France Will Force Smokers to Have a Permit

I found that out via ‘Grandad’:

The allocation of the permit would […] follow a mandatory medical examination, which would be paid for by the smokers and non-refundable.”

Actually, it is a bit of a spoof. It is not ‘France’ which is proposing such an idea. It is an accomplice of Simple Simon Chapman from Australia. They are all in cahoots with each other. If the idea does not ‘fly’ in Oz, then try somewhere else. As I understand it, Ireland vaguely intended to demand permits for the import of ‘Raw Tobacco’, but dropped the idea because of conflicts with the EU ‘free market’ in agricultural products. Needless to say, the Zealots got that idea passed through Parliament in the UK on the back of a Finance Act, on the pretext that such imports were avoiding duties. Well, they were, but only because they accorded with EU regs, which required that there must be no duties levied upon ‘agricultural products’. Except that State Govs can ignore such ‘free trade’ if they wish to. Except that they cannot, if someone dares and can afford, to take the matter to the European court. That is an extremely difficult thing to do. So States such as the UK ignore the EU Regs at their will. And the politicians do not give a shit. The link to the Academic, a Sociologist, is from Forest:

I am still at a complete loss to understand how publicans meekly accepted a duty to enforce a law which lost them income, and in many cases, lost them their businesses. The least that they could have done is fight against it, but they totally capitulated and accepted that duty. I do not think that they accepted that they would get more patrons, but I think that their associations were battered. The smoking ban was a long time in the planning. All opposition, as far as possible, was neutered in advance.

That capitulation encouraged other similar capitulations, such as outdoor hospital bans. Unemployed persons can be offered (forced to accept) jobs as ‘hospital wardens’, who patrol hospital grounds looking for smokers and verbally attacking them. “You are not allowed to smoke here” is a verbal attack. It is verbal violence. Is it any surprise that the response is equally verbally violent: “FUCK OFF!” It is the wardens who provoke actual physical violence by their insistence.

There is a need for a simple ‘Smokers Association’. It would have to be a Charity and apply for funding from the Charities Commission. I wish that I was not too old and had not so many other duties! The idea would be to link with every other ‘freedom’ organisation so as to defeat Climate Control and all the rest of the UN’s crazinesses.

I hope that Trump holds firm, although there are signs that he is weakening. He seems to want to ‘do a deal’. THERE IS NO DEAL! America alone must decide its future.

I read today about how ‘Climatologists’ were revising their Climate Models because their predictions were not happening. But they still talk the same talk. “We need to get our models right” But, despite no warming, they will still predict warming!

Any Gov with any sense would degrade the funding for those chancers.

But our politicians are ‘chancers’. They ‘bet’ upon outcomes. But, frankly, they have no more idea what will happen than a horse race.

That would be fun if it were not for the consequences. The consequences of Climate Control ‘directives’ are that Africa remains poor. Its natural resources remain underground.

One cannot help but think that the ‘French Initiative’ about smoking permits is intended to be provocative. But it is hard to ignore. How do you reply to a silly demand?

Generally speaking, the answer is to ignore such demands. By ignoring them totally, they become ‘wish-thinks’ of dreamer academics.

What is becoming more and more obvious is that Academics are teaching uncertainties as though they were certainties. That is, the ‘uncertainties’ become CERTAIN!

No one knows for certain why the planets in the solar system have not fallen into the Sun. No one knows.

France will not introduce permits to smoke. It follows that the person who suggested that idea should be flayed intellectually. But it will not happen.

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  1. elenamitchell Says:

    I suspect that the people who introduced the smoking ban in pubs and bars don’t smoke themselves and simply didn’t see that smokers would just stop going.
    As for smoking permits in France, what purpose would a medical examination have? “You are too old or too ill to smoke, so No you can’t have one.” Thereby passing the buck to Doctors who wouldn’t want to take on that one. Too funny for words.

    • junican Says:

      ASH lied about business prospects. I suspect that Pubcos were happy with ‘a level playing field’, which was far from level. They knew that they would survive when small pubs went to the wall. Where they miscalculated was in their expectation of sweeping up the customers of closed pubs.Those ex-customers just stayed home.

      I’m sure that French doctors would refuse, but I suspect that the ‘medical’ is a typical ruse. The Zealots could drop that aspect and still get their ‘permits’.

      • buckothemoose Says:

        They can change ‘doctors’ to ‘health professional’ and issue the licences themselves. Kerching!

  2. buckothemoose Says:

    I worked in managed pubs when the ban came in and they all totally beleived the lie that it would bring in much more custom

  3. garyk30 Says:

    The Earth is getting warmer, at least since the end of the last ‘ice age’.

    The Earth is always getting warmer or colder.

    The next ice age will bring an end to warming and that may be sooner than we expect or wish.

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