Fractured Democracy in Scotland

It seems that the Scot Nats are intent upon forcing supermarkets and restaurants to reduce portion sizes. The objective, it seems, is to combat the ‘obesity epidemic’ in Scotland. We note that the attack on ordinary people is indirect and that ordinary people would have no say. If you went to a restaurant, you would have no right to ‘ask for more’. Is that not very Dickensian? “Please may I have more?” “Sorry, Madam, the LAW is that you are only allowed so much, as per what is on your plate. We would be closed down if we gave you more. Sorry”. It seems that, day by day, the people who are supposed to be OUR voices are the voices of oppressors.

How on earth has that happened?

I think that it is the result of tribalism. Somehow or other, the Scot Nats managed to convince enough Scotsmen and women that independence was so important that it overrode all other considerations. Thus, the Scot Nats managed to create a TRIBE. We must understand what we mean by the word TRIBE.  A TRIBE is a close-nit ‘family’ group of people who defend themselves against intruders. The wise elders dictate what the younger members do. There is no dissent possible, other than in discussions among the wise elders. Things start to go awry in the tribe when the wise elders decide that the youth are becoming to indolent, fat and drunk, and decide to attack not the enemies of the tribe but members of the tribe. For a while, only small numbers of the tribe are disciplined but the discipline spreads.

There results the wonderful construct of ‘cognitive dissonance’. No one wants to weaken the tribe, but quiet questions start to be asked about the competence of the elders. No one speaks out because such speech would be seen as weakening the morale of the tribe.

The discipline becomes tougher and tougher, and thus the ‘cognitive dissonance’ becomes more and more pronounced, but the discipline holds. Anyone who whispers is denounced and harried.

And then something breaks. A few people gather their courage and shout, “The Emperor is naked!” And so the current elders are replaced. But the replacements turn out to be just as bad as the previous elders, if not worse.

But still, no one wants to destroy the hegemony of the tribe. The trouble is that the ‘cognitive  dissonance’ has not been resolved.

In general terms, Brexit and Trump have resolved the ‘cognitive dissonance’ to some extent, but not completely. Again, as we saw with the replacement of elders in a tribe, ‘fake news’ is in the ascendant. Brexit is not about trade. There is no reason whatsoever that trade arrangements should be disrupted. Brexit is about political autonomy. It is about not being dictated to about who can become citizens of the UK. Only we decide. It is about not being subservient to the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. They are all, at best, advisors. They cannot tell us, the people of the UK, what to do.

And has that not been a huge problem? I remember a Minister saying in the Commons, that Parliament must pass a law because a treaty of the UN said so. Is there a better example of ‘cognitive dissonance’? How could an MP not see that the supremacy of Parliament had been compromised? That Minister was rapidly sacked.

There was a survey in which it was revealed that The People of the UK are unhappy with Brexit negotiations. And so they should be. Either the States of the EU want free trade with the UK or they do not. It is a simple question and has little to do with Brexit. Brexit is all about politics. We do not want horse-trading, at great length, with lots of ‘inducements’, about the strength of e-liquid, for example. That is corruption.

The EU is corrupt and the corruption is very expensive. Have our negotiators factored in the cost of years and years of corruption? Have they factored in the cost of UN complicity in the EU?

The corrupt complicity with the UN, WHO, FCTC, IPCC, etc has been very visible for years and years. Only ‘cognisant dissonance’ can account for the aberration. “The UN is wonderful and we must support it to the hilt”. That is the root of the ‘dissonance ‘. The fact is that the UN is nothing. It is all talk and reverberations of the air. It exists from moment to moment.

Democracy in Scotland has become nonsensical. It is ridiculous that a tribe which has been defeated can still be in power. That is the essence of ‘cognitive dissonance’.



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  1. smokingscot Says:

    You’re not alone in the creeping authoritarianism that’s going on in Scotland. And there’s the prohibitive property transaction taxes, the higher income tax rate on higher earners, the move to redefine higher rate as £24,000 a year. The named person idiocy and the reduction in wages for GPs.

    The list is unfortunately endless.

    However there are a few bloggers who dare to discuss these issues – and my daily is George Laird. And his blog roll is worth a gander.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link – very interesting. I noted that he has very pronounced views on Catalonia’s attempt to break away from the Spanish Gov. Weird, that.

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