“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

How often have those words tripped lightly off our tongues?

I was a ‘bank manager’ in an earlier life, and I had ‘power’. Not much, I must admit, but some. I could order the staff about and I could refuse loans to people, which I often had to do. But I think that I can say that I never actually ‘enjoyed’ having such power. I exercised my powers reluctantly.

For that reason, being my character, I have difficulty in recognising that there are people who actually ENJOY the use of power. People who almost faint with pleasure when they order someone to do something and get their way.

A few years ago, a ‘Senior Nurse’ visited our house to look at my wife’s condition (my wife has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for some 40 years). The Senior Nurse started giving my wife a bad time because she enjoys tobacco.

I went mad. I told that woman ‘to get out of my house’. I was actually so mad that I would have actually violently evicted her.

But thing calmed down, and I am glad that they did, because she would almost certainly have accused me of hitting and beating her, had things progressed.

But, think about the circumstances. My wife cannot use her legs at all, and she has all sorts of other problems with her bowels etc. Her problems are from the waist down. Above the waist, most things are reasonably normal. The important thing is that she was a captive, to be lectured.

That is a terrible misuse of power by the ‘Senior Nurse’.

Did the Nurse enjoy using her nursing power? Would she have gained some sort of satisfaction had my wife, and I, subjected ourselves to her will and confessed our sins and begged forgiveness, and ‘made a firm purpose of amendment’ to stop smoking?

The probability is that she would have gone away somewhat satisfied, and proceeded to the next ‘subject person’.

And is that not how you get smoking bans in mental hospitals? People like the ‘Senior Nurse’ get to be in control. And what is worse, they are bullies. They bully everyone, and are even better thought of for doing so by their employers. “They get results”.

But things get a bit more complicated when we come to MPs. Do certain people join political parties in order to get to be MPs?  There is some evidence, although only indirect, that some anti-smoking zealots have stood for election, pretending to be Labour, Tory or Liberal, in order to further tobacco control. There is also some evidence that those people received massive support from TC. 50 MPs can make a lot of noise, especially if the can get themselves onto Parliamentary committees.

But such people are small beer compared with Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers. Few, if any of them, see their jobs as maintaining the contentment of the Nation. Or even think about ‘the contentment of the Nation’. Or even improving the contentment of the Nation.

Let’s face it. There are only four things which are absolutely necessary for ‘contentment’ at the base level. They are shelter, water, food and clothing. I have put ‘shelter’ first because human being are not beasts. We need somewhere to call ‘home’. That is our nature.

Power seems to be very attractive to some people. Why do some people stand for election as local councillors? What motivates them? It can only be that hope to exercise power to ‘make a difference’. If they gain their objectives, then they are very happy.

But more. That ‘happiness’ continues into the future. It never goes away. I won a board competition at the golf club. The pleasure of that achievement has not gone away, even though I have not been a member of that club for 20 years.

I have a strange idea. It is that the pleasure of winning in politics is like winning a golf tournament, or at least being at the top. But there is nothing like actually winning, is there?

I further believe that POWER is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I do not mean sexual stuff, although that might be involved. I mean MORE power.

There is a need to point our Nation in a specific direction in the light of the Brexit vote. Trade is the easy bit. The difficult bit is eliminating all the Zealots of one kind or another. It is the Zealots who have been steering our Nation towards communism. It is the global warmists and the FCTC who have globalised regulations. It is those organisations which have promoted people who enjoy power.

I find it incredible that our leaders have, for decades, not recognised the importance of ‘shelter’. Food, water and clothing are comparatively easy to obtain. Shelter is not. The UN has declared that Health is a human right. What about shelter?

Organisations such as the  EU and the UN are wide open to power seekers. They always have been. And there is no limit to the aspirations of power seekers. There are no Court procedures which can limit the use of power. All is political. All is advocacy. Little is fact.

We need a new political reality. Part of that might be a thorough examination of the ‘qualifications’ of a candidate for MP. The factors would not be Labour, Tory, etc. They would be ’empathy’ and ideas like that.

The smoking ban of 2007 was naked aggression, and I use the word ‘aggression’ advisedly. It was deliberately the use of force to fine anyone who smoked in a pub, but also to fine a publican who did not use force to stop a person from lighting a cig, astronomical sums. As I recall, the House of Lords complained about the imbalance of penalties, but to no avail.

We need a new class of politician. Power-seekers must be declined.

But who will replace them?

Perhaps we should all become more interested. Perhaps we should get off our bums and argue. But where can we argue? The SYSTEM is organised to stop argument.

Brexit, to the annoyance of the Elite, buggered up the PLAN.

Ideally, what would happen is the abolition of duty on tobacco. That would show a REAL intent of MPs to reform.

It will not happen, which shows that there is no real intent to leave the EU,


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  1. Rose Says:

    Ideally, what would happen is the abolition of duty on tobacco. That would show a REAL intent of MPs to reform

    You never know, Junican, you just never know. : )

    VAT Notice 701/14: food


    “Tortilla chips, corn chips, bagel chips, cocktail cheese savouries and Twiglets”

    • junican Says:

      Gosh, Rose, how boring! But it is nice to know that ‘plain’ foods are zero rated. A slice of bread is still a slice of bread, even if that slice is toasted.

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