More About Tribalism

I remember a quote which my mother told me that her mother told her: “Tories are best for government of the country, and Labour is best for local government”. I’m not sure what that statement was based upon, but I would assume that the idea was that the wealthy Tories could better negotiate (and win) with foreign potentates, whereas Labour would be lacking in such matters, and that local government was closer to the people, where matters to be decided did not depend upon wealth and contacts.

But that quote amply reveals the tribalism of UK major political parties.

Much has been made, again and again, of the idea of ‘Tory Toffs’, and yet such toffs cannot account for so much support for the Tories throughout the population. Perhaps grandma’s observation was more influential than one might think.

Whatever the reasoning, there is little doubt that lots and lots of voters never change their mind. Whatever cock-ups ‘their’ party makes, they always vote for ‘their’ party, even though they play no part in the conduct of that party.

So you get a situation where elected MPs of both parties agree, such as the iniquity of Tobcoms. Thus arises a ‘consensus’. Even a Tory Minister had the gall to say that he would be glad when the Tobcoms played no part in the economy of the UK. He got his way – there are now no major Tobcoms operating in the UK. Factories have been closed down and jobs have been lost, and yet tobacco products continue to flood the country, either legitimately or illegitimately. Don’t believe the stats. They only reveal ‘official’ figures.

Who do Nat Stats ask to complete surveys? In all my life, I have never received such a survey. How are participants chosen? How many people? We know that polsters reckon that about 2,000 participants are enough to reveal the preferences of the whole population. Perhaps that is reasonably true if you are constantly polling 2,000 people from time to time. But they singularly failed to predict the result of the Brexit vote, or the result of the last General Election. Would polling 10,000 people make any difference? How about 100,000 people?

I am wondering if Tribalism is beginning to break down. As the years pass, Tory and Labour are beginning to look much the same. That was especially true when the likes of Blair, an alumni of the upper-class boarding school Fetes, grabbed the Labour Party. Is it any wonder that the marxist Corbin has has replaced the bland, effeminate whoever who ruled before? Is it any wonder that the bland, effeminate Cameron was replaced? Don’t tell me that he ‘resigned’ – he was kicked out. His position was hopeless. And yet his replacement, May, was a Remainer. Has she been converted? I doubt it.

Little of any consequence has been revealed about the Brexit negotiations. We are fed scraps. We have no idea if The Elite are using the negotiations to protect their interests. We have no idea. Nor is it possible for us to know.

It is said that an iceberg is 90% below the surface of the sea. That, I think, is what is happening with Brexit. But the Elite do not see what the electorate voted for. They voted to end THE MONOPOLY. It does not matter if many people were bothered by immigration. That is just one aspect, and a legitimate one. The People were horrified by the idea that ‘foreigners’ could dictate to us.

I say again – it was not about trade. All the shit about trade is irrelevant. That is the least important thing. Trade is easy – just have no barriers. What is important is POWER. Power over The People. The more remote the power, the more difficult it is to combat.

I suppose that a looser version of the EU, one where there was less monopoly, could have worked. The important word is MONOPOLY.

Modern Government is a Monopoly. It is crude. It produces smoking bans. It permits internal corruption, as illustrated by the expenses scandal. It permits excuses for itself. The present sex scandals are distractions.

The reality is incompetence in important things and bad decisions in unimportant things. That is because politicians, individually, have no more idea what to do than the rest of us. They are easily led. But what would you do if you had to decide? Would you accept ‘expert’ opinion about a smoking ban and the results of opinion polls which say that 70% of smokers support such a ban? Would it enter your head that such supporters must be expressing a SECOND preference?  Or would you ‘go with the flow’?

I would guess that NO ONE wanted the smoking ban except the Zealots. It can only be a guess because no study has been conducted in pubs that I know of as to whether or not pub goers prefer a full, cheerful pub as compared with an empty, boring pub.

It seems to take decades for mistakes to be corrected, witness the EU rules about ecigs. Decades will elapse before those rules will  be changed.

Unless there is a revolution. Remember that ‘revolution’ means ‘revolt’. It means that citizens refuse to obey. It means that citizens are fined enormous sums which they cannot or refuse to pay. They get imprisoned.

Tribalism is part of the reason that decent citizens are pilloried.

You would think that tribalism would have become defunct in the modern world, but the reality is that it is worse than ever.




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