Comical ‘Stoptober’

I’m sure that ‘Facts Do Matter’:

An Absolute Shitshow

will not mind me copying his graph of interest in Stoptober:


There is a bit missing:

“Google Trends for “Stoptober” – 01/01/2012:25/09/2017”

I’m not quite sure what ‘Google trends’ means precisely, but I would assume that it roughly translates into ‘popularity’. Actually, there is a hint right at the top of the graph:

“Interest over time”, it says in tiny lettering.

As I interpret the graph, it seems to be saying that, if you take the first appearance of Stoptober (Oct 2012) as 100% interest, interest fell by some 25% in Oct 2013, and then more gently in 14 and 15 and then collapsed in 2016.

Is it any wonder that ‘The Elite’ in TC UK want to revitalise Stoptober by advertising ecigs? How else to keep the funding rolling in? Stoptober was dead and buried. Only by getting the interest of vapers (who may already have swapped) could Stoptober be revitalised.

In other words, CRUK et al have deliberately sought to revitalise Stoptober by using vapers as a cudgel with which to batter smokers into submission.

Vapers!! You do realise that you are being used, don’t you? The blather about EU regs is just publicity, reported with enthusiasm by the MSM. Expect ‘Google trends’ to increase substantially during October as vapers look to see what is going on.

I have seen a few adverts for Stoptober already on the TV. And Big Pharma has been adverting its snail oil patches and gums like mad recently. No Stoptober ads have mentioned ecigs.  I shall be immensely surprised if it does not turn out that ecigs are not mentioned at all on the TV, and that the whole thing has not been a massive con trick.

Further, vapers must be constantly aware that TC want CONTROL of ecigs. They have said so again and again. That is their REAL objective when the complain about ecig ‘dangers’. They know very well that the ‘dangers’ of ecigs are non-existent, for all intents, but they hype up possible dangers way beyond any scientific observations. How many people over the last ten year of vaping have died as a result or even been hospitalised (not counting accidents)? I would imagine that there have been NONE!

This is an area where ‘fake news’ can be promulgated precisely because there are no possible criminal acts or penalties for doing so.

I think that we smokers and vapers must accept a common standard of our own. In our own minds, criticising smoking and vaping is a ‘criminal’ act! Of course, it is not actually so. I mean that we should not give an inch. We have every right to smoke or vape if we wish to do so. It follows from that that we should not be penalised by massive taxation for doing so.

The world is changing rapidly, and many taxes are becoming obsolete. It was OK to have tobacco duties on imports when the intention was to damage an enemy. The same applied to enemy alcoholic drinks, such as port from Portugal, or sherry from Spain. But how on earth did we come to have petrol duties? What was the point? Such duties increased the costs of our industries to the detriment of our exports. Why on earth did the powers that be at the time fall into such a trap? Why are they still trapped?

The only thing that makes sense is that ‘the authorities’ do not give a toss. If they did, there would be many studies on the subject of the effect on our industries of petrol tax.

I don’t know the figures, but I wonder what would happen if ‘duties’ on petrol were abolished and petrol was subject only to VAT in the normal way. The probability is that people would make the same journeys that they always do. Very few would make additional journeys since they simply do not have time to do so.

Somehow or other, Civilisation needs to be restored. If I may go out on a limb, there were hundreds of years between around 200 AD and 1000 AD when absolutely nothing was worthy of note historically. That is why they were called ‘The Dark Ages’. I suppose their were all sorts of wars and disagreements, but, for the vast number of people, absolutely nothing interfered with birth, life and death. Did such people live contented lives? We do not know. That is why they were called ‘The Dark Ages’. But it is reasonable to assume that the people as a whole were content to have peace, shelter, clothing, food and drink, and that they amused themselves in their own ways. Am I painting some sort of picture of bucolic ignorance? I hope not. For, for the most part, that is what has been happening for several decades in the UK. The UK has not been involved in a World War for decades. It has experienced adventures consequent upon the abandonment of the British Empire. But, for the most part, the vast majority of citizens have not been affected by the ‘adventures’. A few had sons and daughters killed during the adventures, and much sadness ensued, but that sadness was as nothing compared with the general population contentment.

What has happened in the last several years has been a disruption of the ‘General Contentment’. From time to time, a dispute arises in industry and a strike occurs. The dispute is rapidly resolved. As far as I know, there has been no repetition of the General Strike of 1926, or of the Miners Strike in the 70s in the recent past.

The ‘General Contentment’ has been disrupted, entirely artificially, by TOBACCO PROHIBITION. Until recently, the ‘salami slicing’ has hidden the ultimate goal.

But WHO has decided the ultimate goal – Tobacco Prohibition? WHO has decided?

Coming to the present day, WHO continues to decide?

Chinks of hope are opening up, such as Trump’s decision to put Gotleib in control of TC in the USA. Let’s get it straight. The FDA (Federal Drugs Administration) was long ago taken over by TC. Gotleib has already, in effect, ejected TC from the FDA. It is quite comical. By concentrating attention on nicotine, Gotleib has concentrated attention upon THE LEAST harmful constituent of combusted tobacco. What would be wonderful would be a wholesale defunding and sidelining of all the ‘fake news’ fake ‘charities’.

What ‘Cancer Research’ has CRUK produced in the last decade or so which has been successful in curing cancer AT ALL! You would think that, at least, it would have found a way to cure cancer in children. It has done nothing at all. CRUK is a fraud, and yet it is permitted to advertise for people to leave their property and wealth to CRUK.

CRUK et al cannot be unmasked, provided that they MAKE NO PROMISES. What a wonderful confidence trick! You rake in millions of pounds from the wills of people with no offspring by making NO PROMISES!

What is amusing about ‘Stoptober’ is that it is becoming more and more infantile. Well, it was always infantile. Is it not weird that there were people who actually decided to stop smoking because of TV adverts? Frankly, I fail to understand how there can be such mediocre minds.

If it were not for the captive MSM, Stoptober would be ridiculed for the childish admonishments which it consists of.

But, much as I hate being persecuted, I have to laugh at the comedy theatre of TC. Would that our Politicians could see TC as a Shakespearean Comedy, for that is what it is.

‘Stoptober’ is a sort of conjuring trick. It depend upon millions of people being gullible. Vapers should condemn the intrusion of CRUK absolutely. CRUK is not welcome and must be ejected from ‘the ecig community’.

CRUK is an enemy of vapers.

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  1. Paul Barnes Says:

    “I’m sure that ‘Facts Do Matter’ will not mind”

    Nope, not at all! Have at it!

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Very well stated… If the antismokers didn’t have a lock on the political class and endless funds for propaganda instigating the persecution of smokers we’d be smoking inside again.

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