The Horrors of a ‘communist’ Government

The idea occurred to me when I read that a certain person, an American with the title ‘Sir Whatever’ has been, or is about to be, awarded the Nobel Prize for economics. It appears that this guy ‘invented’ nudging.  What nudging has to do with economics, I do not know, but perhaps his contribution to economics was much more that nudging. 

But it seems that Cameron’s ‘invention’ of the ‘nudge unit’ in Government was a direct result of this guy’s ‘insights’. Ah, wait, I have found the source:

H/T Longrider.

I do not know how ‘US economist Richard Thaler’ became a ‘Sir’. I can only think that his ideas were useful to the ‘Elite’.

I have strange doubts that Cameron et al (‘et al’ being his mates from Eton) were actually of the ‘Elite’. Their obliteration as powerful people was too easily realised. Cameron now seems to be a ‘pleb’ – being pictured with a pint and a cig and not dressed in his best suit. But, there again, all he has to do is write his memoirs and make millions. Why should he not revert to has university persona? I would, if I was suddenly freed from the shackles of ‘Great Office’.

But he ought to be careful. His reputation could easily be ruined if he was accused of ‘kiddy-fiddling’. Such is the way of the world at this time, that the mere mention of ‘boys’ means ‘kiddy-fiddling’.

I do not know if the ‘Nudge Unit’ still exists. It ought not to. The reason is that it is ‘top down’. It is easy to see that some individuals would go overboard whilst others would take no notice at all. That has always been the problem with ‘socialism’ in its broadest sense. Millions upon millions of individual economic decisions cannot be foretold. I buy my red wine in three litre boxes at a price of some £15. I am not poor, but I resent the idea of paying some £10 per bottle because someone says that that wine is ‘superior’. Shite! It is all a question of taste. So, yes, I shall occasionally buy an ‘expensive’ bottle of red, but ONLY because I chose to do so at that time. It could be a family dinner, for example, or my birthday. I fully recognise the better taste of the expensive wine. But the difference is marginal.

‘Nudge Units’ can only operate in a top down manner. There is only that one way. But what is worse is that the idea of a ‘Nudge Unit’ can only succeed if people are stupid.

Are the people stupid?

I would say that Brexit and Trumps election show the opposite. The People are far from stupid. They have seen, in the EU, the burgeoning of the New Communism. The EUSSR. Nothing could more clearly illustrate the New Communism than the proliferation of smoker persecution. It really is as bad as that. Smokers are being deliberately impoverished to stop the poorest people from smoking in order to reduce the ‘smoking prevalence’ statistics.

And the British Government, under Blair, Brown and Cameron, facilitated that impoverishment. It really is the ‘Gulag Archipelago’ re-enacted, except that smokers are imprisoned in their own homes. The ‘Archipelago’, to which people are banished, is their own homes. Even their own homes are not ‘their castles’. In the USA, the Zealots have succeeded in banning smoking in apartments which are rented out by the State.

Is there anything more ‘top down’? Is there anything more cruel? One can only assume that even more cruel edicts are in the offing.

That is Communism. Who would have thought that the USA would become a communist State?

But how did it come about? The reason is that it has been easy. As people voluntarily stopped smoking, because of health scares, so the State found it less disadvantageous to antagonise smokers.

But there are ‘subliminal’ effects. I, and many others, totally reject the blather of Doll’s Doctors Study. We are not the only ones. Fisher, the ‘Father of Statistics’, also rejected Doll’s Study. I think that Fisher’s objection was that other factors were not accounted for, such as war-time experiences or city air pollution. It is facile to say ‘correlation does not mean causation’. What is important is that a sufficiently large correlation needs to be thoroughly investigated before ‘causation’ can be established. That never happened with Doll’s Doctors Study.

Doll was a communist in his early days. Even when he ‘grew up’, it is hard to see how his basic instincts changed.

What were his basic instincts? I do not know. He was not born poor. He was ‘socialist’ but wished to deprive ordinary people the pleasure if smoking.

Suffice to say that our Government is becoming more and more ‘Communist’ all the time. The EU is already ‘Communist’ for all intents.

What went wrong with Communism in the USSR? It was that no one had any reason to be inventive. There was no point. But ‘The State’ could afford to throw rockets into space, even though The People were starving. “Let them eat cake”.


8 Responses to “The Horrors of a ‘communist’ Government”

  1. Jack Ketch Says:

    EUSSR to the left of me, BREXϟϟSHITE to the right and me, a smoker, stuck in the middle ……what a time to be alive.

    • junican Says:

      Jack. I can understand if your worries about Brexit concern your ability to import tobacco products. When I voted for Brexit, I had the same worries. I was an EU supporter – until I realised what was happening. You do not need to nationalise ‘the means of production’; you can do much the same thing by regulation. Thus, tobacco has almost completely been ‘nationalised’ via taxation and bans. My opinion was also influenced by a statement from a ‘Minister of the Crown’, in Parliament, that we had to do what the EU said. Was it Milton MP (subsequently sacked)?

  2. Rose Says:

    I’m not sure that Doll cared at all about whether people smoked or not, but the smoking theory was hugely beneficial to his later work fighting off governmental and industry compensation claims.
    In the beginning you could wipe out up to 80% of compensation claims by blaming the workers smoking habits.

    For example

    A summary of mortality and incidence of cancer in men from the United Kingdom who participated in the United Kingdom’s atmospheric nuclear weapon tests and experimental programmes
    Doll 1988

    “Most of the differences observed between the participants and controls were interpreted as due to chance, but some may be due to differences in smoking habits.”

  3. Darryl Says:

    “That is Communism. Who would have thought that the USA would become a communist State?”

    The father of Neo-conservatism was Bolshevik Leon Trotsky.

  4. Blazeaway Says:

    The very idea of ‘nudge’ is offensive.

    Citizens should tell the government what to think and do. Instead, the government now tells us what we should think.

    They use public money to make us think what they want us to think. This issue is fundamental to democracy.

    Brexit should be the start of re-establishing the proper relationship between the citizen and the state.

    • junican Says:

      I hope that you are right about Brexit. Interference in our live has to stop. By all means advise us, but do not force us.

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