“The Killing Fields”

I am part way through three books. The first one is ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ which I started to read some months ago. I really do want to progress that reading, but all sorts of things get in the way. I am also halfway through Snowdon’s book ‘Killjoys’. To make things worse, I happened upon (H/T whoever) a book about about the causes of WW1 which I have been reading today. It is not really a ‘book’ so much as a series of posts, but it is very interesting. Here is a link:


Such books/blogs are hard work. We should not be surprised. If they are to have value, then they must go into great detail. For example, you cannot understand the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand as other than a chance event without knowing the detail which surrounded that event. ‘Security’ pleaded that the exact itinerary should not be published, but it was, in full detail. They pleaded for troops and police presence, but there was none. The book says that the assassination was planned by ‘Dark Forces’, intent upon fermenting a war in Europe to destroy the German economic ‘miracle’. It says that there was a secret society of the very wealthy which was trying to produce a New World Order, in which the British Empire, in cahoots with America, would control the whole world. It would be an anglo-saxon, world-wide Empire.

It is hard to accept such a concept, but we must put ourselves back into the times of 1914 and before. In those days, the ‘Aristocracy’ still reigned supreme, even though there was a Parliament. Further, very, very wealthy people were introduced into the Aristocratic circle. Newspaper magnates were elevated to ‘Lords’; senior diplomats became ‘Sirs’. In the USA, there was a different form of Aristocracy, but it was an aristocracy in its own way. It consisted of those individuals who had extreme levels of wealth.

Readers will know that I am wary of ‘conspiracy theories’, even though I believe that the world-wide persecution of smokers has  been organised right from the top over may years. That is different from deliberately provoking a World War in which millions of people perished. But I am prepared to accept that there were extremely evil people who regarded the plebs as cannon fodder.

Is that true today?

I think that it is. All that has changed is: “Who are the Aristocrats?” Who are the ‘Secret Society?”

You have to ask fundamental questions. One is: “Why is there a world-wide persecution of smokers?” What is the reason? If smokers die ‘prematurely’, so what? Who cares? Why are world-wide Governments pumping untold millions of pounds into the persecution of smokers? It makes no sense. Why spend millions on keeping people alive in their old age? It makes no sense.

But there are vague lights at the end of the tunnel. Austria may possibly revoke smoking bans. It is a possibility. But what seems clear to me is that that those populations who were subjected to either the Nazi jackboot or the Communist throttle are the least likely to succumb for ever to TC.

I am still utterly amazed that smokers in the UK buy taxed stuff. For a ‘light’ smoker, there are all sorts of trips from the ports in the East, such as Hull, to ports in Belgium. One trip could provide half-price rolling tobacco for a year. And the sail would cost around £50.

I wonder if our attack on TC should not be to persuade smokers to take such trips? Even the poorest amongst has a credit card. It is worth incurring a debt and paying interest on that debt than paying UK prices.

I must ask smokers at the pub how they get around the taxes. Surely the are not paying them. But some people MUST be paying them, otherwise there would be no income from smokers.

The ‘Laffer Curve’ says that income will fall once a certain level of tolerance of taxation is reached. Smokers with any sense would be advised to push the diminution of tobacco taxes.

It is sad that the only people who know about the Laffer Curve are indolent academics.

Our politicians are ignorant. I do not mean that as insulting. I mean that they have no idea how they are being manipulated. They are ignorant.  But do they care? I am not sure. I wonder if Frank Davis’s attempt to influence his MP’s attitude to the ‘Prison Smoker Persecution’ actually affects that MP’s attitude to persecution. Surely he must see the relevance?

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  1. Ed Says:

    I read about the secret British cabal you mention a few years back. The sheer global power and influence that the Cecil Rhodes secret society groups (from the Milner group/ Milner’s kindergarten, The Times Crowd, All Souls Group to the Cliveden Set) and their infamous accomplishments in the pursuit of British Empire building/global governance in the first half of the 20th century was jaw-dropping to say the least.

    Your link uses the same historical source for a lot of this information (Professor Carroll Quigley.) I read his books a few years back and I think I recommended “Anglo-American Establishment” to you at the time as it was quite an informative and eye-opening read. It certainly helps you bring into fine focus who those shadowy “globalists” really are.

    It’s now available as a pdf online;

    Click to access The_Anglo-American_Establishment.pdf

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link. I’ve ‘opened’ it to read the book as soon as I can.

      Those books certainly open your eyes.

      For years, the only reason for WW1 that I could imagine was that the Royal Families of Europe fell out. Then it appeared that Germany intended to gain control of the British and French Empires. Only by reading those books and blog posts have my ideas been changed.

      But if it was true that there was massive deceit on in the British side, might it also be true that there was similar deceit on the German side? How did the Kaiser justify his war to the German people? Were the Germans REALLY the last to mobilise?

      There is so much fog, it is hard to believe anything.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yep Junican. Buying your cigs abroad is so much more pleasant. Always from countries which allow branding. One must never support the likes of the vile Deborah Arnott !

    • junican Says:

      I’m not particularly bothered about the packets – they are just paper. I am prepared to pay more than I really need to by going to Mallorca rather than Prague because Mallorca is nice and warm.
      The critical thing is that, for light smokers who roll their own, one inexpensive trip could satisfy a year’s needs, but these people seem not to be able to put two and two together.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I agree Junican. For me the packet is important because George Karelias cigarettes come in the wonderful card packs and these are now banned in the UK.

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