The Gulag Archipelago in Scotland

I exaggerate, of course, but Scotland is getting there.

I started reading ‘The Gulag Archipelago” some months ago. I had to interrupt my reading due to time constraints, but I should be able to pick it up again during the winter when I am not weeding and digging. It is a very long book which goes into great detail about communist Russia.

One of the things that have been covered so far is the collectivisation of agriculture. The ‘Kulaks’ were driven out. ‘Kulaks’ were peasant farmers who had gained enough wealth to own farms in their own right and hired labourers. After the collectivisation, farmers were told by the ‘Minister of Agriculture’, or whatever the department was called, how to operate the farms in great detail. They were told exactly when to sow their seeds, regardless of the consequences. Thus, many farmers were sowing their seeds on frozen ground. Needless to say, the seeds did not germinate and rotted, which caused famine in many part of Russia. Also needless to say, the ‘Central Committee’ somehow found words and phrases which blamed the farmers. The ‘Central Committee’ was itself blameless. Hundreds of thousands of people starved to death because the produce that they managed to produce was taken from them to feed the important people in ‘the centre’. Stalin et al did not give a shit.

Something similar has been going on in Scotland. An MSP Minister, a ‘high flyer’, has resigned. His name is Mark McDonald. He seems to have never done a real day’s work in his life. He went from University straight into politics as a research assistant, and then on to better things. No one is sure why he resigned, but it may be something sexy.

But that is not my point. He was the Minister in charge of the ‘Named Person’ initiative which was intended to have a ‘named person’ who was allocated a number of Scottish children to ‘look after’. I have no doubt that the originators of that scheme had the best of intentions, but we all know what happens when politicians and ‘experts’ get hold of it. It becomes tyrannical.

And so it became. It mutated into the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ in schools. The Scot Nat Party decided what children in schools in Scotland should be taught, and how they should be taught. Does that not sound very much like The Gulag Archipelago? Of course, if anything went wrong, it would be the schools and teachers who failed.

Scottish schools used to be top world standard, but they are not now. Immature politicians and ‘experts’ have f*cked up grandly.

But that is what comes when young graduates move from uni to Ministers in the course of a few years. They think in grandiose, vague, ‘expert’ ways. And, of course, it is never their fault. Teachers failed.

The Scot Nat Gov is falling apart, just as the EU is. Both are Communistic in their nature. Thankfully, they have not had time to really bugger things up.

But it is up to the Scottish people to kick the ideologists into touch.

There are lessons to be learned. Ideologists tend to tyranny.

Anti-smokers are now tyrants. There is no doubt. By their own estimates (guesses?) of numbers of people killed by TobComs, they should be encouraging any and every means to reduce harm. Weird things happen. As I recall, the Canadian Gov cooperated with TobComs to produce a tobacco plant whose leaves had very little tar when burnt. I think that those plants are the ones which are grown everywhere these days. Certainly, a filter tip is nowhere near as brown as it used to be. But in true Marxist, Soviet fashion, the Canadian Gov managed to extract itself from blame. Only TobComs were to blame for calling weak tar cigs ‘lights’, and they were accused of deliberately misinforming the public. Gulag Archipelago.

The dishonesty is everywhere these days. Lies upon lies abound. Who cares if MP X groped researcher Y thirty years ago? Who cares? You have to be seriously unhinged to care. No, it was not a ‘sexual predation’, it was an invitation. To my shame, I did it myself many, many years ago. No need to go into detail. I fancied sexually a staff member. I ‘tried it on’ but was rebuffed. Nothing happened.

It is the phrase ‘nothing happened’ which is important. It is NATURAL for red-blooded males to ‘try it on’, but we recoil when rebuffed. There is nothing unusual about that. Pushing the situation to rape is simply not done for the VAST majority. Only a tiny minority would insist.

Our society goes further and further into the Gulag mentality. Tobacco Control is a prime example. TC is never, ever in the wrong. It never ever makes a mistake.

We smokers can only impinge upon the TC monster indirectly, but we must. There are all sorts of ways. To rid ourselves of the Monster, we must agree with everything that it says – for the time being. Render it useless.

It is not easy, but it is necessary. Only in that way will it be starved by de-funding. You cannot fight a powerful blob.



2 Responses to “The Gulag Archipelago in Scotland”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Totally necessary to slay this monster which is now out of control in the UK Junican. Travelling abroad shows you what a nasty bullying culture we have now and our craven politicians are no use either. I agree with you who cares who has groped who whenever.

    • junican Says:

      We smokers are still ‘groping’ about trying to find a weapon to use against TobCoN. There are millions of snus users in Sweden. Why are their voices not heard in recommending snus?
      The very people who are supposed to be our voices – politicians – are turncoats.

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