Where does all the money from legacies go? What cures have been discovered by CROOK?

(For strangers, CROOK is a parody of CRUK – ‘Cancer Research UK’ – CRUK).

We should notice that TC acts independently of Government. It has a life of its own. As we have seen, TC congratulated Syria for enacting some sort of smoking ban – in the middle of a civil war. As we have seen, the UN appointed that long-standing dictator, Mugabe, as a ‘special envoy’, which was only retracted after world-wide derision.

What thought processes appointed him in the first place, and how disconnected from the real world were those thinkers? WHO WERE THEY? Why are such bonkers people in charge of anything? I think that ‘bonkers’ is the right word. Those people are detached from the real world.

‘Draining the swamp’ is an imperative for all modern governments. In the case of the UK and the EU, it should be made clear that we shall not pay a penny unless we get some sort of ‘quid pro quo’. And we shall not pay a penny unless the EU ‘drains the swamp’.

What I am trying to say is that ‘draining the swamp’ is of the highest priority. Propaganda must cease, and only facts must dictate policy – not ‘evidence’ in the form of ‘may’, ‘might’, ‘it is suggested that’, ‘more research is needed’, etc. That is not evidence because it is not fact. A couple of sites which I read today took ‘climate change’ as a FACT. What I read was about power stations burning wood to power electricity generators on the grounds that CO2 emissions by the burning were equal to the CO2 extractions from the atmosphere by the trees. Or, to put it another way, that CO2 extracted from the atmosphere by the trees was replaced by the burning – a balance. But the academics were not happy. Their thinking was that more and more trees would be required until there were no trees left.

I agree! The idea of using wood to power power-stations is stupid. What is wrong with coal, which is compressed trees from millions of years ago? I do not know the ratio, but I would imagine that coal is at least twice as productive of heat as is wooden chips.

What will happen in the future is that, when gas and coal begin to run out, a way will be found to produce atomic energy easily and safely at a domestic level. I suppose that their are very few people who do not know that you need to switch off the power before you mess with electrical appliances.

I don’t know quite how to put this. An atomic reactor is much like a central heating boiler. When a certain level of heat is achieved, the reactor must switch off. Only one safety factor cannot be regulated, which is the possibility of runaway reactions. A way will be found to exclude that possibility.

But let us not forget that the human race has only scratched at the surface of what is possible. There is a long, long way to go.


7 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Keep going. I still read your Blog. Although I am past fighting over my right to smoke.
    A lot of people around here still do, so I am not alone. We just get together at home and fug up our own kitchens.

  2. Rose Says:

    A very Happy New Year, Junican.

    At least discussing the latest outrages from TC, government and the healthists keeps us entertained, like watching a newly released and very well publicised horror film every week.

    Thankfully commonsense and good manners still reside with the ordinary person or else we would all be lost.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Happy New Year Junican ! I read your writing first thing every morning. After making a cup of tea it is the next thing i do. Please do not stop. You and I and the rest of your readers have the same mindset. We will not be dictated to by these bigots who are trying to close our way of life down. It is very important to me to read your intelligent writing every day !

  4. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Happy New Year Junican! I enjoy your blog. It is a beacon of freedom against the antismoker tyranny.

  5. junican Says:

    Many thank for your encouraging words and good wishes. I shall, of course, carry on. At the moment, we have to be content with small victories, such as Austria. What we need is a trend – more ‘repeals’. Patience,

  6. artbylisabelle Says:

    Happy New Year, Junican enjoying reading what you have to say.

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