“Your Wickedness is a Cost to Me”

I have been reading stuff again – so much that I cannot remember what news report or whatever produced my thoughts.

It seems almost inevitable (in fact, I think that it is inevitable) that any defence of personal autonomy, in the sense of: “It’s my life and my body, and I shall do as I wish without harming other people”, will be met by either or both of the following:

  1. Your bad habits affect others, especially your family even if you do not realise it. Because you do not realise it, you are stupid, and so the State must step in and force you to behave yourself.
  2. Your bad habits will catch up with you sooner or later, and you will cost the NHS, and I will have to pay taxes to pay for your self-induced harm.

There seem to be no easy and convincing answers to those two objections. And yet, we know instinctively that those arguments are wrong. It seems that arguments such as that smokers die younger and therefore do not cost as much in old age pensions, are simply not immediate enough satisfy proponents of Point 2.

Point 1 is even more difficult to refute in general terms. In specific terms, a smoker might say, “When I have a cig, I go outside. I do not harm my wife of kids. Why do I have to pay massive taxes when I harm no one else?” The answer would be Point 2.

Perhaps you can see the circularity of the convictions of puritans. Point 1 begets Point 2, and Point 2 begets Point 1. There is no escape.

Is there a pithy, quick answer to those circular objections? The answer need to be quick and pithy, otherwise the eyes of the puritans will glaze over. The puritans need to be HIT HARD in their minds, and they must be HIT HARD again and again. Only by that method will they be persuaded to shut up. It is even possible to shut the paid zealots up if they are HIT HARD enough.

I sometimes think that the only way to HIT HARD is to choose an example of ‘human selfishness’ which costs the NHS vast amounts of money. One such could be pregnancy.

Do males and females, when they engage in sex without contraception, realise that their ‘fun’ might cost the taxpayer massive amounts of money? How very dare they engage in such conduct without being prepared to pay the medical bills!! How very dare they!

I read somewhere today about a couple of lesbians successfully sued on the grounds that they were being discriminated against because the NHS demanded that they pay for certain preliminary tests, costing around £6,000, before they could have artificial insemination, which tests were not required for ‘heterosexuals’.

The fact that their action succeeded says a lot about both the discrimination laws and NHS ‘rules’ about who can have artificial insemination. As I understand it, the NHS will only pay for AI if there is reasonable proof that the male person’s sperm is no good, or something like that.

I did not find out (and I suppose that the newspaper report did no say) why those two lesbians (having female apparatus) were not simply told that the effectiveness of the male partner’s sperm was involved. No male partner, equals no sperm. Therefore, if the lesbians wanted AI, they must pay for it themselves.

But even such simple cases are vastly complicated by the ill-thought-through ‘equality of opportunity’ and ‘discrimination’ laws. You cannot have ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ at the same time. The two are bound to come into conflict sooner or later.

But even as I speak about HITTING HARD, you can see how easy it is to produce ‘straw men’. The legal action of the lesbians is a one-off – a straw man. It is easy for a legitimate argument to be thrown off course.

So, I ask again, why is it OK for women to get pregnant if they cannot afford the medical bills and have to rely upon taxpayers? The answer is that no one dares say so, or has thought of it.

But then we come back to the ‘circularity’. Getting pregnant is normal and not dangerous to others. That is true, I suppose, and that argument would be used. But that answer simply avoids the question of ‘who pays?’.

And so we go around and around. My grandson went to the States to meet up with a woman that he had met through social media. Within three months, they married. Six months later, they separated and he came back to the UK. Whilst he was there, he suffered some sort of incident which required hospital treatment. He was billed for around $4,000. Perhaps that is why the marriage collapsed. He did not have medical insurance. So he fled back home, having been abandoned by his new wife.

But his wife and her family were not cruel. “He has to go”, she said, apparently. Perhaps it is a trait of Americans, despite their apparent religiousness, to put practical matters first.

There is a craziness in the world, and I do not understand it at all. The word ‘wickedness’ seems not to have any absolute moral meaning. Government can cheat and steal without condemnation, whilst ordinary citizens are criminalised.

It is hard to see how this vicious circle can be broken, except that Trump seems to be doing his best.

We have yet to see anyone in the UK trying to drain the swamp. But I must admit that draining the swamp is a Herculean task.

Why did Blair and co not see that they were making the swamp bigger with the smoking ban? Blair and co created massive costs to the taxpayer.

You would have thought that Cameron would have reversed the trend, but he made it worse. What happened to ‘the bonfire of the quangos?’

Why did May call a General Election? Maybe she had ‘focus groups’ which prophesied a Tory landslide.

As I see it, politicians have a character fault, perhaps bred in the Unis. They do not see individuals at all. They see groups of individuals, the bigger the better (or worser).

We are seeing the epitome of “Your wickedness is a cost to me” in the Brexit negotiations. As of June 2016, the UK ceased to be a member of the EU. That is how the People voted. Stop messing Mrs May et al. We owe the EU NOTHING.

And May et al know it. What they are trying to do is rescue Big Business. I do not blame them for that, but I deplore the camouflage.

So perhaps the answer to the ‘NHS costs’ argument is pregnant women.

Perhaps the answer to the ‘harm to others’ is the simple demand, “PROVE IT!” For there is not even a semblance of proof of SHS danger.


8 Responses to ““Your Wickedness is a Cost to Me””

  1. Rose Says:

    Is there a pithy, quick answer to those circular objections?

    On those rare occasions, I use the plant chemistry which they invariably do not know and point out that nicotine is not unique to tobacco and they eat it every day.

  2. smofunking Says:

    Getting pregnant is normal and not dangerous to others.

    Unless the result of a pregnancy goes on to take the lives of fellow living beings.

    Would people be more cautious about reproducing if they were held responsible for their offspring’s actions throughout their entire lives?

  3. Frank Davis Says:

    How about “Your complaints about my bad habits are a bad habit of yours”?

    • junican Says:

      I did something similar several years ago. Can’t remember the details. It was a hand-waver in the pub porch. I just burst out laughing at the woman. I mean, literally, peels of laughter. Her husband was not amused, but they both shot off.

  4. The Gordian Knot | Frank Davis Says:

    […] Junican has been complaining: […]

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