A Bit More About Las Vegas

This will have to be a short post because it is late.

Conspiracy theories abound. I suppose that that is bound to happen. It may well be that ‘the powers that be’ are happy with all those theories since they obscure the truth.

I fully believe that the shootings took place. Even ‘a cast of thousands’ could not produce such chaos to order. It would have to be rehearsed over and over again to produce such reality. In some videos which I have seen today, people were actually laughing and telling jokes. That is reality. People indulge in ‘nervous laughter’ when they are afraid but feel safe.

But there is a lot of inane blather on the net.

What has impressed me most has been the acoustic analyses which some ‘experts’ who are not official ‘experts’ have produced. Ordinary people who have the skill to analyse the sounds. There are lots of such people in the world. What is great about such analyses is that they take THE FACTS of the sounds of the gunfire and have the skill to break those sounds down.

I have watched so many of those analysises today that it would be hard to find again which ones impressed me most.

There was one which concentrated upon the very first burst of automatic gunfire. Only eight shots were fired. The sound was very loud, as recorded by a taxi dashcam situated at the base of the Mandalay Bay hotel. The same dashcam recorded the sound of the second burst of some dozen shots about 30 secs later. Those shots sounded much further away. But what was most interesting was that the sound analysis showed that the first burst was very precise acoustically. The peaks of each shot were almost exactly the same. Further, echos were easily identified. The second burst had very different characteristics. Two immediate shots and then a tiny gap before another ten shots in rapid succession, but even more important was the fact that characteristics of the sounds were totally different from the first burst. So:

  1. The second burst was much further away.
  2. The firearms used were  different ones.

There are all sorts of idiocies about the whole thing. You would think that a person intent upon killing as many people as possible would have loaded up his many guns before he started shooting, and just put one gun down and picked up another and let fly. Why were there such long gaps between each volley?

There was another video which purported to show that some attendees at the concert started to get out before the first burst of automatic fire. It suggested that there was some firing from a different location of individual shots. There was no panic, but people became aware that something was going on.

Another video heard bullets hitting the ground before the gunfire was heard. Bullets move faster than the speed of sound, so a modern mobile phone, ostensibly recording the concert, would first pick up the sound of bullets hitting the ground before the sound of the gunfire hit the mobile, assuming that the mobile was very near to where the bullets hit the ground. There is an analysis of that. The bullets hitting the ground go ‘click, click, click’; the gunfire goes ‘bang, bang, bang’. You hear the clicks before you hear the bangs, and then you hear the combination of clicks and bangs, and then you hear just the bangs. It all occurs within a fraction of a second. Half a second approx between the clicks and the bangs.

More and more evidence is appearing that there was more than one shooter. If that is so, then it is not unlikely that all the guns and ammo were transported to Paddocks room on that day, and not accumulated over several days, by persons unknown.

But we are all in the dark. There MUST be hotel videos showing the tooing and froings of the people involved.

So we wait. There is not much more that we can say. We can only hope that the happenings in Las Vegas will be explained honestly via an enquiry.

Some hope.


2 Responses to “A Bit More About Las Vegas”

  1. Jack Ketch Says:

    The problem with all such conspiracy theories (and I haven’t even wasted my time following Vegas) is that they all end up trying to apply rationality to Irrationality. Whoever the shooter(s) was/were, one thing is clear -the balance of their mind(s) was disturbed. Crazy does what crazy wants. I have lived with a paranoid psychotic for the better part of 3 decades and if it has taught me anything then it is “You can’t 2nd guess a psycho”.

    Gap between firing? Maybe the shooter felt the need to drop to his knees and pray for divine guidance and protection ? Maybe drop his jeans and wank? Maybe he NEEDED to rearrange the bottles in the minibar so as to ward off lizard men bugging attempts (the bottles have metal tops). Maybe he felt compelled to reload each bullet according to it’s aura.

    Once someone has drunk the Kool Aid, once the cassette tape of their minds is stuck on loop, then all the ‘expert’ analysis produces is ‘yer pays yer money & yer makes yer choice’.

    • junican Says:

      Yes. It does not matter if someone is persuaded to ‘sacrifice himself’. He is still crazy to do so.

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