Would The Total Destruction of the Tobacco Industry Make the World a Better Place?

There is no doubt in my mind that the WHO is bent upon the total destruction of the tobacco industry. Once again, after a decade or so, the idea that tobacco plantations could be replaced by food crops has reared its head.

I forget his name, but a previous WHO boss said exactly the same thing. I saw a video of him saying so. And he had a grin on his face.

I am sure that he knew that the best land for tobacco cultivation is not particularly suitable for the growing of potatoes, lettuce and wheat, but he pretended that it was not so. I mean, in a propaganda sense. He did not mention the suitability of the land.

The above is indicative of the REAL purpose of the FCTC and its continuing persistence as an activity. 

Why was it even an activity? It was a Treaty, but, somehow, became a A THREAT to any nation which did not comply.

It has always been clear that the captured WHO was hell-bent on destroying the Tobacco Industry completely and totally. All the salami slicing had but one end – the destruction of TC.

Is it any wonder that ‘life-saving’ products, such as snus, ecigs and HNB are being demonised? How on earth did the EU get to ban snus everywhere except Sweden? Snus is a way to absorb nicotine without the combustion of tobacco. Why ban it?

We must not think that corruption is confined to the EU alone. It is everywhere.

I do most ardently wish that Trump would ‘drain the swamp’, but it is a tall order. Perhaps he could drain a small swamp for a start. Perhaps that could be Tobacco Control. I say that because it does not involve the ‘military/industrial’ complex. TobCON is a cloud of vapour in itself. It needs lawmakers to criminalise people for its justification.

The decriminalisation of smokers is urgently required. It is a simple matter of ‘freedom’. It is just as important, or more so, than the decriminalisation of druggies.

The only people who could get a reversal of ‘No smoking in pubs’ would be publicans. But their organisation is cowardly. It ran away when the smoking ban was proposed. I do not mean after the ban was introduced – I mean its silence and attitude of self-preservation before the ban. It is still running away, and it will continue to do so as reductions in alcohol content of beers, wines and spirits is mandated by the ‘New Prohibitionists’.

The Tobacco Industry will live and change. What is most important is that the QUALITY of tobacco must be protected. The Zealots are doing their best to create a situation where no one knows what the quality of tobacco in cigs, cigars, pipe tobacco is. Nor are we allowed to know the nicotine content, or the tar, or anything other than fake health pics.

I have always been amazed that TobComs did not take legal action to contest the requirement to cover their cig packets with fake pics.

‘Would the world be wonderfully perfect and equal without Tobcoms?

I smiled as I wrote that sentence.

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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The ‘New Prohibitionists” need to be stopped, the WHO reformed, the FCTC abandoned, and tobacco control destroyed. The world would not be better without tobacco but it would be a whole lot better without these totalitarian leeches on society.

  2. Samuel Says:

    Two thoughts…. Back in the seventeenth century chewing tobacco was the norm. People did smoke pipes and cigars but most users carried a ‘plug’ of tobacco to bite off a piece when they wanted some. An effort was made (!) to demonize chewing tobacco because of the ever present spittoons or just tobacco saturated spittle everywhere (Senators and Congressmen were notorious for soiling the carpets and desks in the Houses of Congress). Soon after the “Civil” war it became fashionable to smoke cigars and tobacco chewers were seen as low lives. Much the same thing happened in the 20th century as cigars were replaced by cigarettes.

    The other is concerning agricultural suitability. Vegans and vegetarians and others of such ilk have, for decades, been telling lies both about how their chosen way of eating is healthier and how massive amounts of land and food (grain crops) are wasted raising cattle and goats and sheep, etc. They claim that these crops would be better used feeding people than animals.
    What they never admit is that (a) there is actually a decline in the acreage being used for crops even while the Human population increases and (b) the land used for grazing animals is used for grazing precisely because it is unsuited for grain, fruit or vegetable cultivation and (c) where grains or other crops are used for feeding animals those foods are either left over scraps (such as the mash left from brewing beer or making whiskey or garbage from restaurants or the food processing industries) or are used only in the last month or two before slaughter.
    All the figures published about how much food or land or water is “wasted” raising animals are complete lies.

    • junican Says:

      Human beings are not herbivores. We are carnivores, but we can survive on vegetation (like nuts and wheat) if we have to. Meat provides all the sustenance that we need.
      How do Eskimos survive? They capture seals and such and eat every scrap of fat and tissue.

  3. narbanor Says:

    I have always been amazed that TobComs did not take legal action to contest the requirement to cover their cig packets with fake pics.

    Not only that but they had also agreed to the 1998 MSA (which is explicitly an *agreement* and by no means a proper legal action in which the perpetrators would have seen their assets taken away from them, or even been jailed) AND to observe a perpetual media gag order, no matter how many diseases and conditions were to be added to the list of ‘tobacco-related’ health burdens. It has therefore become painfully obvious that what has been taking place is not just a transfer of power, but a total integration of State and economy, with far-reaching implications in other vital areas.

    • junican Says:

      I think that the MSA was a wonderful deal for Tobcoms, and TobCon saw dollars and dollars. It is amusing that Cities decided to use that money to balance their budgets. Quite amusing really.

      • Some French bloke Says:

        My point is that Tobcoms and TobCon are in effect one and the same entity. They are in agreement about everything, it’s just that one ‘side’ of the entity routinely screams blue murder all over the compliant MSM about the evil that tobacco smoking supposedly represents, while the ‘other’ side observes an acquiescent silence which serves as the ultimate ‘proof’ the public needs that the whole charade is ‘legit’ and grounded in proper science, given that the putative culprits accept it. A PR stunt of epic proportions! No further evidence is needed for the effective integration of State and economy as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Absolutely right Junican what other product do you see without a list of ingredients. I’m sure this could be more forcefully pointed out to legislators. The choice of manufactured cigs in the UK is now so piss poor that many people buy loose tobacco from quality manufacturers such as Gawith Hoggarth. Without them i wouldn’t get any Turkish tobacco now. Imagine that in a country like England which has a fine tradition of enjoying Turkish cigarettes like Sullivan Powell.

    • junican Says:

      I agree. It was not just about medical porn. It was also about legitimate consumer information. There is NOTHING on the packet, or inside, which tells us anything about the product.
      Why have Tobcoms not fought for the availability of such info? Perhaps they do not care. Perhaps it enables them to use the sweepings-up.
      The correct method would have been to provide MORE information about the tobacco in the cigs.

      What the fuck was in Cameron’s mind?!!!

  5. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Speaking of the destruction of TComs and smokers… Has everyone seen this piece from Finland?


    The Final Solution to the Smoker Problem seems to be in the works.

    – MJM

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