Expanding Government and Mind Control

I don’t know what happened in the UK, or ‘Great Britain’ as it was then known, immediately after WW1. By the time I became aware, WW2 had been and gone. I have read all sorts of stuff about why WW1 took place, and I have never found a satisfactory answer. So a Serbian named Princep assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and that ‘mishap’ indirectly caused the deaths of millions and massive destruction world-wide and the end of the rule of the aristocracy. I have often said that WW1 happened because the Royal Houses of Europe fell out. I cannot find any other reasonable explanation. Another possible explanation is that Germany in particular was not happy about having few overseas possessions. The ‘allies’, after the war, took over all Germany’s overseas possessions. But imagine what would have happened if Germany had won. It would have taken over all of Great Britain and France’s overseas possessions. Who knows what the hidden motivations were?

The most serious, direct affect on GB was the loss of a generation of young men. GB was not devastated by bombing raids. Its industries were intact. But there was massive discontent about the need for such slaughter. Hardly a family in GB was unaffected by the slaughter. My uncle Michael, my mother’s brother, was killed in action. She had a photo of him in his uniform. I don’t know what happened to it. I can remember his face, even after all these years.

WW2 did bring devastation to GB – massive devastation. Recovery took a long, long time. As I understand, rationing only ended in 1954, nine years after the war, but even then, there were lots of restrictions on what was available.

Gradually, after WW2, GB lost its empire, but recovery from WW2 proceeded and accelerated. The establishment of the Commonwealth was a major benefit for all. The quality of our exported goods was second to none. ‘Made in England’ was a recognised symbol of quality.

It is a very odd phenomenon that the wealthier that the UK has become, the more that that wealth has been commandeered by Government. I do not mean ‘benefits’. I mean sheer waste of resources on Government itself. I mean the setting up of ‘enquiries’ and all that to justify other Government waste; the setting up of multiple Gov departments to monitor compliance with regulations. But, worst of all has been the EU. When it was a ‘free trade area’, a ‘community of nations’, similar to the Commonwealth, it was A GOOD THING. But when it morphed into a copy of the Soviet Union, be it a very contrived copy, with vague nodding at democracy, it became nothing less than a new aristocracy.  We are back to WW1 days.

There are four absolutely basic needs for human beings – food, water, clothing and shelter. What our Government should be very decisive about is those four absolutely basic needs. One cannot complain about the first three, but ‘shelter’ is just as important as the others. It follows that housing should be reasonably cheap and plentiful, just as water, food and clothing are.

What went wrong? Well, I contend that Gov became obsessed by LAWS!! Laws, laws and more laws. EU laws, UN laws, WHO laws, IPCC (climate) laws, FCTC laws. You name it and there is a law about it. Laws, laws, laws. The EU is an absolutely massive law factory. One law spawns dozens of baby laws.

What follows is persecution. It cannot be otherwise. That is what happened in Russia after the revolution. The Revolution itself became even more dictatorial than the aristocracy that it replaced. Dissent was not tolerated at all.

The smoking bans and the persecution of smokers by taxes and branding as disgusting, filthy, stinking, is even worse than Nazi practices, apart from the extermination camps. It is important that the extermination plan is separated from the day-to-day persecution. Only madness could have produced the extermination plan. By ‘madness’, I mean a committee decision.

Our lives are controlled by committees. It takes only a couple of persons on a committee who are adamant, committed, righteous, and who can quote ‘science’ in their support, to render the other members into zombies. I mean zombies. The righteous exert mind control over the rest. I really mean that. Mind control. How can you tolerate smoking against the lives and health of babies? What you would have to do is prove that babies do not suffer, and do not suffer in any way at all. And there is the rub. You cannot prove that negative. The Zealots do not need to prove their contention. All they need is vague, anecdotal references. For uncommitted members of a committee, it is far easier to sit back and allow their minds to be controlled.

Compared with mind control, freedom does not have a leg to stand on. To make things worse, mind controllers can take full advantage of commercial monetary grants which favour the grantees, like Big Pharma. They commit no crime, but they accuse others, who do the same, of ‘criminal intent’.

Nothing much will change until either the MSM start to fight against mind control or it is replaced by others, such as Info Wars. The problem, of course, is that such as Info Wars is just as likely to indulge in mind control.

In WW1, Lord Kitchener shouted via posters, all over the land, “Your country needs YOU!” What he did not say was, “We aristocrats need you”. It is tempting to think that our present day politicians are the new aristocrats, but that is false – they pass through too quickly. No, the new aristocrats are the mind controllers.

Mind controllers persecute people. They cannot help it. Our politicians should be fighting against and protecting us from such people and committees.

I want to amuse myself as I wish. It is my life. I want to buy tobacco leaf so that I can experience various tastes. Some time ago, I managed to get a small amount of Indonesian fire-cured Virginia from somewhere, and I was very impressed by the aroma and taste. It is quite possible that it contained all sorts of nasties, being fire cured, but I personally take that risk. If the risk kills me, then the Gov will no longer have to pay me my pension, or the costs of my ageing body. My immediate risk is death. The Gov’s risk is continuing health costs and pension payments.

Any smoker who does not take whatever steps that are necessary to avoid contributing money via taxes to The Zealots, if he can, is not A Briton. But we must bear in mind that not everyone has the means or contacts to do so.

Countering mind control requires perseverance and knowledge. It is honourable to merely resist. Resist the mind control.



3 Responses to “Expanding Government and Mind Control”

  1. Jack Ketch Says:

    Any smoker who does not take whatever steps that are necessary to avoid contributing money via taxes to The Zealots, if he can, is not A Briton

    It is not often these Brexϟϟhitey daze that you and I agree but on that is the unadorned truth- it’s a matter of character and principle (I know of people whom it actually costs more to Xborder shop than they would save on the duty, they are-to my mind-true British heroes).

    PS as with Frank’s site and a couple of others, WP is still not letting me post without multiple login attempts.

  2. junican Says:

    I do not know what is the problem with WP. Perhaps they are attempting to increase their protection against bots? Certainly, I have noticed that it is more complicated to log in now than it used to be.

    I don’t think in terms of ‘EU permitted limits’, or even ‘UK limits’. I enjoy a holiday and cheaper tobacco is a bonus. I have never yet been stopped. There are thousands of tourists passing through Mc airport every day. How much would it cost in terms of border force costs to examine everyone’s baggage? They have enough problems with the cost of security in departure.

  3. Samuel Says:

    “I have read all sorts of stuff about why WW1 took place, and I have never found a satisfactory answer.”
    Look a little deeper….
    There are some who benefited from those wars, some who knew they would stand to gain and who had the power and connections and who had generations of planning in place to effect the slaughter.
    You will find little in the history books….
    Check out how the stuff called “money”, all over the world, changed from a thing of scarcity, requiring hard effort to gain only a tiny specimen of silver or gold, to a thing of unlimited abundance (so long as you pay the interest on it) in a rainbow of colors printed on cheap paper.
    Once upon a time England had “pound” notes which represented, and could be exchanged for, an actual pound of silver. Now it’s just paper…. Those wars, in order for the “right” sort of people to win, drained off all the actual wealth and forced the government to use force to make “its” people accept paper for goods instead of real money….
    Those paper debts had to be repaid (plus interest) after the war….
    This is akin to pressing on the gas while also holding down the brakes. The engine of the economy runs hard but the car doesn’t go anywhere. Meanwhile someone has taken control of all the “money” and all the banks and all the payroll offices and all the government. And all of everything. And done it without (almost) being noticed or talked about. History, seen properly, is teleological and can be seen, in advance, if you know how to look at it.

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