Who Controls The Controllers?

I haven’t decided upon a title for this essay yet. Let’s see how it goes.

Queen Elizabeth 2 has been on the throne for 65 years. She the titular representative of The People of the UK. She represents all of us. She attends ceremonies all over the word, representing The People of the UK. All The People. In a way, she IS all of us as a group.

The PM has an audience with the Queen every week. I don’t know what they talk about. The conversation might be about Government or race horses for all I know. But let us imagine a scene.

The PM tells Her Majesty that the Gov intends to raise tobacco taxes. The Queen says, “Erm. Do you not think that my long-suffering subjects who are smokers and who are rather poorer than you and I have been hammered enough? They are, after all, adults and can decide for themselves whether to enjoy tobacco or not?”

“Well, Mam”, says the PM, “It is to all your subjects’ advantage that smokers should be helped to give up that disgusting, filthy, stinking habit. Taxes send a message”.

“But it not to the financial advantage of the poorest of my subjects is it?”, say Her Maj.

“But we signed up to the FCTC Treaty, Mam, which means that……”

“DON’T GIVE ME ALL THAT SHIT!”, replies Her Maj. “What is important is that the poorest of my subjects are being persecuted and treated like lepers! I represent ALL of them. You only represent those of your constituents who voted for you. Now, just f*cking stop it!”

“Erm…”, goes the PM, “‘Experts have told us…..”

“Sod the experts!”, exclaims Her Maj, “They know bugger all about how my poorer subjects live. My poorer subjects are entitled to a little solace in their lives. They are perfectly entitled to a couple of cans of lager and a few cigs of an evening. Don’t give me shit from academics. They know bugger all.”

I’ll see what I can do, Mam”, says the PM on his way out.

Some weeks later, the PM introduces legislation to declare the UK to be a Republic.


That scene is not as far-fetched as one might imagine. The only missing piece in the jigsaw is the fact that Her Maj dare not do it. Do any of us smokers ever consider the idea of writing to the Queen? I must admit that I have never, until this moment, thought of it. But why not? She has no power, but she has the authority of continuity. MPs and PMs come and go in an irregular but numerous procession. Only a few last longer than a few years. All of them are charlatans in one way or another.

The idea of using taxation as a deterrent should have been nipped in the bud decades ago. The purpose of taxation is to pay for the services of the State, and that is all. That includes the police and armed forces, and the NHS, etc. Taxation is not a morality.

The lack of principles goes back a long way, and this lack is what the MSM should concentrate upon. Who SAYS that it is just to punish the poorest people for disobeying experts and academics?

The fact is that our MPs do.

So we lack any sort of counter to extremism. Massive taxes on stuff that ordinary people, and especially the poorest, enjoy are clearly undemocratic. The essence of democracy is tolerance. It is hard not to emphasis that idea enough. But few MPs et al do. It is right that The Majority Vote rules, but that does not mean that The Minority are to be persecuted.

Tobacco Control has inverted that idea. It is clear beyond doubt that ASH exists only because it is supported by taxes. Without taxes, it would disappear without trace. It follows that no ordinary person would contribute to ASH voluntarily.

So politicians could remove that thorn in their side AT A STROKE! Stop feeding the monster.

The economics are spelt out here:


It has nothing to do with children. It is all about adults choosing. Given a source of illicit tobacco, I would jump at the chance. The reason is that I KNOW that I am being robbed by the State. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

One might even spread the idea of ‘a fool’ to anyone who accepts the Zealots’ claim that SHS is dangerous. Blair, and all the MPs who voted for the Smoking Ban, were fools. They really were. Had they really studied Doll’s ‘Doctors Study’, they would have seen without doubt that ONLY full smoking is dangerous, to some extent, during the life-time of human beings. Our lungs have evolved to tolerate smoke to some extent. It does not matter what sort of smoke. The idea that tobacco smoke is especially dangerous is nonsense.

I am beginning to detest politicians. They are supposed to be philosophers. They do not need to be ‘experts’ in this or that economic strategy. All they need is a good knowledge of what The People want. And what The People want is fairness. That is all. ‘Fairness’ is critical. So how is it that smokers are being persecuted and robbed?

I do not know. All I can say is that I would grab with both hands an opportunity to buy cheap cigs. If I was so minded, I would even seek out such suppliers. In other words, such suppliers ARE JUSTIFIED by public acclaim. Criminal law is not involved.

Idiot MPs have voted to criminalise gardeners who grow tobacco plants. Such growing is labour-intensive and produces little. It is a hobby, pure and simple, because it needs lots of attention. The tentacles of TC reach far and wide.

It would behove the UK Gov, and Trump’s USA, to defund most of the UN. It is quite simple. Just stop the money.

There is a long way to go. Even the USA could not eviscerate the UN quickly. But it must and can be done. And the first things that should be done is replace Tobacco Control with Poverty Control; replace Climate Control with Energy Control.




4 Responses to “Who Controls The Controllers?”

  1. Pamela Webb Says:

    Jungian for P.M

    • junican Says:

      Perhaps I should know what you mean! Maybe I might have understood had you said: “Jung for PM”.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Well said Junican. I’m increasingly taking your advice and buying abroad and having some pleasant breaks. Also no silly UK packs and no funding of ASH et al.

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